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  1. I know you’re at the wind up, however don’t think Hibs fans minded lording it up over us when we were both in the championship despite them being a much bigger club. It’s all relative, or just a wee laugh.
  2. Out of curiosity , when was the last time East Fife beat Falkirk in a competitive game? When I googled it it said October 1996 but don’t know how accurate that is. If so, jeez.
  3. I’m not going to overact based on one friendly, however based on that result, I can’t see anything other than a relegation to League Two IMO.
  4. I’m not going to overact based on one friendly, however based on that result, I can’t see anything other than a relegation to League Two IMO.
  5. Disappointed but not surprised at people getting upset digging up dirt on this guy. Whilst we should not get carried away, he’s objectively better than Campbell. Would hate to think how you would feel if you had your personal life plastered all over the internet. However, ‘Shagger Rawlins’ does have a great ring to it.
  6. Connor McBride, ex academy, signing for Blackburn from Celtic. Don’t know if he was released or they got a fee. Didn’t do much out on loan last year, would we have benefited from keeping him/the academy?
  7. Well that’s a much better review than Ramsbottom anyway.
  8. Honestly couldn’t care less who he supports as long as he proves it on the park, which is what he done in abundance last time.
  9. Imagine getting that rattled by a transfer rumour. Honestly see this every time something like this is mentioned and people get raging about it. If they do know something, they probably can’t confirm it or make it public. If they don’t know something, who cares?
  10. Had totally forgot about Toshney, shows how long a year has been. Yes ultimately he was the best defender we had last season.
  11. Durnan was absolutely fine for us once the new mamagement team came in, the best centre half we had last season, and more than capable at this level. They’ve clearly told him to stop thinking he’s a footballer and just do the basic stuff, which has helped him. I would still like another centre half in, and I would be worried about relying on him in the championship if we ever got there, but it’s fine for now.
  12. Honestly couldn’t care less about Aberdeen. It’s strange how angry people get over, ultimately, very little.
  13. Not that it matters but can’t say I remember him much against us, what kind of player is he? Would he have been a good addition for us?
  14. We also had 14 league away games, and only won 4. The 4th best away form in the league. Improve that and we could be on to something.
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