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  1. What type of player is he? Seems he did pretty well at Sons last season.
  2. Didn't quite say that... But if its true he is signing/signed am happy, I'd be disappointed if AJ isn't trying to bring Semple back too.
  3. Its a long time till the Championship starts many things could happen, by then, possible pause of top league then restart you just couldn't make it up.. Players need to have more sense.....
  4. Strangly enough he was high up in the fans match ratings every week in the first half of the season. I seem to remember reading similar quotes to this a few years ago about Lyndon Dykes.... Now its looking like he is going to make the club a fair bit of money...
  5. Looking forward to next week with AJ's rumoured return to work and most likely the start of signing players for the coming season This will again be a massive rebuild but am sure there are plenty quality players out there looking for contracts. From last season we only have Leighfield, Holt & Dobbie there are only another couple from last years first team I would have back that havn't as far as I know been snapped up by other clubs yet CM Dan Pybus (22) & CB Callum Semple (21) too good young prospects that the club could maybe gain financially in future years. Now the shirt draw has been done the Betfred cup has been drawn the season is nearly upon us. Really hope by Oct the fans even if its just home fans to start with can get back into stadia to watch.🤞 Support yer Hame team👍⚽
  6. Wouldn't worry about great away days this early....
  7. Strange Shankland was the same for Ayr & United v Queens too...
  8. I don't it's rumoured that 8 players were in a pub after the Rangers game..
  9. Why the need for football players to head to pubs anyway surely they should be more cautious with there free time..
  10. Don't see why it would effect the game all players and staff are getting tested during the week people who have to work in Aberdeen are being allowed to travel to work.
  11. 1 player testing positive at a club ain't going to scupper the league, just proves the testing system at the football clubs is working. Last week there were 7 reported at St Mirren and turned out it was only was 1 positive ve case. Sure this won't be the only time a player is tested positive over the coming weeks...
  12. Hope by effectively doing this the manager can bring quality players in for next season, I see lots of Championship clubs seem to be heading for a mid Aug pre season start date guessing with very little activity at Palmerston it's more likely to be a Sept date before pre season starts for Queens?
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