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  1. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Good appointment for Scotland Personally have no interest in International Football so would have preferred him to stay at Killie cuz he really made it interesting and spoke more sense about the shite that goes on here than almost anyone else I've ever seen in Scottish fitba A' the best Killie, hope you can stay up the top end
  2. Cove Thread

    I doubt there's many of the HFL clubs left that could flourish in the SPFL to be honest. Without 'backing' maybe the Locos, the Broch, Forres or Buckie could survive in League 2 but that's about it. I'm still waiting for Elgin to make the great leap forward. At the very least I expected them to yo-yo between League 1 & League 2
  3. That's a pretty comprehensive playoff tournament for Cove. Four wins out of four, 12 goals for, one conceded. Congratulations.
  4. You're mixing with the wrong Aberdonians. My ire is directed at the criminal neglect of Pittodrie over the last quarter century and the fact this has dovetailed into the necessity to move to the back of beyond. IF that neglect had been because we were spending money on the team and winning cups by financial doping I would probably be less inclined to heads gone (sic) about what the board have done over the last 25 years. But they couldn't even do that. They ran up horrendous losses, year after year to finish tenth out of ten for f**k sake. Kingsford is a lifeboat. It is the accumulation of terrible decision making, awful appointments and desperate papering over the cracks. If Aberdeen fans are a little cynical about the honesty of what is now being said I can't really say I blame them
  5. f**k. I like trains and a sesh too. What the f**k am I doing sitting at home....
  6. polarised debate response? Whatever. It's spot on, is what it is. If slightly exaggerated. When Milne tells the Happy Clappers the Mothership has arrived,, we have warn them, DON'T DRINK THE PUNCH! (exaggeration again in case you wondered)
  7. What do you genius' suggest the protesters do? Withdraw support and money? Most are aware the gig is up for Pittodrie, but that doesn't mean swallowing the bullshit and singing Praise the Lord. If you think the club reps don't read read social media your really do have you heads in the sand. Lobby the club? Have you seen the snowjob whenever there is any suggestion of unrest? Oh oh we'll have to play games in Glasgow, , we'll have to reduce capacity to 300, there's no option but Kings Links/Loirston/Kingsford. Being absolutely raging about the utter fucking shambles that has transpired over the last quarter century should be the default state of every Aberdeen fan. It's actually far easier to follow the Great Leader and shout "remember Mark McGhee! Remember Steve Paterson". Fox ache.
  8. Alas no. The cost is, allegedly, so high the numbers exist only in theoretical economics. Besides which the restrictions of the area mean that the total capacity would be less than the current capacity of the RDS apparently. And right on cue the party line is reaffirmed as a stand alone absolute truth. Sadly, the time for redevelopment of Pittodrie has probably gone. It should go down as one of the football crimes of the century. The word that the club had to move came out just as it had run up such horrendous losses, around the end of the 20th century, that selling the ground was an absolute necessity just to get the club back to a point where it started over debt free. At the time there was no other way of clearing the debts except maybe those who had incurred them doing the decent thing, but that's another story... Now, somehow, it is the fault of the city or the local council, holding the club back apparently. In the 50 years following WW2 Aberdeen won more trophies than any other non exOF club even if you strip out the Ferguson years. They won 8. Hearts won 7, Hibs 5. In the subsequent 22 seasons Aberdeen has won 1 trophy. Hearts have 3, Hibs have 2. They had their longest trophy free run since the second world war, nineteen seasons. Yes, it got tougher as the exOF spent stupid money but everything suggests during that nineteen year barren spell they should at least have been coming close to a cup win. 17 years without even a Scottish Cup Final appearance. Again, ignoring the Ferguson years 8 years was the previous longest. The truth is they never came close until 2014. Aberdeen have been hopeless, so badly run, so badly managed. It's the same city. It is pretty much the same council. In my opinion it is probably something else to blame, not the city or the council, and it's probably that same factor that left Pittodrie to fall apart until the point is reached where there's no longer any option but to move to the middle of nowhere. Picking the middle/late 90s as my cut off point isn't arbitrary, of course. The running of the club changed dramatically at that point and has led to the point it finds itself today, moving to the boondocks. Not as a planned, business decision, not as a way forward but as a means of climbing out of a self inflicted shit pit. Somehow though, it is the city and the council that holds the club back. Now though, the Happy Clappers see nothing but sunshine, lollipops and rainbows in the future. A new, improved and even larger debt than anything the club has endured before will not restrict the team and club at all. Suddenly the board have vision and insight, they will be inclusive and open. But because some of the fans ask questions of the board or about the whole Kingsford operation regarding transport and fan zones we are miserable c***s?
  9. Yuh...visiting the clubshop or museum 19 times a season every season has limited appeal. The bar holds 400 - good luck getting in there ever. As for my attitude to the location I refer you to the Strichener's first point. There was no reason for AFC to move into the 'shire but for utterly hopeless mismanagement. I hope Cormack makes a difference to the way things are done because the previous quarter century prior to the arrival of McInnes was an unmitigated disaster.
  10. You spoke about facilities. What facilities? What will the fanzones entail? Pop-up bars? Food? Cover? This is what I mean about making contingency plans now - if it's all in place in 4 years it will work. If it's all just wait and see it won't. Besides which any number of folks on here have been suggesting Westhill has loads of facilities for fans (it doesn't). I drive to Westhill from Dyce and back every day. The Craibstone roundabout is an accident waiting to happen during both rush hours and the Westhill roundabout is the same: hence the reason there have been so many accidents at both in the 3 months the AWPR has been fully open. I don't use the AWPR in the mornings, because the Westhill roundabout backs up all the way to the dual carriageway when it's busy and getting onto the roundabout is something akin to Russian Roulette with cars. I cut through Kirkhill Forest in the mornings. At night I blast right through to the Goval turnoff rather than the Craibstone roundabout because folk seem to think all 3 lanes are for the airport, the city and the A96 West. The shuttle bus will have no option but to use the Craibstone roundabout because that's where the park & ride is. If there are even 500 vehicles trying to get onto that Westhill roundabout after the game the first bus will take at least an hour to get to Dyce and back. Guarantee it. Unless they are going to build some new roads then I do not see how there will be free flowing traffic, I'm afraid. Unless they start looking at it now. Which they are not.
  11. Look at the 'comprehensive' plan. There is no plan for anyone further South than College Street although there seems to be a conglomeration between College Street, Guild Street and Shiprow...presumably in recognition of fans going into the City Centre
  12. That's what I said. And what facilities? If the first 7 buses take 72 people each that will leave 378 more than the capacity of the stadium bar just from the Dyce fans. (1,228 - (72 X 7=504) = 778 - Stadium Bar 400 = 378. If you mean the facilities in Westhill (which are extremely, extremely limited), do you think fans will walk 1.5-2.5 miles for a pint then 1.5-2.5 miles back and hope they didn't miss their bus in the meantime? By the way, according to AFC's own 'comprehensive' estimates, there will be around 2,000 vehicles leaving the stadium after the game. If you have ever used the roundabout/AWPR on-ramps between 4:30pm and 5:30pm on a weekday with, maybe a couple of hundred vehicles, then you should have a nightmarish vision of the carnage with 2,000 in that area. Way, way back somewhere in this thread (or somewhere) I suggested pop-up bars a la the Christmas pop-up outside Union Square so folk can hang around without blowing a mental gasket. I doubt Plod would allow it but now would be a good time to start running through the contingencies, don't you think?
  13. I may be a cynical old fart but the “comprehensive” bus plan has a glaring error that hasn’t been addressed AFAIK. For example, the bus plan states buses will run from 2.5 hours before the game and there will be 7 buses running back & forth from Dyce Park & Ride bringing 1,282 fans to the game(s). Great! Except… After the game all 1,282 fans will be wanting to go back to Dyce Park & Ride. Unless they can find 7 buses that hold 183 people each or around 18 buses rather than 7 there’s going to be hundreds hanging around outside the stadium (unless there are these mythical pubs & restaurants) for at least an hour, some of them much longer. This applies across the bus plan btw. Expectation is for far more fans than there will be seats after the game...