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  1. My thoughts too. I’d be shocked if it happened. Appreciate IoBS has a source, but Davie interview doesn’t tally with that.
  2. I’m not so sure Gogic would go to Aberdeen. Young family, settled in the central belt, etc. There’s a difference between staying in Scotland and moving to Aberdeen…
  3. Yeah, a few of the games have been narrow 1-0s and things like that. Generally speaking, they are the least entertaining games.
  4. Martindale is fast becoming our Billy Reid of this decade. You just know it will be 0-0 shitfest, just like the many McPherson v Reid battles.
  5. Last home game of the season, so I’ll be there. However, you just know it’s going to be an absolute shitter of a game. Likely 0-0, possibly 1-0 either way to a scrappy goal.
  6. 6 goals in 36 player for league 1 in England looks like a pretty decent return for me. Certainly looks like he’ll be different to what we have.
  7. I was more referencing going PT at Ayr and realising his career was slipping away unless he got himself fit and firing.
  8. I draw comparisons with Shankland. You know there’s a player there, but something isn’t quite adding up to reach the end product. A move away from us/Glasgow/Scotland could really help him.
  9. I think the overall idea is a terrible one. However, it’s it’s going ahead we might as well take a look. Not that I’d likely go watch…
  10. Think the initial rumour comes from here: https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/rangers/steven-davis-former-rangers-team-mate-gives-contract-timeline-hint-and-shuts-down-st-mirren-move-idea-3661924 it reads more that the caller was suggesting it as an option, rather than there being a link.
  11. I just can’t see us binning him at this stage of the season. It’s clearly not working, but I don’t think the board will be that bold.
  12. True. So why the f**k you suggesting Tony as interim manager? He was terrible twice
  13. Are you sure? Robinson clearly shat the bed after recent results and went defensive. Pretty pathetic performance and it’s clear he can’t get a tune out the squad or know how to change it mid game. We are heading for the playoffs.
  14. Yeah, really keen to hear who the group consists of. With 1.2K SMISA members, should have a decent pool.
  15. He hasn’t really left. Plus, people serve notice periods. Perhaps the chosen candidate is working theirs now.
  16. Fraser has been murder since the turn of the year. Happily see the back of him.
  17. Interesting interview with Robinson just up on the website. I think they’ve realised he needed to display some positivity after the weekend.
  18. Yeah, I think a few people are getting confused between CEO and Director of Football roles. It’s pretty clear from the chairman’s comments that they are looking for someone to be less involved in the football/contract/scouting side and more involved in driving the commercial aspects. Not saying that couldn’t be Lasley, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see a name we know from within football.
  19. Tony identified him, he said so himself. To bring SMISA into is just nonsensical as it was the board that agreed to pay for him. As many have said, our form has been so up and down all season. People are perhaps a bit more misty eyed about Goody given we were on a great run of form, but it wouldn’t have been the case in December. The biggest concern for me is amount of goals we are conceding and the way we are conceding them. He’s trying to be far too open when we just need to grind some performances out and get us over the line. I’m also concerned by what he’s saying in the press - we all want a manager that’s open and honest but he’s going a bit too far.
  20. Problem is that he’s now trying to play ‘his way’ but it just doesn’t suit the players in the squad. If you want to have attacking fullbacks then Tait and Fraser aren’t the answer.
  21. Arguably our third best centre back. As other said, his pace is the main asset and the fact he’s left footed. Loves a diagonal out the park.
  22. I agree with the majority of the post. However, you mentioned it and a few others have too - is he really favouring Main over Greive? Could be wrong, but the last four games Greive has been on the pitch before Main. I know Main started against Celtic, but not sure if some statto knows knows minutes played between the two since Robinson arrived? He still made a c**t of it on Saturday, either way!
  23. Never heard anywhere there was going to be anything happening...what was the plan? Overheard someone at half time saying they couldn't hear anything but I had no idea what they were on about. Saw stuff before the game saying Tony didn’t want a fuss. Believe something is happening tonight.
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