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  1. Last outfield player to be called up? I can’t think. Roy Aitken?
  2. Looking back at last season, we were 3-5-2 and clearly failing at it. Goodwin just couldn’t get it to work. For all Goodwin performed well for us, Robinson is a much better manager tactically and getting more out of players that Goodwin failed to. And, he’s got the right profile of player in - e.g Ryan Strain who can actually play the RWB role.
  3. Was it Dietrich that tried to overhead kick it on the halfway line, missed, letting the opposition in for a 1v1? Haddy. Heaton wasn’t helped by the pricetag, but didn’t show the attitude of Cooke to try and improve. Always found it strange that we signed a few players from the Vardy Academy that Stubbs was involved in prior to joining us…
  4. Yeah, broadly my feelings. Ross came across as a good man manager, but as sharp tactically. That was good enough for Scottish Championship and with players like Morgan and McGinn, but he needed to develop up a level. He’s consistently been found out tactically and in big games since then, hence where he’s ended up. If rumours of dressing room unrest at United are true, he’s failed at his one big strength.
  5. Yes, likely that Fraser will be the odd one out. Had a strong first season, but tailed off last season particularly around Christmas time. That coincided with Robinson arriving, so will be judged on that. Can see him at Dundee or maybe L2 down sarf.
  6. Not surprised - looks like he’s 3rd choice now.
  7. Good to hear the club is still active. Also means they are backing Robinson.
  8. Not overly concerned yet -saw enough last week and we’ve got a shite record in Aberdeen, not helped by an early sending off. Think we are still a couple players short. Definitely need another left winger/wingback, at the very least. Tait works hard, but we rely heavily on Tanser for assists. We also need a better keeper - can’t see it happening though.
  9. Carson reminded me a bit of Paul Gallacher. Good shot stopper, but doesn’t command the 6 yard box enough.
  10. Yeah, there are only one or two journalists with credibility when it comes to stuff like this. Never heard of the reporter that’s written that article… I’ll await Fabrizio Romano tweeting.
  11. Also noticed there was no mention of the £1.2m black hole in our accounts.
  12. If it’s not Gilmour then can only be Scott that said it. don’t think any of the chairman pre-Gilmour are still alive and kicking!
  13. Aye, Goodwin had changed it as a joke. Anways, was just sharing a story of some ‘bantz’ between former and current manager. Was a mechanic I was talking to - having never owned an Audi I’ve no idea what you can and can’t do!
  14. Heard a wee story today. So, as part of the manager's gig at Saints, they get a company car. A decent Audi, I believe. Goodwin had to return it and was passed over to Robinson when he started. One is of the green persuasion. The other is of the blue persuasion. Now, when Robbo enters his nice car it says ‘Hail, Hail Robbo!’ and nae fucker knows how to fix it…
  15. Sounds like instead of going for a Robinson type signing, we are pursuing a Robinson type signing.
  16. It’s a step change for us as we’ve typically gone down the tried and tested route. Apart from the Kearney January. That was tremendous. I mean, who the f**k were Hladky, Corbu, Muzek, Popescu & Nazon? Top shaggers, the lot of them. Give me a window like that every few months.
  17. How many kids does he have down Paisley way, born circa Dec 13/Jan14?
  18. McPhee signed before Riza. Pretty sure McPhee was who we ended up with after the Kitson/Ronaldinho chase.
  19. My thoughts too. I’d be shocked if it happened. Appreciate IoBS has a source, but Davie interview doesn’t tally with that.
  20. I’m not so sure Gogic would go to Aberdeen. Young family, settled in the central belt, etc. There’s a difference between staying in Scotland and moving to Aberdeen…
  21. Yeah, a few of the games have been narrow 1-0s and things like that. Generally speaking, they are the least entertaining games.
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