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  1. Will Morton be streaming this for overseas viewers? I see the had the Cove Rangers & League Cup games listed for streaming but can't see anything for this one.
  2. Can't remember too many wins away to a decent sized nation when qualification was still on the line, Paris apart. Croatia was a dead rubber for us I think? Last one must have been Norway in 2005? Before we made a c**t of it against Belarus at home in the next game.
  3. Will change the name of the topic back once it lets me - the only option just now is to delete for some reason. Not sure if you need to wait x amount of time before it can be changed again?
  4. Happy to take suggestions for the thread title. One with the most greenies by the end of Sunday will be the winner.
  5. I have never had any problems in Thailand or Cambodia. The food in Cambodia was amazing and it costs pennies. Friendly people too. It pisses all over Thailand for me. Was in a pub in Siem Reap one night paying what worked out at 53p a pint. Amazing country. Taiwan is one of my favourite places for street food. The spicy beef noodles are something else.
  6. Both amazing countries but Japan > Korea. They are quite similar in a lot of ways.
  7. Seoul is quality. I enjoyed it almost (almost) every bit as Tokyo. Only shite thing about Seoul is the amount of American soldiers who are generally bellends but they are mostly in Itaewon. Myeongdong is a cool area with a lot going on although it's more shops and restaurants than bars if that's what you are after. In Japan Osaka is a cracking city and the food is tremendous. If you have limited time I would visit Kyoto on a day trip from Osaka, maybe stay 1 night at a push. Nice city but very quiet compared to Tokyo and Osaka. Lots of temples and traditional architecture which is nice. I have been up to Hakone and down to Kobe too but tbh thought Kobe was a bit shit. Tokyo is just like a little mini planet of it's own. Back in November, can't wait.
  8. Yeah after looking at it more closely the take off from Edinburgh is actually 6.30. The late Glasgow flight still works out better for me. It's a 1 hr 45 min connection where as Edinburgh would leave me in Dubai for 4.5 hours both ways.
  9. It's roughly the the same as the Glasgow flights but they are pricey too. Emirates flights to Manchester/Birmingham tend to be cheaper but I can't be bothered with 2 changes. I've never flown Qatar as I have quite a lot of air miles with Emirates but have heard good things about them. Already booked up for July but might look at them for my Christmas flights.
  10. Emirates starting a daily direct Edinburgh to Dubai flight. Good news for me as it's easier than Glasgow. 8.15pm take off ideal too as means I can still catch my preferred connection to HK.
  11. £15 is a bit steep. It's only about 7/8 quid with Emirates.
  12. This. Haber, while shite and not the long term answer, is far better than Moussa IMO
  13. Paul Hartley Hampden bound Good luck with that. His cup record was atrocious at Dens. We were knocked out 4 cup competitions in a row from lower league sides before he was sacked - defeats to East Fife, Peterhead, league 1 Dunfermline, bottom of the championship St Mirren and a shite Rangers side who utterly pumped us and we also had a 0-0 slog at Dumbarton which we eventually won in the replay.
  14. My thought's on Bain are he is a slightly above average keeper for Scottish Premiership level who had gone stale in a poor team behind a defence that was continually unsettled and consistently shite. He has pulled off some of the best saves I have ever seen from a Dundee keeper and when he first come on the scene he was pretty decent in all areas. He lost a bit of confidence and seemed to get in a rut he couldn't get out of and he gradually become more error prone. I don't think he is a bad keeper though and reckon a change of scenery could see him recapture his early promise at Dens. I think the departure of his good pals Thomson, Stewart and Hemmings didn't help either. It's common knowledge he was quite close to all of these boys. As for his attitude I am unsure on that one. He did give the fans a bit of jib but I heard some of the abuse he used to take first hand and don't really blame him for some of his reactions. Us Dundee fans have a bit of a habit of trying to rewrite history when our relationship with a player or manager changes. It comes to the point where folk forget about the positives and claim the player has always been shite when it isn't the case. He is happy at Hibs, we are happy with Parish and whats done is done. Time for all parties to move on.
  15. Willing to make any charity bet we finish above Hamilton for the 7th season running.
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