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  1. Well are the best team I’ve witnessed this season. Pace, Power, strength and high tempo along with being well drilled. Robinson has everyone knowing where they should be wherever the ball is. The blueprint for clubs like us.
  2. The Ivy on Glasgow road is decent, although there may be good options closer.
  3. Hard to say with the accounts, but £300k wouldn’t be unreasonable, then another £200k on replacements.
  4. You said “I can’t believe how bad Junior is” and something about being a striker in name only. Honestly, I’d go with Obika at the moment. There’s something there with him and think it’s just taking a bit of time...people have forgotten he’d been out for 10 months before signing for us. I like Mullen, but his career so far doesn’t point towards him being the answer. Not as a lone striker anyway. Has even hit double figures for us in his (nearly) two years?
  5. The point I was making is that it’s still very early in his career with us to making judgements. We didn’t play to his strengths and we don’t create enough, not all down to him. Plenty of people jumping on his back at the game too. Be critical of the team, just avoid being critical of individuals who’ve only made two starts. Look how big Cody progressed last season, for example.
  6. Boo boy already. The boy only has two starts to his name, and people giving him pelters. He didn’t have the best game, but I don’t think we played to his strengths. We constantly tried to give him the ball with his back to goal and I don’t think that’s his game.
  7. All about opinions, but I’d put Foley, Flynn and Magennis all ahead of him for a central spot. He could probably do with being on the bench given his experience, but would be surprised to see him start more than 50% of games this season.
  8. It’s a real case of split personalities. On here he’s banging the drum of financial meltdowns, yet on BAWA he’s talking about people causing panic about our finances. Maybe he’s sober there and blazing here.
  9. Some memory, as can’t think of them ever being in the same team! Anyway, doubt Naismith is under consideration. Wage demands, plus the fact we’ve got a competent right back means there are other priorities. As an aside, felt McGinn was one of our main attacking outlets last season, but haven’t seen much this season. Guess it’s down to us having a better team and proper wide players ahead of him.
  10. Just waiting for Captain “Jeremiah” Sensible to burst in to highland clearance patter.
  11. Agreed. He’s a pest. He’s great at getting us up the park and winning free kicks. some people may call it diving, I’ll call it ‘cute’.
  12. Surprised he didn’t feature across the League Cup games, at least on the bench. Assumed he’d been freed. Given the level of teams we played and where he was last season, surely would have been a better option at CH than McGinn?
  13. Agreed. A ‘number 10’ at best, but certainly not a striker. Goodwin’s interview also makes that clear, when he says Mullen is the only fit striker.
  14. Is it not an IG story? Just let us get carried away, ffs 😂
  15. Dummett had been there since the start of the season, but think Carey played left back that day? Newton and Isma had their debuts, and I think McGinn only had 2 or 3 first team games.
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