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  1. Some of the performances this season suggest there IS a decent team in there. Too often though the line up and/or tactics are just plain wrong. (whether that’s because it is as simple as picking the wrong team/tactics or players not understanding or not liking the formation/tactics I have no idea). IMO either McInnes suffers from a lack of self-belief in his own ability as a coach and plays it safe far too often against inferior* opposition Or McInnes suffers from over-confidence in his own ability as a coach and tries to play ‘chess’ in games where he could just take the reins off his players and let them have at it. I had always thought it was the first, because of the big-game-crashes, but maybe It’s the second. Either way it’s probably as good as it’s going to get under McInnes, unless he has an epiphany. *inferior based on budget and players’ pay
  2. Further to the above I think last night's quote is almost as pathetic for different reasons "I needed to see that from my team, but it also shuts a few people up who questioned that," McInnes said. 45 minutes of application does all that? The missing 6,000 from last night will be convinced to return off the back of a draw, albeit a fighting draw? Show that determination, get in everyone's faces like that regularly and they'll be back in their droves, but one positive half after the usual stand back capitulation won't.
  3. It's patently outside the box. Fucking miles. Besides cunto Morelos spends so much time throwing himself around I'm disappointed he even got a free kick. Later, a touch on the knee and the ugly fucker is rolling around like he's been amputated below the knee.
  4. Motivational Speaking 101 “Rangers are a better team than us, they have better players but we can win the game. It is important my players believe that when they go out there, that we can do so much well in the game that we can get close to what we want."
  5. They'll have a rest in the game against the blue buttock...positively comatose prolly
  6. With the greatest respect to my home town, Eales would have to be off his nut to swap Atlanta for Aberdeen, certifiably mental.
  7. I don’t think anyone believes AFC are under performing by being third. All things being equal 3rd, 4th, 5th is where AFC, Hearts & Hibs should be given their budgets. When they underperform they’ll fall below that mark or when others over perform, as with Kilmarnock last season, who according to your own logic shouldn’t be anywhere near AFC given a budget about a third of Aberdeen’s budget. What Aberdeen need is an exceptional coach. They don’t have one at the moment. They have a good coach who has them meeting expectations in the league…and that’s all. If they could land an exceptional manager then maybe they could get in about the Uglies just as Kilmarnock got in about Aberdeen. Dropping a third of the points available against bottom six sides ain't gonna do it. The trick, of course, is finding that exceptional coach.
  8. Since Milne took over as Chairman AFC has posted losses in 16 out of 20 years (and 3 of the profit seasons were in 2015, 2016 & 2017) - over £20M in losses (the numbers are available at Companies House if anyone wants to take umbrage) AFC had their longest post-war run (19 years) without a trophy AFC had their longest post war run without a Scottish Cup Final (17 years) AFC finished bottom of the league for the first time Post war and excluding the Ferguson years AFC won a trophy approx once every 6 years prior to Stewarty taking over the reigns which would convert to a minimum of 3 (and maybe 4) in his 22 years at the helm. He has 1 and that was won on fucking penalties. During his time in charge, the Scottish has been won by Hearts 3 times, Hbs, Dundee United, St. Johnstone and Inverness CT (so don't tell me the dominance of R&C blah blah blah) He fluked a windfall that cleared the debt that was accumulated during his tenure and his legacy is likely going to be a far, far worse debt to build a stadium in the boondocks that will completely alter the game day experience for thousands. He was in charge as our home ground was allowed to disintegrate around us, fall into terrible disrepair, largely because there were no funds available to do the repairs, much less upgrade and modernize. He has stated how he believes in and wants the "status quo" in Scottish football to be restored, so I can only imagine he is delighted at the way this season is shaping up. I wonder if he's excited about December 8th. Minus several million out of ten from me However, 47% of the nation is apparently going to vote Tory so I am clearly at odds with the general public
  9. "This is a great franchise and we believe we can take it back to conference titles and championship games"
  10. It certainly was. 6th year in the English Championship for a club working with average attendances of 10,000 - 11,000 (and just 6,000 - 7,000 in League One) However such radical thinking (we can't outspend them so we have to out think them) won't happen at Aberdeen under the current chairman. He will follow the popular trend whether that is spending too much, not spending enough or "developing" youth players.
  11. Ha ha ha. Good een. Motherwell fan....ROFLMAO
  12. Ten of one, fifty five of the other. If there was some way for them both to fail, that would be great, but success for either? Meh.
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