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  1. Pretty soft IMO.No intent and simple a follow through.Anyway justice was done
  2. Well CD has been convinced that the refs are against us
  3. You need to be offensive to get back into a game ffs
  4. IMO that makes it even worse.The OF are consumed with their hate for one another.A hatred like no other A hatred that goes so far back in history it should have been dead and buried years ago.No that actually makes thd celebration worse not justifiable !
  5. Folk can't be fucked anymore.Why would you pay to watch that shite every week.Theres some half decent players there but Davidson and particularly MacLean are inept enough to render them impotent as a football team.Fans are walking away end of and who can blame them
  6. Only two though and neither has worked out yet.Can't believe your sticking up for CD on his striker signing record!
  7. Guess what.If you don't sign strikers you don't score goals!
  8. Davidsons time is up How many times do we have to see him focus on the bad ref decisions instead of his inept tactics and poor signings,although his tactics are so woeful he would negate any talent he'd signed. He's learned nothing as he refuses to blame himself for the poor performances and the absolute void of goals and entertainment. Time to go Calum
  9. It's utterly beyond belief when the inability to score goals very nearly relegated us.It should have been priority.We don't have one decent proven striker.UFB!!
  10. There no attempt at all for the freekick nor did he try and get back after Hester rounded him and ended up quite wide of the goal.He just basically give up.Absolutely dreadful keeper
  11. That's it they go on about players not being ready for first team action and that they need to go out on loan as their confidence might get dented if they aren't ready for thd first team. WTF do you think it does to a young players confidence playing him totally out of position! CDs way too critical of young players that don't tow his line and dare to express themselves.He is a dreadful manager and its time for him to go
  12. What like goalkeeper,a striker and a sitting midfielder??
  13. Unfortunately who gets sacked at the start of the season.Should have done it at the end of last season. Best hope is he resigns but he's so pig headed its unlikely
  14. Maybe if they'd be proactive and strengthened the squad ahead of Europe we wouldn't have ever been in this situation.
  15. Sad as it is,he has to go.We should have sacked him last season.What an utter waste of the momentum and budget he has wasted.We will still be left with that legacy unfortunately but if we don't get shot of him we are 100% going down
  16. Yep.Calum said he was shouting Rooney to get back when he was sprinting up to score the 4th.You wonder how much his over cautious tactics have effected our results this year
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