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  1. Not like an old firm fan to make up facts is it?
  2. Not like an old firm fan to make up facts is it?
  3. Well that went well. Anyone fancy Hearts to qualify? Played some fantastic stuff this year and not lost a game. Celtic not been at their best, and not sure how seriously they'll treat this competition. Not sure they'll do it in 90 minutes hence the qualifying bet.
  4. Battle of the unionists. Won't be there.
  5. Rotten. More than welcome to have him back. Hands off Cooper though, he's a magician with the ball at his feet.
  6. In the battle of picking up rejects from other Scottish clubs, home banker. We have a dreadful record at Starks too.
  7. Think the word you're looking for is realistic. We've never beaten Dumbarton 3-0 since they've been back in the division, even on their poorer spell with Adamson. Keep dreaming Gareth.
  8. 1 up front is alright provided you have a Latapy or a Higginbotham. Unfortunately we don't have that at the moment. Loy was brilliant for us last year when playing alongside someone. On his own he looks lost. Not his fault, the managers for not being able to get the best out of him. I'd have Pooper as an impact sub, he's not done anything yet to merit a start.
  9. Falkirk to play one up front and not create anything. Queens to win.
  10. Away to London a week today with the Mrs for 3 nights, what would people recommend? We planned a show for the Friday night and a bit of site seeing on the Saturday during the day. Anything a must see/avoid?
  11. Got a game vs Stranraer before this one, would comment after that.
  12. Turned it down due to not getting guaranteed first team football is what he told Falkirk TV. He was guaranteed a game in the second tier with us. He wouldn't even be guaranteed a game with your lot. No doubt he is probably the best keeper we could have got to replace McGovern though, but he's miles behind him.
  13. Okay Jamie pal, why did you not choose top flight teams with a lot more money than Falkirk?
  14. I'm not entirely bothered about MacDonald waving to the Hearts fans. He was our best player on the day but that says more about the team than him. He's nowhere near as good as McGovern though, hence why he's playing at the higher level.
  15. Sold the first goal which then saw the onslaught.
  16. General consensus from sensible fans of both sides: Bia-Bi shouldn't be rolling about and Millen shouldn't be play acting. Millen also shouldn't be stamping on people and Bia-Bi could have controlled/channeled his anger in another way. Deal?
  17. It'll be The Rangers away as they can't risk them getting beat in another final again. Plus that would make it another full time team they've beaten, just to help boost that poor record they've got.
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