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  1. Ross County v Queens

    Very good point for Queens today up at Dingwall, No Dobbie No Harkins and we couldn't fill the bench either. Queens are now in the top FOUR.
  2. Ross County v Queens

    442 for Queens Dykes and Todd upfront Doyle right mid.
  3. Ross County v Queens

    No Dobbie as expected but No Harkins either, Only 4 outfield player subs!! Team Martin, Mercer, Fordyce Semple,Marshall, Doyle, Frizzell, Jacobs, Norman, Todd Dykes.
  4. What's Robertson got to do with it?
  5. Really Hope Dobb's injury ain't to bad, I have said it from the start of the season we need another striker in our squad...
  6. How BAD have Dundee United defence been!!!
  7. Funnily enough I was wondering the same on Saturday night when I seen the team lines from Morton v Peterhead game. SD help.
  8. Every club in the championship (apart from Queens) has a substitute striker on the bench that can come on and try help change a game if needed.
  9. QoS Vs Formartine Utd

    Unfortunately the Scottish cup doesn't grab the fans by the hand until later rounds, this was shown with attendances round the country example Morton v Peterhead only had just over 900 also. Sign of the times am afraid season ticket holder don't always attend cup games...
  10. Be nice if someone like Sheff Utd could loan us a young striker in January. We only have ONE natural goalscorer in our squad, thank god its Dobbs! Please give us another option upfront that could help the team from the start or come on and help change the game in last 30mins, as it is we can't change anything..
  11. Have said from start of the season we need another Striker!!
  12. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Has the Mckinnkon tapping transfer case with Morton been held yet?
  13. Queens v Partick

    Hopefully Harkins is back for this game.
  14. QoS Vs Formartine Utd

    Dundee away next, winnable.
  15. QoS Vs Formartine Utd

    Morton total attendance v Peterhead recorded as only 958 today, low scottish cup crowds.