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  1. Less panic this week don't thinkso!! Clubs that are struggling like Queens need to get players in ASAP not another 4 weeks nearer to the end if the season and relegation.....
  2. Canny see Cameron coming back think Killie will keep him with the prospect of St Johnstone recalling Callum Hendry in this window
  3. Think the manager has already said he needs 2 CB and players in other positions
  4. Debayo and Soares junior are no better than reserve players on last nights showing and last few league games, thought Mckechnie looked pretty sharp & very quick due a wee chance in first team now.
  5. Ye that plus over £700,000 profit from last year...
  6. Onside altho Wee Billy Dodds didnae thinkso..
  7. Mark Reynolds 34yr old CB leaves Dundee Utd be good to see him at Queens bug prob more likely end up with McInnes at Killie..
  8. Another defeat tomorow for QUEENS should be the end for AJ. The next league game isn't for 2 weeks when it'll be a relegation battle at Palmerston v Pars, A new manager in place and some new faces on the pitch might just give the squad & the fans the lift they'll need.
  9. Still think 2 CB's are a must plus a striker that likes the ball to his feet that can link up play with Connolly and also score goals, get the ball on the deck it's the only way with the players we have.
  10. He wants to be adding them very quickly then......
  11. He was the best of a bad bunch upfront tho.... So now Def a forward and 2 CB's needed.
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