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  1. Unsubstantiated horse shite. In season 17/18 over 1.25 million more people watched Scottish football than the last season of the old double round robin in 74/75 In fact more people watched Scottish football that season than any time since 1960 ETA 2018/19 was actually even slightly more than 2017/18
  2. non sequitur alert. Why would the teams not competing for the title get more people through the gates and more money than they do at the moment? The suggestion seems to be that more people would turn up for a mid-table clash between St. Mirren-v-St Johnstone for example simply because the sisters are no longer around? Also, the idea that we would have a logjam of teams competing for the championship if the ugly sisters disappeared does not stand up to any scrutiny at all.
  3. https://www.afc.co.uk/2020/03/02/the-return-of-the-red-shed/
  4. I reckon he scored in two of them.
  5. Don't underestimate the Lenny factor. He really isn't a great manager. ... However, to temper that we also have to factor in the "standing off against celtic hasn't worked X times in a row...so let's give it one more try" mentality...
  6. Silly c**t on the telly actually saying 'it looks like 'sevco' will end the season without a domestic trophy, but still the Europa League to go for' ... HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa
  7. This. He's such a social inadequate he is doing the TV pundit equivalent of pulling our pigtails because he hasn't got the skills to actually tell us how he feels. Bet he has loads of bits of paper with stuff like 'Boydy & AFC 4EVA' doodled on them
  8. Last night is all I ask. Effort, movement, determination, passing with purpose rather than 40 passes in our own half then hoof. Keep that up and I would be happy as a pig in shit.
  9. What a strange thing to say. Does the continuing failure of other clubs mean our own stagnation should be celebrated?
  10. You're telling me what I think now? I can't speak for others but that 'narrow criteria' fits my definition perfectly.
  11. McInnes is not the main target of my 'raging' and I've been raging for a decade or more (with a brief respite between 2014 - 2017) and really I should have been raging for even longer but it takes time to see what's actually happening consistently, rather than a blip
  12. Dinna spik shite ye bubblin' mess A Happy Clapper is the fan who toes the 'party line' without question, who says idiotic nonsense like "remember Mark McGhee" as if finishing 2nd in 2016 justifies McInnes keeping his job ad infinitum, who supports the move to Kingsford without asking why it has come to this, who buys into the revisionism of Wiggy's tenure...
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