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  1. With the best will in the world, Shinnie would not transform the **** into world beaters or even Celtic beaters Aye, it would weaken AFC but if that is the level of their targets they'll still be in Aberdeen's, Hearts, Hibs, Kilmarnock's sights next season It may, of course, be a sign of their poverty in that it's as high as they can aim. If it is he'll win f**k all there either
  2. The Last Expansion...

    I don’t know if Division 3/League 2 clubs want to play in a 16 and lose 6 games a season or not. Ask them. My thinking behind it was pandering to their well-known protectionism. If not then 10th goes down and 9th joins the play-out. Whether the current LL clubs want to split East & West is irrelevant. Let them stick to their current basis if they want and make up the LL (West) entirely with West Juniors. The population split means that it is a nonsense for the HL to be on an equal footing with the LL. That has to be addressed and the way to do that is with East-West leagues in the South. If the East Juniors in Angus, Dundee & Perth want to play in (or below the) the HL, fine. If they’d prefer the LL that’s fine too. Ask them. The boundary is arbitrary, man-made. It can be changed to suit the clubs preferences. For example, how are Montrose Roselea enjoying life in the North Juniors? Happy with their lot or regretting it? They’d be a reasonable test case, wouldn’t they? These problems can be fixed easily with a little flexibility and a bit of leadership. The HL & North Juniors are sitting like lumpen deadweight, offering nothing to address the possibility for the NJ’s to slot in below the HL. The SPFL should be leading this, but of course, leadership is an alien concept to them too. For example, to create a situation where NJ grounds can be acceptable at Tier 6/7 but not tier 5 so that genuinely ambitious clubs (like Banks o Dee, Dyce, Montrose) can start fixing their grounds to meet HL criteria but others can work away in tier 6/7 without having to buy floodlights. That isn’t beyond the ken of mankind is it?
  3. The Last Expansion...

    The Pyramid should be HL, LL(East) LL(West). Division 3/League whateveritis should be upped to 16 clubs. 16th in Div 3 is relegated. Champs of HL, LL(E), LL(W) and 15th play round robin tourney and 1st & 2nd in mini-league are promoted. Below that the EoSL, SoSL, North, East & West Juniors attached to the appropriate tier 5 league Easy peasy lemon fucking squezy
  4. Semi-Final Draw

    AFC to beat Rangers, then Celtic then bottle it in the fina...
  5. To be sure I've never bought into the whole 'he wanted to sell Pittodrie for hooses' thing. He doesn't need to. His hooses are fucking everywhere (including poshknobs Cheshire). Whatever, he has made a proper dog's dinner of running a football club and Derek McInnes has probably saved him from flaming torches and pitchforks over the last five years, although you get the feeling that feelgood may be tarnishing a bit. As Fatshaft says above, the success or failure of this new stadium will go a long way to defining whether he is seen as an unmitigated disaster or snatching glory from the jaws of that disaster.
  6. I get into so many arguments about Milne. Folks'll tell me he kept the club afloat, kept the banks at bay by underwriting the huge debts, apparently unaware that the huge debts were run up under his stewardship. Year after year of multi-million Pound losses and a trophy cabinet with doors seizing up through underuse. Double-think has nothing on AFC fans.
  7. 25 years ago, the RDS had just opened (although that monstrosity contributed to the overall fucking awfulness of the stadium). The Main Stand should have been next. Then the South Stand or vice versa. Then the Merkland. By now, it would be fit for purpose and the 21st century, probably with little or no debt outstanding, if it had been done right. Instead we racked up huge debts building useless teams that dictated that the only way out was selling Pittodrie & relocating. When a fluke rather than any great business acumen wiped out the debts, it was too late for Pittodrie. It was fucked. Future historians will not look back kindly on Milne’s tenure IMO.
  8. Yeah...25 years of almost criminal neglect will do that to a building, eh? Running up massive, massive losses at the same time as spending fucking zip on the stadium. Amazing. Takes some kind of financial wizard to be that inept, don't you think?
  9. Don't think it'll kill AFC but it could diminish them greatly. That millstone that Milne is about to put around the club's neck might be severe. £40 Million won't do it unless it turns out to be 4 concrete boxes rather than the starship it's currently billed as. However, that's for another day, right now it's jolly nice to see these nimby knobs get a good kick in the balls.
  10. Are they done now? Who else can they go to? Or is lying in the dirt in front of bulldozers their last recourse?
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-47400648
  12. Ryan Gauld to Hibs is a thing on twitter What in Tarnation..
  13. Aberdeen v Dundee

    Horizontal rain and lots o' it n a. Should absolutely delightful doon at the dung heap Fox ache
  14. Rangers vs Accies 16th December

    Rangers to win the title twice in a fortnight? ANOTHER RECORD!
  15. With most of the AWPR now open it is clearly going to make a Hell of a difference to traffic around Aberdeen However, anyone who has used the Kingsford Junction already will know how fucking difficult it is getting onto the damn roundabout from the off-ramps. I really hope there's going to be traffic lights even if just for matchdays. Snorl will not even come close to describing the mess there's going to be.