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  1. Josh has moved to Airdrie to be closer to a family member who is really not well. A tough decision but one he had to make this year.
  2. Wonder if the "well known" goalkeeper coach could be a player coach...
  3. Grant Savoury signed for Queens Park so not coming here.
  4. We're back.... Hopefully just for a short visit... Wullie Gibson's Blue & White Army
  5. Not yet sure he will be named in the squad, but most likely managing is priority.
  6. Maybe not quite a pay as you play but something along them lines... He may well just call it a day tho... If age has caught up with him maybe we will see him as a strikers coach at Fleetwood with his old Hibs teammates Brown & Whittaker...
  7. Possible risk, Maybe worth taking tho in league 1 on a pay as you play deal, Get him signed as long as he still feels fit enough, let him train in Lytham and meet up with the squad on the Friday before...
  8. Not so sure if salary sport is to be believed...
  9. My guess if QoS match wage he would come back to Queens. Sure he lives locally again.
  10. Ad take Muirhead now a 2 year deal and captaincy prob seal it. Experienced solid 100% player the type Queens need ideal for league 1 plus he is a local lad too staying back in Dumfries, good to get Moxy back at Palmerston too. Get Gav Reilly back too.
  11. Do you think our budget is miles behind Arbroath? Budget is a pish excuse. Arbroath almost won the division and Livingston went up with a tiny budget as well. The biggest issue was AJ. An absolute charlatan of a manager at this level. No its not but Arbroath are part time the guys have jobs outside football and make alot more put together than likes of a fulltime Queens can.
  12. A would like to see East given a chance up front this week, he is a striker after all. Maybe we change up front might bring goals.
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