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  1. Our game against Glenafton is in 2 weeks, so this cup could go on to the end of May. Only 1 league game left against Darvel, but they still have loads of games left to make up.
  2. Because of work I haven't been able to get to any Saturday games for a while: do we have any midweek games coming up?
  3. Difficult question as even though some tried, they failed collectively to actually achieve anything. I can't fail Adam Strain, as he was hung out to dry for the goals. Boylan, aside from failing to understand the offside rule, tried to make the odd thing happen. Maybe pass marks to Sam for trying to get Squib into the game, but nothing was really working. Chris Strain maybe gets pass marks for restraint and not chinning that twat of a linesman for shouting at him for no reason?
  4. The performance was abysmal on Saturday. It's clear that there is no inspiration left although I think Barry Fleeting's voice on the touchline would bore anybody to sleep... Carlo was virtually non-existent, but he played up front, central midfield and left-back in the one game. No wonder he looked lost for the majority of the match. It was clear that Jamie Whyte had been playing with Dalry (where they don't tend to have linesmen) for a few weeks as he seemed to forget about the offside rule. The assistant on our side was always around 4 yards behind the defensive line so unsurprisingly got a few wrong for both sides.
  5. Have Ladeside got him as a player-manager? If so, great deal for them.
  6. We'll beat you on Saturday, just like we did with Beith, Hurlford and Kilbirnie!
  7. Great result at the weekend. Gutted I couldn't make it; work at 4 so can only really make games at Abbey Park, or 2 PM kick offs in North Ayrshire. Big game (albeit in the diddy cup) against Talbot on Saturday. More confident than I'd have been a week ago, for sure.
  8. Normally officials love being challenged by Strain and Boylan, who always present their views in a mature, calm and rational manner. He behaved pretty well on Saturday. Calum only had to speak to him once; that may be a record!
  9. Why are the age and sex of those in the area relevant to your point? It's football, folk get hit by the ball - hazard of going to watch a match...
  10. You prestige and start all over again in the lowest division?
  11. The Saltcoats Vics and Ardeer Thistle's of this world would get pumped by the reserve sides of most Super League teams. The Sectional League Cup usually gives a good indication of the differences!
  12. I get £30 a game. My next game is in Coylton; so with the paperwork, etc, that wouldn't meet minimum wage (I'm 34, I think) if you counted the travel (that's 34 mins each way according to Google). The minimum wage and self-employment are a very grey area still; call the players self-employed, therefore training is their responsibility although tax deductible. There are always ways around the minimum wage. For example, delivery drivers on a quiet night get nowhere near the minimum wage!
  13. You'd be surprised at how little training footballers do; the juniors could easily get away with paying 50 quid a week. Most of them though will be "amateur" in name only (like Queen's Park).
  14. Regarding Wardrope if he got a red the ref would've been forced to do something about the Glen's player fouling him so common sense prevailed with giving him a yellow . The Glens' player would only have got a yellow card. Maybe he just couldn't be arsed writing the report...
  15. I would think minimum wage, unless amateur, would only cover the match period. They could easily argue that training was the players' personal choice, as I've heard there are junior players that don't train at all with their club. A lifeguard, for example, wouldn't get paid for going to the gym to keep in shape.
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