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  1. Absolutely fucking not. A shocking footballer. 

    Not having this. Albeit he was a limited full back, but part of a defence that conceded the same amount to goals as Rangers and Hibs in the 2015/2016 season where we finished above the latter. ‘Shocking’ is Brad McKay or Ben Hall in League One.
  2. I look forward to our free 12 points off you as per usual

    All that, just to stay in this league. If beating the worst Falkirk team of all time is a bigger achievement than progressing up the leagues, fair play.

    Least you are not bothered enough to go scrolling through old messages

    Just a bit of a laugh that took about 5 mins to find. 5 mins, about as long as you were ahead for in that tie. Yikes.
  3. Pivotal season upcoming for Falkirk after 3 consecutive seasons of regression. You've laid the blame at two different BODs, 4 different management teams and three squads of players during this spell. Your fans have frequently deflected with attendance sizes and finance (the famous blue pound). However after a sixth place finish this season you'll go into next season with a manager on a poor run of form at his previous club, a large squad of proven duds signed on inflated wages, you'll no longer have the largest attendance in the league, you'll most definitely not have the largest budget. So if next season doesn't pan out do Falkirk fans finally take their reality check?

    Probably the most boring post I’ve seen for a long time, and that takes some going.
  4. Some cracking free transfers available on Bosmans.  Think wages might be an issue though. I'd think with a squad like this, our previous management teams might be able to just squeeze into the play offs

                                                        André Onana


    Serge Aurier        Antonio Rüdiger          Andreas Christensen        Marcelo


    Ousmane  Dembélé     Paul Pogba            Franck Kessié                 Ivan Perisic

                                             Kylian Mbappé      Paulo Dybala

    This is something I’d expect on COYB Facebook page.
  5. Just out of interest, how many remained from the relegation season of 01/02 (when we were due to go down) for our league winning season of 02/03?

    From memory we had:


    Albeit some are better than others, and have played varying games, but funny how a better manager and a few better signings can turn it around.

    Could McGlynn get better out of these players (even as squad/bench players):


    We massively need to upgrade throughout the spine of the time especially but might not need the wholesale changes from a squad point of view.

  6. I’m not sure about Liam Craig. At the recognition awards night a lot of the players were moaning about the pitch. Do you think he has the legs to play on that pitch? I doubt it but there is better people more qualified than me to make that judgement. 

    Pretty certain Craig won’t end up at us.

    On another note, what’s the latest on the pitch? Any chance of it getting replaced any time soon?
  7. If we can't hold onto McGlynn, I'd be surprised if we can tempt Murray. 

    If you can’t hold onto McGlynn, it’s due to the situation of his contract running out and Falkirk offering him something.

    Don’t think Murray would touch Falkirk as he will see it as a sideways move and a bit of a risk. However if Airdrie don’t get promoted, he’ll see Raith as an upgrade on what he has now.

    Murray has done well to build his reputation back up. McGlynn has less to lose.
  8. My concern is that Falkirk have known for a lot longer than we have that they need a new manager, and they're shopping in the exact same market we are. If they've decided that the best option out there is our existing manager (and on the available evidence I have to agree) that really doesn't bode well for us going forward. 

    Think had McGlynn not been out of contract, we would be holding out for Ian Murray not getting Airdrie promoted and going for him. You ask Falkirk fans who they’d prefer and you’d probably get a fairly even split, perhaps slightly more favouring McGlynn. Murray wouldn’t be a bad option at all and there’s been similarities between how he’s built this current Airdrie team and McGlynns second spell at the Rovers.
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