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  1. Stephen Dobbie featured in yesterday's Times paper.
  2. What "magic" did Johnston work he won the 1st Div, with the only fulltime team in he league on the biggest budget. He had by far the best players in the league to his disposal. He never done very well at the clubs he went to after he left Palmerston ie Pars this year with much bigger budget than Naysmith had this season...
  3. Queens v Dundee Utd

    Yes only second best number of clean sheets behind Ayr & as league position 3 equal best goals against record too...
  4. Canny see the 2 players mentioned signing Low has already stated he has signed to more or less get in shop window for Premier league team next season & Todd has impressed bigger clubs already. The Management is the most important at the moment then you might get players signing because of that.
  5. Has the club started extending players contracts for next season yet? If not why? Also same applies with the management team, get them signed!!
  6. Queens v Dundee Utd

    Wilson started against Falkirk when Low was injured don't think that performance makes him auto first choice but in saying that he was maybe to similar to Jacobs.
  7. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Great effort by all the players and management staff yesterday, Capped with an absolute belter of a goal from Dobbie. I was surprised Naysmith didn't give Connor Murray last 10/15 mins and take off one of our more important players before next Saturdays match v Dundee United.
  8. Queens v Dundee Utd

    Was he sent off for violent conduct if so misses next game..
  9. Queens v Dundee Utd

    Would think it'll be the same starting 11, full concentration on league now.
  10. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Team as called it Stirling starts Aird on bench rest the same +young Irving def on bench.
  11. Quarter Final Draw

    After game on Monday night.
  12. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Sure will start
  13. Dan is playing for Workington now having left Cumnock, If you look closely Rankin is also in the photo ! It's certainly not been taken today.....
  14. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Probable Queens to line up Martin Mercer Fordyce Mcguire Marshall Doyle Low Jacobs Aird or Stirling Dykes Dobbie Subs Leighfield (gk) Stirling or Aird Mcgrath Murray Cup tied Wilson, injured Brownlie & Todd completes the squad.
  15. Probably because he got booked and he pulled his foot back from the Challenge the complete opposite of Mcgregors very dangerous intentional challenge..