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  1. God what a boring last few pages this has been. Can’t wait to move on quickly to the game coming up on Friday now and get back to winning ways.
  2. Think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said about us, and I appreciate it. What can Falkirk fans expect under a Bartley Qots side?
  3. Fair play Dunfermline, can have no complaints after that. Hopefully we can join you via the playoffs.
  4. It’s sad enough being on here on a Saturday night, never mind trawling through LinkedIn for an opposition managers profile. Thought Wind Chime’s patter was bad but my word.
  5. What a great feeling it is for it to be Monday and you can’t wait to get back to a Falkirk game on a Saturday. Long may it continue.
  6. You’ve had a mare here, much like your team this year.
  7. Wouldn’t be too harsh on yourselves. You’re a top 4 League One team and should be fine getting in the playoffs. League Two shouts are a nonsense. No surprise to Airdrie fans but thought Frizzell was excellent on the ball again. A real talent at this level. You’ve played us at our worst and yesterday played us at our best since we’ve came down. The final league game between our two clubs should be a great encounter.
  8. Fine for Peterhead at home. In pretty much any other game he has to stay in midfield. Been brilliant in there, physically, technically, has improved that area of the pitch massively.
  9. You’ve had a shocker here my man. Away and lie down for a bit, pretend this never happened and come back stronger.
  10. Grant228 losing the plot here and it’s quite sad actually. Worth a slagging initially after his ‘misguided’ posts but the ‘don’t back down, double down’ approach from him is depressing. Maybe take some time off Pie and Bovril for 24 hours, there’s more to life than this forum and not sure what these posts are doing for you. Have time to reflect on what you’ve said and decide how to proceed from there. Falkirk fans in the main will accept your apology and we can then move on from all this.
  11. Out of interest, who do you think we could have got in that was better quality? Apart from his very long answers to one question, the other main takeaway I’ve had from McGlynn interviews is how difficult it is to get good quality strikers in.
  12. Ultimately our closing of the academy, the reason for it, and what we did next were completely different to Brentford. We were quoted of using ‘the Brentford model’ but it couldn’t be further from that. Whilst the Bees used pioneering data to find players, we used an agent called Richard Mitchell who chucked any old English player at us. At Scottish second tier level I’m not sure of how much data like Brentford’s would help attract players from further afield, who knows. Brentford were investing a lot of cash in their academy only for their players to get picked off at a youngish age for a relatively short sum of cash. Can’t say this was the case with us, more that we were having to sell a player every season to balance the books of it, which wasn’t sustainable. The idea of having more money to put towards the first team was a wise one, what we did with it was a shambles. What was also a shambles was how it was communicated to players and their families, and then when offered external funding to keep it going, it was rejected by the club. Falkirk and Brentford are labelled together when it comes to closing their academies but really the two stories are very different and the clubs have said opposite effects since doing so.
  13. Any chance you can take Williamson off us now to free up a wage?
  14. Can’t see us being in for him due to the bodies we already have in that position. Think if it’s between us two he’ll be Fife bound.
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