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  1. Definitely loads of options available fitting this description for a mid table league 1 team IMO.
  2. Nothing personal but this would be so funny if he does end up at us.
  3. 3 points and up the road. Well played Kabia. Vast improvement needed in defence (we all knew it before hand) and quicker in the final third. Be interested to hear East Fife fans thoughts. Looked miles better than Dumbarton when we played them.
  4. Unless it’s 442 Martin Williamson McKay Hall ATS Nesbitt Telfer Miller McGuffie Dowds Keena Wingers could swap. Be interesting to see.
  5. I loved Yogi as a centre half. He was no nonsense and what we would give for someone like that now. I disagree that he was a ball playing centre half though. Darren Dods was 36 when he joined us. Yogi returned when he was 38. Both did a fine job despite their age.
  6. ‘Can’t believe we are playing 3 at the back in league one’ Worked out okay for McCall in 2002/2003, one of my favourite Falkirk teams. ‘Getting excited about a 35 year old topping up his pension’ What age was Latapy when he joined us? Things in isolation and out of context don’t really mean anything. It’s not to say every 3 at the back will end up with us winning the second tier, or any mid thirties signing will end up like Latapy, but seems to be taking any possible scenario/solution and then going to the most reactionary comments possible. 3 at the back is fine if played in the right way. Signing older players is fine if complemented by other younger players making up for their deficiencies elsewhere. Naturally we would be complaining about having a poor back 4 and needing an extra body, or signing youngsters with a lack of experience and leadership.
  7. Doesn’t matter who we have up front, with that defence we’ve no chance of picking up any points.
  8. Lemon at left back. What a suggestion.
  9. Yeah doesn’t read well compared to the interview. He admitted it had been a bit long since he last played and may be too difficult at his age to manage. However, if he did register, as already been stated, he would be our 3rd choice striker (perhaps 4th if playing Morrison up front).
  10. A record that Liam Buchanan and Greig Spence laugh at.
  11. Congratulations, you’ve won wind up of the day.
  12. Pretty good player at that level and who was his number 2? The excellent Stewart Petrie…
  13. Wasn’t fussed about Dowds going but it was more Wilson and Sammy’s lack of talent to replace him that was an issue. One of the reasons I wasn’t keen on Dowds was the lack of mobility. If Campbell’s improved this and his work rate, and helped scoring at a higher level, we will get a better player back than we loaned out. May end up being the best thing that’s happened to his career, going on loan to Arbroath. Hopefully he can fire us into the playoffs and promotion, but he’ll need a better squad around him to do that. A promising start.
  14. Couldn’t have put it better. Considering he was ex Dunfermline as well, couldn’t have gone down better off the park with us. Think you’ve got a good one there, hope he does well.
  15. Sex offender banter, wow. Have a word.
  16. You offer a player the right amount of money and an exciting project and that’s sometimes all you need. Welcome aboard, Stephen O’Donnell!
  17. Possibly one of the best conversations I’ve seen on this thread for quite a while.
  18. It says it all that even the Holt ‘defenders’, okay that’s a bit strong. The people who are absolutely insisting Holt has no say on the signings… cannot tell us what Holt does instead of this. Even if it’s 100% Rennie’s say, I wouldn’t trust Holt to handle a contract negotiation based on his record over the last 12 months. This is a thread with 1000s of pages. It’s sad so much is devoted to discussion about Holt. That’s because he’s been here too long, and nothing else of any good is worth discussing.
  19. Happy new year fellow Bairns PnB. First rumour of 2022, Kenny Miller is 99% not going to register as a player, unless we have a severe shortage with covid or the like. Suggests that either Dowds is coming back or they’ve something else lined up.
  20. This only makes sense if it’s a back 5 and it’s the following Williamson - New CB - Dixon - ATS - McCann Or it’s a pointless signing as someone has already said, arguably the position we need least amount of cover for. Don’t care what anyone says about it, that’s a Holt signing as well.
  21. I’m resigned to it, but wouldn’t stand in Holts way should he want to join his boyhood team. Don’t want it to drag on, the quicker it’s done the better.
  22. Think most people are having a bit of fun with suggesting Jack Ross, been a good read. What’s not is suggesting that someone wouldn’t take him as manager, considering the rest of the candidates out there. Mental.
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