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  1. Don’t get the Darren Young love in at all, now granted there’s nothing that’s exciting on that list, but what’s he done above others to deserve a mention? Forgive my ignorance.
  2. When I’ve looked through the Alloa thread, one of his main criticisms is his use of the loan market dealings. Whether it’s needed as much at a full time team like us, is up for debate.
  3. I mean, not sure we are worried as such. You put a competent team together that attacks us and that should be enough.
  4. His son was a stand out in this league last year. There’s not a chance we are going up so would be a major upgrade on anything we’ve got at the moment.
  5. Morrison was a good player at the start of the season. Before teams caught on and he was marked out the game. We don’t have a decent right back that’s overlapped him to help him on the right, and we’ve been playing one up front, sometimes only one in the box. He’s been dragged down with the rest of the shite.
  6. Absolutely no guarantee of playoff games either. We aren’t winning another game all season, Montrose will have a game against us to win, and one more win will get them in there.
  7. Before Holt came in, you had ex Livingston player Lee Miller. Jack Hamilton going to East Fife, and Tiffoney to Thistle, is mind blowing, considering Miller left on reasonable terms. Considering the shite we have signed instead, as I said, mind blowing. No doubt we’d have turned them into shite as well. Congratulations Thistle, thoroughly deserved.
  8. That’s what it was, fair enough. Yeah this is my take on the thing overall.
  9. His first season from when he took over, he won the second most points. We were that far behind that 8th was about the best we could have done. That season St Mirren and Livingston went up and have been in the premier league ever since.
  10. Stuart Taylor on Falkirk TV, potential manager checking his players for next season?
  11. What in the f**k have I just read?
  12. You might want to speak to him but he sure as hell won’t speak to us.
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