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  1. In common with many other Dons fans, it has to be the 80's. Unbelievable times when winning trophies became almost commonplace. Also had a few good times with the Scotland team - great games at Hampden and abroad. Tragic to have to suffer what passes for football these days. I feel sorry for myself that these days are gone , never to be repeated but also for the fans today (especially kids) who have to accept a third rate, expensive product played largely by absolute donkeys. No more hero worship these days.
  2. BBC Player Rater (not always a great guide I must admit) has Gilmour v Luton, second highest rated player after hat-trick man Abrahams. Also Lampard on Sky just singing Gilmour's praises. Hope some of that translates into a few more starts.
  3. BBC Radio Scotland think St Mirren must be really bad...conceding a goal in a game they aren't even playing.
  4. Zoltan Varga 26 games for Aberdeen. Arguably the most skilful player ever to play for the Dons. Once seen never forgotten. Came and went shrouded in mystery.
  5. I met George Ogston when working at Mile End. I was there went he was awarded his Honour by the Queen ( can't remember if it was the OBE, MBE) but his retelling of the occasion was both engaging and moving.
  6. The good old days of the 60s!?! I have seen Doug Coutts playing on the wing for the Dons at Pittodrie...not to mention ex Scotland international Tommy Ring.
  7. Mile End? Badminton player by any chance? George Ogston was the best jannie and the nicest man I ever met.
  8. Culter and Hermes wouldn't be too far off licensing. Culter have a decent facility with plenty of cover but no floodlights. Hermes have decent floodlights but would need to upgrade spectator facilities. However not sure if either would be keen to move up.
  9. Stilĺ one of only two North clubs to win the Scottish (in the early/mid fifties) along with Banks o' Dee. Perhaps Dee might have a sniff again if is only the rump of the Juniors left in the competition!
  10. It's been a while since Sunnybank have been a force in the North Juniors. They have been in the First Division for a few years now. Their last Super league title was 2010. Since the start of the Super league in 2001 the winners have been: 7 titles Banks o' Dee ( currently untouchable), 6 Culter, 2 Sunnybank, 2 Hermes and in the inaugural season Formartine United.
  11. There was a meeting last week involving representatives of the HFL and the NRJFA at which the North Juniors expressed a willingness to join the Pyramid as a feeder for the Highland League ( although the vast majority of clubs would not qualify to accept promotion should they win any play-off, Banks o'Dee currently being the only exception). It is understood that the North Caledonian League would also be involved in this set up but there has been no official notification of their commitment yet. The tone of the meeting was such that it appears the SFA want this regional solution to the Pyramid question resolved quickly and it appears that there may be a willingness on all sides for this to be in place for the start of next season. This would not cause a great upheaval in the North with only Banks o'Dee in a position to be promoted through the Pyramid but it may well affect long time strugglers Fort William who could possibly find themselves en route to the NCL if their fortunes do not improve. In the long run however, there would be a great incentive for those North Juniors with enough ambition to better themselves and progress up the ladder.
  12. In this context the word "grade" is merely a shorthand way of describing the different requirements of different leagues and associations. For example, the requirement for floodlights , licensing, etc distinguishes the Highland League etc from the Juniors, just as enclosed pitches, safe passage to and from the pitch for officials, requirement for assistants in Superleague games, players on contracts provides a differentiation between Junior and Amateur/Welfare, where these requirements do not apply by rule.. At no time was it stated that these things apply especially to the Juniors, nor was there an intention to imply that the Juniors are better or worse than other "grades".
  13. Great post Zizou. Really sums up what the Juniors are all about, a good grade of football to be involved in.
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