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  1. Efe would be a good mentor for young Jack to play alongside, wonder if Efe comes in as player/ assistant manager...
  2. Obviously Paton will be gone and Dabrowski was only on loan. Cochrane would be a miss the rest not to bothered about East a converted Striker to CB, Todd Midfielder past his best. Muir & Mcmahon not broke thu yet not likely too prob end up at Annan.
  3. Irving prob stays as a bench filler on the cheap, McMahon rumoured Annan bound. Guess a few other have prob been offered deals prob low wages and if they do go elsewhere QoS will get a little compo...
  4. Thought might have been more names on that list....
  5. Still to play Montrose at Palmy, Montrose play at Edin next and Alloa play Airdrie they canny alll get points...
  6. 10 pts out of last 12 great form hopefully can carry it on till the end of the season. Play offs well who knows!!
  7. It would certainly help with a better tannoy speaker system in place for next season. The current set up its pretty poor to say the least.
  8. The Chairman certainly didn't look impressed with what Alec said over the tannoy. The tannoy announcer should only announce goals, subs during the game. Well done Alex on yer 30 years
  9. Hopefully the Glasgow Kilt walk on the Sunday will force the game to go ahead on the Saturday. Lots of road closures and police will be deployed to the walk. Wouldn't think they would want an Old Firm game on the same day.
  10. Wrong club to get selected like a lot of young players...
  11. He is can't be deemed good enough by the manager, prob not helped that he is playing in the scottish first division.
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