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  1. My bad. Got lost in all the other stuff going on.
  2. Losing the academy was bad. Stainrod, Crunchie and Latapy were good players for us. Just a short recap for the past umpteen pages in case anyone was wondering what’s been happening.
  3. Holy shit what a terrible game from both teams. At least we know we are guff. Assuming arbroath can’t be that bad for the replay.
  4. What is Josh Todd like? Where does he play?
  5. We’ve definitely not seen the best of him. Can’t believe he got 11 assists in a championship league winning team previously. Maybe a fresh start would help him. He’s either very friendly or family with Lewis Kidd who’s already there, played for the club previously, would make logical sense for him to move back. Frees up a wage for us if we are looking at Todd.
  6. Hearing McShane has been offered to Queen of the South amongst others. Don’t even know if they need a central midfielder but they’ve one less player now El Bak is away.
  7. It’s all relative. He’s better than the other two centre halves, and I’m not sure who we could get in who is any better. He is injury prone and there won’t be a lot of people sad to see him go. If he was fit he would be fine for us for the rest of the season.
  8. Says a lot that you would come on here before a quick google search.
  9. Believe McManus is more settled with his young family in the central belt again so would be surprised if he wants to move. One thing we can all agree on is that it would be a disaster if he does go. I’d rather have Longridge have his one good game in 5 than relying on.. MacLean? (Who did well against Airdrie to be fair). He’s not consistent but in league one I doubt we can get better.
  10. Who’d have thought it? Fans of other teams getting raging over a rumour from a Clyde fan, on a Falkirk FC thread.
  11. Old man shouts at cloud type post IMO.
  12. Hearing Goodwillie is all but done. Won’t be registered in time for Saturday but will be for the Peterhead game the following week.
  13. Don’t think Pie and Bovril is the place for you if you get wound up over fake rumours.
  14. I want Miller and McCracken to do well, I want them to get us up and have us doing well in the league above also. However: We knew Durnan was an issue under McKinnon, yet this management duo try and shoehorn him into a back 3/5 at every opportunity. How about just don’t play him and stick to a back four when Toshney is fit? You’re right, it’s frustrating watching Doyle struggle to beat a man, yet they’ve set him up as the only option down the right hand side. In fairness to Sammon winning a header, they’ve went with McMillan and McManus the last few games to avoid this. Yet everyone knows Sammon isn’t a target man anyway so why would you insist on playing it high to him anyway. This attacking football... in five league games we’ve been out shot by, you guessed it, Airdrie Raith and East Fife. Not asking us to scud everyone 4 or 5 nil. I do expect a full time team to have a clear game plan for how to break down any opposition in this league, and get the best out of these players who are no great shakes, but can certainly improve.
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