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  1. I know it seems ridiculous but I’ve heard the Brian Graham rumour also. Believe the issue is working out if he can still be a womens coach of one team, and a player for another club, otherwise the loan deal would have gone through. Heard this from the same guy who told me about Ross.
  2. Think he’s got a few options. Rather than saying publicly ‘we’ve got Ethan Ross playing friendlies’ if you say he’s a trialist, it limits the publicity and a team in a higher league taking him. Looking hopeful that this will be concluded this week. Not sure what his contract situation is but he’s definitely played for us in the last two friendlies.
  3. A bit worried about relying heavily on the loan market. Highlights the importance or getting through the League Cup group, or more FSS donations.
  4. Looking forward to tonight’s game and seeing a reaction from the players. Hoping they’ve learned how to defend set pieces better from Friday. Unless people have recovered from injury, I’d probably start the same 11. Would be happy to see Yeats again and see what he can do, and would expect Ross to come on second half again in place of Nesbitt.
  5. He might well have played on Saturday but he was definitely on trial for us on Friday. Would take him, sure the clubs will have it sorted out this week and we’ll see him sign permanently.
  6. Ignore Rocco, your friend is spot on, I seen him play on Friday too. Surely better than his brother ha ha, COYB.
  7. Amazing that some people wouldn’t take back ‘ex players’ like Sibbald or Kingsley, yet would take that waster Griffiths back.
  8. Rumours on Twitter that Jay Fulton leaving Swansea, still under contract so will be a fee involved, do we have a sell on clause for him? Anything to help with the budget this year.
  9. One thing I think we can all agree on, and that’s getting Local Hero back as the song the players run out to.
  10. Whilst I would like signings in as soon as possible, to help gel quicker in time for the start of the league season, I found this interesting Perhaps just where we are at with the window, but I didn’t think we’d be in the top 6 for number of signings so far. Like others have said, McGlynn seems to know the loan markets well, potentially the best we’ve had since Yogis days, and these may take more time to come in.
  11. Some great suggestions so far! COYB
  12. Hearing you are looking to sign David Moyo who’s just had his contract terminated by Hamilton Accies.
  13. Still here, yes. As some fans have said on the Dunfermline thread, welcome to Hell.
  14. Being lectured by someone who is spending their 10th consecutive season in League One ha ha ha.
  15. Picking a management team with no managerial experience to try and get you promoted from the third tier. Where have I seen this before?
  16. Agree Shadwell, easy to see why he might be liked for the Alloa losers but not good enough for a team with any ambition.
  17. Arbroath could do better, already have better in that area. He’s done.
  18. That’s Henderson signed for Falkirk now. Didn’t get a sniff last time and looks like he was highly rated by you guys, what can we expect?
  19. If people didn’t like the idea of Gavin Reilly, they’re going to loathe this suggestion.
  20. Can tell the age of posters pretty quickly with the teams they post here. Very insightful.
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