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  1. Would the Rangers & Celtic colts teams be completely scottish players, for this to benefit scottish football they would need to be.....
  2. Just wish all clubs would accept next season should stay 12-10-10-10 so all the clubs can sort budgets etc. There is so much more happening than league reconstruction for now...
  3. Hopefully all Championship clubs would have the finance to play 6 home games behind closed doors from October that would take them thru to 2021 and surely by then at the latest we could get 25% of fans in stadium allowance - example Palmerston 2150. Thus giving most clubs enough finance to see out the remainder of the season.
  4. Listening to sportsound it cost Roy Mcgregor from Ross County £35,000 to buy a covid testing machine plus it'll cost them £50 a week per person to get tested. He thinks all spl clubs wil need to have their own to get the league up and running, but could possibly share usage. I wonder with Queens training at Hamilton they might also get the use of their covid testing machine further down the line when the Championship clubs gets the go ahead to start training again. Sure with QoS Director Mark Blount being on the medical & player welfare committee group to get scottish football started again Queens will be right up to speed with all the medical guidelines etc.
  5. Yes Merc has proved himself a good fullback at this level always a very committed player that gave 100% effort for the team every time. "If he doesn't eventually come back" What does that mean?
  6. Surely during these times this could be an opportunity for Queens to get training etc based in Dumfries rather than Hamilton, The club has all the facilities available in Dumfries and could attract players from North & South of the border. The club at this time prob has more clout regarding getting players to train etc in Dumfries. Possibly players from a distance could flat share in Dumfries as the did In Hamilton? Sure the Chairman/board will know of someone with a flat they could get cheap. Time will tell, hopefully sooner than later players etc will get signed and we will get football started back in some form or another.
  7. Championship won't vote for this. A Budge wants to just accept her team is relegated, what would she say to Dundee & Inverness going up but Hearts stay in Championship in other words 3 up 1 down. I don't think she would want 14 teams in top league then....
  8. Wrong speculation, Livi took Forrest from Ayr to be honest Championship football is probably his level.
  9. No need for pie stands to be open as for passing people to get to your seat it is no worse than passing people in shops, the wearing of a face mask would also help this. Plus all this would take place outside in fresh air. All this is for football at Championship level 4 months down the line, when hopefully the infection rate has dropped.
  10. Can see the 2m rule reduced to 1m by then and if fans were to wear face coverings as in shops this could be done.
  11. Players will be disapointed I would think rather than furious (typical newspaper headlines). At the end of the day I would think the first point of contact for the players would be AJ (if he ain't furloughed) rather than BH. Surely AJ will have indicated to certain players he would like to sign again for next season the same as any Queens manager does at this time of year. Very difficult times for everyone involved in football.
  12. Time now for a statement from the board to clarify the press news.
  13. Not case of being kept on these players were contracted till end of next season the rest of the players contracts finish end of this month.
  14. Thot might have gave another month or two contract to the players and continued the furlough with Gov paying wage no cost to club.
  15. Certainly wasn't defending the manager had the season continued he would probably been sacked.....
  16. That ain't going to happen. Would think it highly unlikely that Queens could afford to do that at the moment..
  17. QoS have only 4 players signed so won't be shipping players out, only Leighfield, Holt, Oliver & Dobbie are signed players.
  18. Think this is the time now to give young players trying to make their way into the game an opportunity of fulltime football, can see a number of top clubs releasing quite a few players due to the circumstances at the moment. Just have to hope AJ is monitoring the positions of lots of young players, let's try build a young team that can stay together for a couple of seasons.
  19. Would really like to see him back at Queens next season he would be the ideal ball winning midfielder for the team he has a great engine and always gives 100%.
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