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  1. I don’t think there are lots of shouts about him to go, but a lot starting to get a bit fed up and question tactics, justifiably so. Thinking back, we started the season reasonably well and with a back 4. First time we went to a 3 was in Perth and it wasn’t pretty, went between the two and seem to have settled on a 3. He just can’t seem to get the balance right, and perhaps that’s the concerning bit.
  2. Can’t believe Goodwin’s interview. How can you put the second half down to fatigue with the number of changes made?
  3. Poor second half and it’s the same problem again. Really concerned that Goody isn’t a manager that can ever play on the front foot. Will do ok at the likes of Alloa, just just need progressive enough up the levels. In the main, I think we’ve got a decent enough squad. We just create f**k all and lack any sort of movement.
  4. Hoping to bribe the panel with some copies of his autobiography?
  5. If Goodwin is determined to play the 3/5 at the back, the width is going to be provided by the wing backs so unless Connolly has the defensive capabilities to play that role I'm not seeing where he fits into that formation. It seems odd bringing him in if JG always had the wing back plan at the back of his mind unless he thought he could do that role but training has shown otherwise. Alternatively JG might see him as something other than a wide player in which case he can't be showing much if the likes of Cammy are getting the attacking support slot ahead of him. Maybe not starting, but as our structure changed in the game I think he’d have been a decent option. If 3-5-2 is his chosen formation, then why did he make such a big deal about going after a winger with pace? Or have we just fallen into that formation recently? Anyway, hope every player in the first team squad gets at least 90 mins over the next two games. Chance for the likes of Kyle and Connolly to change some opinions.
  6. Agreed about Connolly...seemed like the obvious one for me. Bit of pace to drag their back line out.
  7. It’s all conjecture at the moment, but gut feel is that we’ll be hit in a big way. Not sure if we’ll face a points deduction, but it could end up being a fine. E.g % of prize money at the end of the season. We’ve had too many instances of this now to claim the protocols in place are sufficient. I get that people can/will bring it in, but there’s clearly more we should be doing.
  8. For a team that loves making a statement, we’ve been surprisingly quiet given the press about more players having COVID. Can only assume Tony and his statement generator have it.
  9. The 5-1 defeat at home to Airdrie was particularly grim. Fitzpatrick’s last game as manager, I think? It was the first game I had been at where there was zero applause when the team reappeared after HT.
  10. But what he’s said on Twitter clearly contradicts what Kyle has said in a subsequent interview. Maybe he’s not a liar, but he clearly didn’t know the full story to be shooting his mouth off.
  11. Interesting interview with Magennis online in the Evening Times. He did say to Fitzpatrick he’d like to go, but wasn’t going to down tools, etc. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18774465.kyle-magennis-opens-st-mirren-departure/
  12. Spot on. We’ve got people threatening to hand back season tickets, etc. The LB looks a decent signing on paper and, given Tait said he can play anywhere across the back, immediately strengthens that area. I can see at least another one coming in by the time we get to the next league game, plus, reading between the lines on previous Goodwin comments, I’d expect a Irish League signing in Jan. It’s looked worse because of injuries.
  13. Don’t use Twitter much, but pretty sure you can schedule tweets.
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