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  1. Breen was signed last week AJ wanted atleast another 2 after him.
  2. 3 week absence after the Galloway debacle, any thoughts? Forgotten about....
  3. Really good value for money at £10⚽👍
  4. Sure if the tv/press cameras looked round the Scottish football stadiums during matches there would be plenty of people in stadiums watching games that shouldn't be.... These aren't isolated incidents, just high profile people....
  5. I fair comment bringing a full league game weekend forward to the 30th.
  6. Don't get the cancelling of cup ties involving only premiership clubs and championship clubs?
  7. Same as Livi did with Dykes cause atleast they have got ther man stops other clubs coming in for him....
  8. Queen of the South v Hibs surely a potential tv match, A cup upset plus the BBC seem to like Hibs...
  9. To me it showed lots of clubs are probably breaking guidance regards who is allowed in stadium during matches....
  10. Leeanne Dempster at the game last night Why??
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