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  1. AJ to earn his wages this week big decisions on the starting 11 in the biggest game of the season so far and the squad is almost at full strength (Pybus?). Will he return to the formation & players that gave the club a chance of a top 4 finish? This will mean reinstating East who has missed out the last few games and starting Jones out wide with Obileye sitting just in front of the back 4, think to allow this Dobbie has to to drop to the bench.
  2. Quick you've still time today to sign another lowland league striker in his place 😂
  3. Don't know who is curently worse McCall or Neilson 😂 suppose atleast Hearts are top of ther league.... Partick are to big to be in league 1, They said they would have stayed up well things havn't improved much from last season...... 🤷‍♂️
  4. Dapo has been handed a 6 match ban, 4 immediate & 2 suspended so will miss cup game & next 3 league matches.
  5. Shay Logan wanted from Aberdeen on loan for last 5 games.... 🤦‍♂️ Desperate times....
  6. No international loans allowed only domestic loans were extended to end of March.
  7. Yes but good to have just now with Jones and others still recovering from injuries.
  8. Looks like Dapo Mebude will be available to play v Hearts on Sat covid breach hearing today decision Monday.
  9. When will all the confirmed dates and times be announced for the 3rd round?
  10. Wondering what Neilson's excuses will be tonight..... 😂😂
  11. We could do with Pybus being back now Dapo will likely be gone but we never appeared to miss him the 4 games before that. Seriously!!!
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