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  1. Hetherington on a par with Telfer ha ha ha, wow. I’ve changed my mind, I think having Telfer back would be a terrible idea and we should have as many of last seasons losers out the club as is possible, but Telfer is double the player Hetherington is.
  2. Yesterday was the first time we have conceded first in a competitive game and there was a complete lack of resilience throughout the team, in particular Morrison, Nesbitt, McGuffie and Hetherington. Have any of them ever taken a game by the scruff of the neck, when the chips are down? Weak mentality. Don’t think it was helped that McGinn and Donaldson didn’t look fit, arguably the most crucial part of the team. Said it all that one of the biggest noises of the game was the fans cheering Yeats crunching someone.
  3. Hahaha what can you say about that eh. Fair play Airdrie, we were there for the taking today and you fully obliged. Bit of harmless fun at the start of the thread, sure that made it more enjoyable for you now. We were wasteful with our opportunities in the first half and didn’t turn up in the second bar Alegria left foot shot. Missed Yeats in the middle of the park but can see why McGlynn put him at right back as he’s obviously shit feart of Williamson defensively. Hetherington, McGuffie, Morrison, Nesbitt, just not good enough and tied down on extended deals. Next two games crucial for us.
  4. Great idea IMO. We will still definitely be able to keep our good defensive record up, and that front 3 with a number 10 behind them have great chemistry playing together for a while to get the goals we’ve been missing. It’s something you don’t see nowadays but 3 central strikers and a number 10 will have Airdrie second guessing how to defend that. A midfield of 2 should be fine in this league, all the winning teams go with two central midfielders to cover the main area of the pitch, attacking and defensively. Williamson will be fine on his own on the right, he’ll cope with any winger and full back bombing on against him, plus get forward as well. If during the game we decide 3 central strikers up front doesn’t work, for whatever reason, can bring on like for like subs in Jaime Wilson.
  5. Think we should create separate threads. A Falkirk FC thread for purely on the pitch football discussion, and a Falkirk FC thread for any boardroom related discussion. Think even when the football would be good, the boardroom thread would be the busier one.
  6. Remember Falkirk finishing 7th in this awful league within the last 10 years? Nope, not us. Airdrie on the other hand, in one of their many many years in this division, managed this in 2017-2018, with a measly 41 points. However fair play they’ve been a lot better since then with second place finishes. Maybe this will be their year? Time will tell. More than likely going to have to have to keep it tight on Saturday and nick something. How have Airdrie been minus Easton so far?
  7. Hopefully not a massive chunk out of the budget. Very hard to be optimistic about this one. Hope to be proven wrong.
  8. Yeah can’t see Rooney signing but definitely better than what we’ve got. No doubt some moaners on here won’t be happy, they didn’t think Sibbs or Kingsley would have been good signings!!!
  9. If this doesn’t mean we are signing someone I’ll be apoplectic with rage. Transfer rumours and wind ups DO NOT belong on a fans forum!
  10. Airdrie’s 10th consecutive season in the third tier. Even when you finish 21 points ahead of 4th place, they go up instead of them. Yikes. Suspect this will be our hardest test yet. Would be bringing McGuffie back in for this one, probably for Nesbitt.
  11. Who scored 5 goals and had 8 assists in the worst Falkirk team ever last year, who wasn’t playing in his favoured position, a number 10, is better than what we’ve got in the squad, potentially a realistic transfer with not much else out there, and may get better under a manager like McGlynn? Okay that’s a very long question. I agree with a previous poster, no way would he be anybody’s first choice or top of the list. But when you’re still having to bring on Seb Ross (who didn’t look terrible yesterday but still not good enough) then I could see a place for him. I’m not sure how it ended, whether Telfer wanted to go or we didn’t offer him a contract, but it’s not the worst shout.
  12. Don’t disagree with this. Would rather Yeats played there for now.
  13. It will be a balance for McGlynn to keep the defence solid but have us look more dangerous in the final third. Williamson overall was poor yesterday but he did make some good underlapping runs inside to no avail. Mackie got forward on occasion but perhaps not as often as I’d have liked. For me there was a real lack of link up play out wide throughout the game. Between the full back, wide players, whoever was playing as a 10, and whoever was playing as a striker. Don’t think our shape first half helped with this but can see why McGlynn tried it. Be interesting to see what Kennedy is liked when he is back fit. I’d have been looking at the likes of Dan Armstrong out wide and Innes Cameron up front from Kilmarnock but they both played for them yesterday. Almost every team in the country right now seems 1 or 2 players short despite the league campaign kicking off, wonder what it’ll look like when the window shuts.
  14. Had to google this to find out what on earth you were talking about, since we’ve only conceded one goal in 5 games, a penalty against Bonnyrigg. Wrong team. Nice try though, maybe time for you to log off.
  15. Shouldn’t be said in the same sentence. Welcome to hell, guys.
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