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  1. Read from a source that I trust on Facebook it ain't happening👍
  2. To many of these stories circulating on social media really hope someone can tell the Queens fans what they really want to hear... 🙏
  3. I would say he panic signed players before the league Cup group games this season so he had enough players to compete hopefully if he is given the chance he will get a better start to his second season in charge. He will need to start extending contracts to players Now for next season or it will be the same again......
  4. Heard talk of new chairman with the help of & small consortium coming in at end of this season, Time will tell......
  5. What has Roughie done wrong at Partick, that some fans don't want him there?
  6. Rough was sat in the directors box on Sat at Palmerston with J Low & the rest of the Thistle board.
  7. Disappointing home performances (especially the cup exit) have once again left the club with the usual 1000 hardcore fans am afraid. The team played really well away at Dundee and again on sat had the team taken one of the chances they created at 1-0 the team would have been sitting on a much better league position 10 points ahead of Partick. Frustrating...
  8. Time QoS extended Dobbie's contract then to stop all the rumours...
  9. Twisted his back on Thursday at training (back spasm)..
  10. Thot he actually broke up play pretty often and was good passer of the ball when he had it.
  11. If this is true hopefully Brownlie proves his talent to his next boss tomorow...
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