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  1. Rumour is he is away to the World Cup for 3 weeks!!!
  2. He was in for then both but Money talks I'm afraid..
  3. Maybe not as good, but still far better than any CB's we have at the moment certainly player with passion and wanted to win...
  4. ? ? The young man was trying to deal with a number of personal issues at the time, and was still head and shoulders what we have now....
  5. OK should have said Queens player not loanee...
  6. Not had a solid ball winning CB with passion for the club since young Semple, What a shame he was let go... The CB's are so soft now no aggression whatsoever.
  7. The same as its been for a number of years cany defend cross balls.... Fordyce attacked the ball that's the type of CB defender we miss... Too soft. Shame scoring 3 goals wasnt good enough for the 3 points...
  8. Sure they were done noticed in background of a pict of the Edin manager Wullie with Sandra and Ruirah was standing near by too..
  9. The changes that need to happen - minimum next week are Gibson has to start at rwb, Wilson CM Bange up top and Fox in goal & Paton Off the penalties.
  10. I'm not exactly defending Currie. I just don't think an inexperienced Cowie would be much of an upgrade. We have a goalie on loan from Aberdeen maybe time to give the lad a go?
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