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  1. They don’t announce “we have a shortlist and plan to interview x, y and z.” They may make an official approach and both clubs announce that, like Ross and Goodwin.
  2. No, a journalist has. would be a strange move for a club to announce a managerial shortlist!
  3. We don’t have a true left back and not seen Strain play there before. Would mean players coming in and I just don’t see us doing that. For all the system can be blamed, it’s individual errors that cost the equaliser. Too much fannying about, trying to waste time then not closing the cross down that led to the goal. Individuals need to take responsibility. Plus, Clark could attempt that another hundred times and not score.
  4. Didn’t think it’s was being announced until tomorrow (early hours our time)?
  5. Underrated player by many during his short stint. The old ‘didn’t run about enough’ brigade… Pretty sure he had a great assist record with us, or as great as we could ever hope for at that point.
  6. It’s interesting that there wasn’t anyone in the 30-40 age bracket. Not that I’d have put myself forward, but is it just a time thing, e.g. young families, career, etc?
  7. I’d be pretty disappointed to see him become involved. Chapsticks has summed it up - a lot of good for the most part, but ran out of ideas and soured the relationship. Argentine investors. Tommy Craig. Etc etc. Clearly, BAWA populated with those with a SG leaning. Even Demented Zebra has talked stuff and said it came from a former board member…not difficult to see where the rumours are coming from.
  8. Out of interest, plus reading the rabble on BAWA, when are the accounts due? If all is as bad as claimed, will we have our own version of the Rangers “big hoose must stay open” guy?
  9. Yeah, but we play a back 3 now. It’s a different argument if we are playing a 4, as he’s probably going to play in that. it doesn’t work in a 3 though, given what I said about being able to step forward with the ball, etc.
  10. ‘A bit of a bad taste’ is a bit over the top. He’s been a good servant, but Gallagher is an improvement on him and Joe can’t play the other two CB slots as well as Fraser or Dunne. Dunne gives the balance as he’s left sided and Fraser can step forward and support Strain, something that’s been effective this season. With the greatest of respect to Joe, he just doesn’t offer that. The question yesterday was Gogic or Joe. Clearly, with the investment in Gogic he’s going to be ahead of him.
  11. Agreed, no massive surprise on this. I guess that’s part of our ‘sell’ to players like McCarthy, McGrath, Baccus and Strain - we’ll give them a platform.
  12. We’ll have gone bust by the time VAR is introduced…
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