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  1. Definitely isn’t good enough if to win a league, but couldn’t care less as long as we get promoted out of this hellhole, which is still more than possible.
  2. Spot on for me. Would be looking at either Yeats or Hetherington in for Oliver in midfield to shore it up, and hope for something in January. Far too open in midfield yesterday. Haven’t bothered reading back the full thread since the game yesterday but assume many would want to go to Donaldson and Mackie at centre half once both fit and available and would agree with this too. Just need to get the right balance between attack and defence and don’t think we are a million miles away, albeit a bit frustrating it’s taking us until the end of the second quarter of the season to still be working it out.
  3. Happy enough after that. Thought we struggled to break Edinburgh down at times which is going to be a theme throughout the rest of the season. Think we all knew about Olas technical ability but what impressed me was his tackling (when he needed to) and general work rate. More games and fitness can only make this improve. A superb bit of skill for his goal. Agree with Donaldson being solid again. Thought Henderson and McGinn off the boil today, especially the former in possession. Need to build on this now after last week.
  4. Nah he’s had one bad game yesterday, potentially in a game that he maybe wasn’t suited to. Had we a plethora of decent wide options I’d be all for dropping him. But it’s only him, Morrison or McGuffie that are playing wide, and I don’t rate McGuffie. Nesbitt has played wide before but McGlynn sees him more in the middle. There will be shouts to get Ola Lawal out wide which I think wouldn’t suit him. Wouldn’t be adverse to chucking him in this game as the 10 but that would it in terms of positionally. Less of the aimless long balls when things aren’t going to plan and trying to work through the midfield more. Lack of patience on Saturday at times.
  5. Forgive my ignorance, what’s giving McPake a large budget in January? Do you have cash left over from the summer or has there been a cash injection?
  6. Reading ESPN stats online, we were well aware Nesbitt had 7 assists and is the highest in the league. Second highest in the league? Stephen McGinn with 5. Not what I would have expected from our midfielder protecting the back 4. What a signing he has been.
  7. Be interesting to see how next weekend goes. We drew with Montrose away last week, Dunfermline lost to them away yesterday. We lost to Kelty at home yesterday, Dunfermline play them at home next week. The next 3 games we have will define our season.
  8. Fair play to Brad McKay tonight. Best right we’ve seen at the club since Andy Lawrie.
  9. I’m loving Leon McCanns improvement, don’t get me wrong, but this statement suggests you’ve not seen Falkirk from 1995 until a few games into the 2022/2023 season.
  10. A few reasons why Falkirk haven’t been promoted over the past few years: Rookie manager [emoji3581] Charlie Telfer playing in midfield [emoji3581] I’d add ATS but he seems to have done well for you based on what you’ve said. But not many clean sheets with him there. You’re in a horrible situation with that thin squad and you want to change the manager and assistant, that’s another two players gone. Of course despite all this you’ll no doubt beat us as is tradition in League One.
  11. Some usual mental hot takes on here if we don’t win, but Morrison costing us two points is up there with the most mental. A tight game that really could have gone either way, Montrose had some decent chances to win the game too.
  12. Decent draw all things considered. Montrose away potentially the toughest away day of them all due to their physicality and their pressing. The issue won’t be draws away to Montrose, it’ll be losing to Kelty and losing 4-0 to Airdrie.
  13. Hopefully your players aren’t as aggressive as this tomorrow or you won’t end the game with 11 men on the park.
  14. We might be £400k down the shitter but we’re still not this desperate.
  15. Sadly this is when this thread is the busiest and has the most contributions. Think we could win the Scottish Cup Final and it would have less chat in a week that this.
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