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  1. Google his name. Look at the companies house appointments. Read the accounts. Our Chairman has said that he’s not been contacted directly by him. Don’t buy into a video of utter tripe…any mug can make one of those.
  2. Aye, comes up on my LinkedIn from time to time. Some lad that does property investment, etc and local. Seems to quite like a bit of PR and talking about how much he’s worth. Someone who likes a look through Companies House will find out soon enough if that’s true or not…
  3. St Mirren supporters don’t hate Jim Goodwin. He’s our League Cup Winning captain and an absolute legend. Also came across as a throughly good person with a number of community things. In terms of Jim Goodwin the manager: 1. some fans were a bit pissed off that he said he would be at the club in the longer-term at a fans forum, then left a week later. 2. We were an incredibly streaky team. Long periods of no wins, but then a great burst of victories. 3. He probably struggled to adapt from playing ‘backs to the wall’ type football and hitting on the counter, to an attacking team. He might be what United need in that sense, but he needs to get over being an expansive football type manager. 4. He seems like a bit of a control freak so also takes all of the training. I don’t know if he needs a stronger assistant or maybe an attacking lead coach, but think this one of his downfalls. Would I take Goodwin over Robinson though? Absolutely not.
  4. Think it was more a general point about people clutching at straws when form drops a little. just show’s opinions differ so vastly in our support. Take Dunne for example…I just don’t get the love in. pace digs him out of holes at times but, in my head anyway, we lose more goals at his ‘back post’ area than the other side. I also think his positioning is often why Tanser is all over the shop - but Tanser is the one that gets abuse. I bet there’s some sort of infographic that shows my opinion is a load of shite though!
  5. Stuart Pearce tried that with David James at Man City. It was a fucking disaster.
  6. Are we close to renaming the ‘new manager bounce’ to the ‘St Mirren bounce’? Reeking form, sacked manager, no confidence…no problem. We’ve been like that for years - never ruthless when required.
  7. I take it the Mahrez story is the new Tom Hendrie/Ronaldinho, once a year story?
  8. Yeah, I’d agree with that on DM. The issue with Jim is a really simple one, and probably comparable with Moyes at West Ham right now. A counter attack manager working with a team that’s an underdog. However, any time they try to open up and be expansive then it’s a disaster. Jim’s best spells were playing 4-1-4-1, collapsing into our own half and then creating traps. Any time he tried to open up we went on a poor run of form. Maybe if he’d ‘stuck to the knitting’ at Dons he’d have won more. Probably not impressed the fans much, though.
  9. We rarely get 15 goal a season strikers at this level - most clubs don’t. You end up taking punts in the hope it comes through. Main and Ayunga definitely unsettle defences and, if Ayunga develops, you hope the goals will come. Thommo and Higdon the only ones to reach +15 goals in a season since the 80s? In terms of Brophy, I don’t really buy the natural goalscorer thing and I would say Greive is the closest we have to a penalty box striker. Brophy hasn’t exactly been a proven goalscorer in his career and I bet his goal to shots ratio is absolute tosh.
  10. Heard there’s interest from Australia, but he’s not that keen on making the move. Pretty settled in the central belt.
  11. I think everyone anticipated him having more minutes this season - but the form of the midfield three has put paid to that.
  12. Pretty standard for us - would be far more concerned if we weren’t creating chances. Main and Ayunga bring a lot to the team but aren’t prolific (hence they play for us!). We probably don’t weigh in with enough goals from other areas of the park too.
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