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  1. Time to get players in their proper position and stop worrying & setting up to stop the opposition Get Debayo in at LB where he was signed to be Nditi at CB, hopefully Rae will be back in goals soon that's for starters get some width on the pitch and must involve Connolly as much as possible who's been one of our best players. Afraid neither East or Joseph should d be close to the starting 11. Give connelly a free role behind a STRIKER..... Would really like to see us sign a striker on loan this week Shields maybe?
  2. Get the forward options on at halftime AJ or don't bother coming back from Inverness...
  3. Didn't seem much of a red zone at Arbroath tonight?? Diff rules for them?
  4. Extended loans domestic Championship till end September.
  5. Domestic loans can be done until end of September.
  6. Really like the top Shame not all last seasons ticket holders names are on it
  7. This was posted talking about kirk Broadfoot 5 weeks ago, not Gavin Reilly.... Still think AJ would have liked Gavin here tho..
  8. Maybe the club don't think using the tanner fund money to get a player in on loan is great and want to use it to help bring in a player they are signing for themselves.
  9. Possibly down to the fact LWB & RWB Gibson & Paton are more attack minded players playing a more defensive role?
  10. Really canny see Gavin turning up at Palmerston he never got much game time under AJ at either Queens or Dunfermline...
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