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  1. Semple should be a priority signing for Johnston, He is a very good young CB there are not many of the likes going around. He really enjoys playing at Queens and plays with his heart on his sleave, shame maybe the manager doesn't quite grasp that would be a big loss to the club, He is a player the club could make money from in the future. Connor Murray to Livi very surprised to hear that he's a Championship level player at best, He hasn't improved enough in last few seasons to say otherwise...
  2. Hopefull this is the case & then the club can start getting players in place for next season. Thus relieving players of months of uncertainty....
  3. From the current squad only 4 are signed thru till end if next season Leighfield Holt Oliver & Dobbie of the remaining players on our books we must prioritise getting Semple Mercer Pybus & Murray signed up and get an experienced Goalkeeper added to the squad an experienced CB to play alongside Semple an experienced central midfielder and we have Dobbie's experience upfront the spine of the team would be solid then fill in the gaps with young players that want to learn and play for Queens (not journeymen) and build a team for the next couple of seasons rather than starting from scratch every season.
  4. Ment regards the businesses paying Queens rent money..... Queens are surely in a better place than many clubs...
  5. Good News that the club will still be getting money coming in from the Arena etc. Queens are in a better position than alot of Scottish football clubs.
  6. Give Dobbie & Gibson the job until the end of the season, Sure the players will want to Play for them. If they stay up well and good if not let them build a team in Div 1 with players that want to play for Queens. Sign a goalkeeper like Jamie Mcdonald, CB sign Semple with an experienced CB, you have KB Holt add RB Mercer. CM sign Wilson + experienced creative CM, forward you've got experience with Dobbie & Oliver add a big Forward to help them. Fill the gaps with hungry youngsters and build a team not fill it with journeymen or loan players...
  7. Think it's time Billy made that phone call..... Give the new manager 8 games to try and save the club from automatic relegation.....
  8. Not really we are one of a very few clubs that made a profit last year..
  9. Do you think we might have had a better chance of getting ICT game moved as soon as we found out about Ayr game.
  10. The club must have current financial problems & were desperate for the money....
  11. Probably a couldn't make it out sounded something like that🤦‍♂️
  12. The games are coming round very fast maybe time to freshen the starting 11 tomorrow night. Wonder if Johnston will learn from Alloa's victory over ICT on Sat when they went very direct with lots of pace up front against a slow ICT defence. Think I would unleash Petravictious and if Murray is fit play him too along with Oliver & Hamilton. The back 4 have certainly tightened up if Mercer's fit start him if not Lyon at RB. Prob not very popular but a would rest Dobbie to start with bringing him on for the 2nd half. He has played a lot of mins lately at his age and we have another very important game on Friday night too.
  13. No he wasn't any better than our current reserve CB's who ain't Good enough for a step up to first team squad.
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