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  1. Yeah cause Pie and Bovril is for intellects.....
  2. Who ever goes up to the SPL will be straight back down.Awful quality of football
  3. Fancy a red card in the Leeds game tonight
  4. Was just about to post that on WAP. I remember our reply to their gloating even more though.Hope we play a strong team and put the fuckers down.
  5. Just as Kane scored for Saints.80th min.Saw the cash out and pressed the button,I hadn't realised Saints had just scored,thought it was still 0-0.Mansfield scored 3mins later and St.Mirren in injury time.TBF I probably would have cashed out after Mansfield scored,better if I had fallen asleep on the sofa though!
  6. Absolute sickener at the weekend.12 fold btts,cashed out at £1250 and bet came in at 35k.
  7. Well played Celtic,great game last night.The place was rocking
  8. Really enjoyed that article and for some reason had something in my eye at the end of it.If anyone can turn Tonys talent into fruition its Tommy Wright.Saints have been devoid of such talent since dare i say Johnny Brogan....now i really do have something in my eye
  9. Gordon is shite,McGregor all the way,Sloppy passes at the back and nothing up front.Totally lacked any physical presence apart from McGinn
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