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  1. Misread that and thought it was Lee Miller, I’m blaming the self isolation whisky. This sounds absolutely likely considering it’s Lex.
  2. Think the money had something to do with him dropping down to that level. However this is as clear as day during that interview. Seems if it doesn’t go his way it’s toys out the pram. A shame, he should have been up there as one of our best players this season. But if that attitude has been rubbing off on the squad, no wonder we’ve been underperforming.
  3. Believe he has a good job outside of football that he’s reluctant to give up. Would be a good shout though if he was interested. Have a feeling with him being an ex par he will end up there at some point if he does want to go full time.
  4. With the budget we had/have, we should be more comfortable in the league. With the players assembled, I don’t blame the management for how they set up last night considering the result against Clyde, the psychological impact of losing to your rivals for the league (resulting in two consecutive losses) and being four points behind, with the league being out of our hands. I do blame them both for a poor January window which has led to this though. We’ve went from having a quite technical midfield perhaps lacking a bit of width and pace, to having no creativity in the middle of the park and now resulting to a long, high ball game. Todd and De Vita haven’t helped fix those problems, the latter being a signing we would have absolutely criticised Houston or McKinnon for making (in fair people did criticise it on here). Here’s hoping we win this league and rebuild for next year, with a clearer identity as to what we want from our team/recruitment as it’s been a shambles for 2 seasons now.
  5. Think someone said it earlier but just too scunnered to be nervous.
  6. Can complain all you like whether you think it was a foul on Connolly or not. But we shouldn’t be getting beaten by a long ball over the top, and it was poor decision making from Mutch. No complaints about the penalty being awarded. Mutch and Dixon have been good since the new management team came in but they both had their poorest games today.
  7. It’s no wonder that with that set up, and Clydes midfield 3, we hardly won a second ball yesterday.
  8. I’d love to know the real reason why it didn’t work for Tidser. I don’t think he played anywhere near what he is capable of, but got to be a better shout than Da Vita, Telfer. We had a midfield last year in Paton and Osman that created nothing, now we’ve ended up with Miller and Gomis (who i actually like) but where’s the creativity there?
  9. Yeah you’d be in the relegation playoff right now had you not collected 9 points. If you cling on to 7th place in the third tier, that’ll be your highest league position since 2007. Meanwhile if we finish anything below 1st (a distinct possibility) that’ll be our lowest position since 1979. Only the 20 points difference in the league also. But if calling us jobbers makes you happy I’m all for it.
  10. Clyde beating Falkirk three times in one season, and they’ve deserved it in all the games. Can’t think they’ve had a better season than this in a long, long time. Will this recent win keep them from being relegated back to the fourth tier? I think so.
  11. You’re right in that I think that’s the front two he would go with. I think that would be the wrong play but then I’m no football manager.
  12. We’ve lost 3 league games all season and Clyde have managed 2 of them. Both times Lennon has had a clear game plan to stop us playing and then taken their chances when they are presented to them. I’m expecting a similar battle on Saturday. With McManus being out, the only way I think we will this game is if Longridge has his one in 5 good games, playing up with McMillan (anyone but Sammon) as a second striker or number 10 role. We should be using our free week to our advantage with our opponents playing last night. Under 2.5 goals is evens at Bet365. Falkirks last 5 games have been unders, and the way the games have gone this season i reckon there may only be one goal in it.
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