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  1. Hopefully this time next week it'll be none of the above 🙏
  2. The board have sacked a number of managers thatll no bother them. As for money relegation will cost the club more in the long run... No way back.....
  3. THREE defenders in the squad!! No more loan Defenders signing seems absolutely crazy!
  4. Very disappointed. It looks like no more signings then as loan window shuts unless we can interest free agents. Must be great to be one of the 3 Queens defenders at the moment cause if yer fit you'll play.... 🤦‍♂️
  5. Yes the squad certainly needs additional defenders for sure only 2 CB 's in squad and a LB that's it.... 🤦‍♂️
  6. In that case would expect to see a couple of signings announced today or tomorrow then.... 🙏
  7. The Loans window ends in 3 days time surely we will see another couple of defenders coming in, If not its only free agents until the window opens again.... No way the team can continue with such limited choice in defence suspensions/injuries will catch up then what?........plus at the moment its a case of if your fit you play that's no hood either...
  8. At least 3 unfortunately.. We were warned by fans from other clubs regarding Buchanan, seems he likes to blame others alot.... 🤦‍♂️ The concerning thing is we only have the 2 CB's in the squad, if they are fit they play so no competition for places or even the possibility of playing three at the back.....
  9. Another home league defeat 6 in a row I am really struggling to get my head round why the manager has only 3 natural defenders in his squad its absolutely crazy. Maybe AJ could share his reasoning behind this... Don't get me wrong it wasn't just the defenders to blame for yesterday's result....
  10. THREE points from the last 42 says everything..... And they were all draws.. Completly different squad but seems same results are happening.....
  11. At this rate the manager is probably going to be lucky to be back in charge at Palmerston either.
  12. Seems such a distant memory now, The last league Win.. Time the defenders had competition for places... Remember Semple showing how much it ment when he scored..
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