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  1. The only thing worse than the game was Motherwell’s corner kick routine. That short corner, switching from inswinger to outswinger was just shite.
  2. What’s happened to Mason? Is he still here? Never mentioned when Goodwin talks injuries and I know we were close to another left back in the window. Just seems to have disappeared.
  3. I’d like to see a standing area as it would undoubtedly improve atmosphere at games. However, not entirely sure it would work in our place. For example, if you took all seats out of W7 and made that standing, what sort of gap would you need between the standing and seating area so that the people sat on their arses can still see? I’m overthinking this...
  4. Anyone know the commentator? How he’s not realised we aren’t playing 4 at the back is beyond me.
  5. That was a terrible time. Wasn’t there something like five 0-0 games in a row between Gus and Billy Reid?
  6. Been thinking that for a while, would like to see it. Fraser is decent, but habit of misplacing a pace or giving away a silly foul.
  7. He seems to be getting a few mentions, but is it just wishful thinking? Guess Charlie Mulgrew fits the bill of a left sided CB too, he was mentioned a week or so ago.
  8. Disagree. We’ve more striking options this season, but Obika wasn’t far off a goal every two games last season and scored important ones.
  9. Called it! interesting to see Foley not on the bench. Sign that he’s offski?
  10. I would go Flynn ahead of Foley. He’s just got a bit more guile, or at least did have...
  11. I doubt teams are adjusting their formation for Connolly, I’m more thinking we take so long to move the ball that we can never get him isolated with the fullback.
  12. Connolly has the unpredictability, plus pace that most defenders in Scotland don’t have. We just don’t try to utilise it in any real way.
  13. Every saints fan said start Connolly and Durmus. Nope, Mason starts. Everyone saying Mason should come off with Durmus coming on. Nope, Connolly off and Kyle on. Goodwin needs to stop being such a shitebag and going negative first.
  14. Dargo made Dorman the player he was with us as his runs made space for Dorman. He was noticeably poorer when Dargo didn’t play - Rangers SF a prime example when he was being talked up as a £1m player.
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