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  1. Queens v St Johnstone

    What time on sat do tickets start going on sale for the match?
  2. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Any idea when tv games will be announced?
  3. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Just read allowed two over 21,s... Really don't see the benifit to anyone the colts teams playing..
  4. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Can someone explain how Jacobs can play and captain livi colts team in this comp a don't get it..
  5. Forward Zanatta signs for the wasps on loan from Hearts, We seem to be only club not recruiting. Possible season defining game v St Johnstone this early already on Sat. A must win game followed by keeping fingers crossed for drawing either Celtic or Rangers away in the next round seems a must...
  6. Think Ross only scored two tonight, Wallace with first two.
  7. Who were saints playing tonight?
  8. Queens v St Johnstone

    Under 12's free entry on Saturday..
  9. Queens v Dundee United

    Just over 400 away fans, so about 1500 home fans.
  10. Queens v Dundee United

    Unfortunately neither Semple or Fordyce have any pace.
  11. Queens v Dundee United

    We should have gone at United from the off, We gave a team in turmoil far to much respect by sitting off them and falling back deep, We should have been the team pushing and having a go at them especially at home, another missed opportunity today to get the floating fans back. I canny believe the attendance was just over 1600!
  12. The manager has to be given the OK to strengthen the team/squad. Surely the board must see he needs to bring in 2/3. Hopefully we will get players on loan as soon as the spl sides suss out who they think will not feature in there first team squad at the moment but would benifit playing at Championship level. If not this could end up being a very disappointing centenary season.
  13. Queens v St Johnstone

    Really hope Queens have a go and start the first half the way they started the 2nd half v Dundee United today, If not its definitely a cup exit.
  14. Definite back pass ref missed this and sure he also got in the road of one of our players before a united goal.. The ref had a terrible game booked Harkins on first half then a Utd player done exactly the same 2nd half nothing said..