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  1. Aye, Goodwin had changed it as a joke. Anways, was just sharing a story of some ‘bantz’ between former and current manager. Was a mechanic I was talking to - having never owned an Audi I’ve no idea what you can and can’t do!
  2. Heard a wee story today. So, as part of the manager's gig at Saints, they get a company car. A decent Audi, I believe. Goodwin had to return it and was passed over to Robinson when he started. One is of the green persuasion. The other is of the blue persuasion. Now, when Robbo enters his nice car it says ‘Hail, Hail Robbo!’ and nae fucker knows how to fix it…
  3. Sounds like instead of going for a Robinson type signing, we are pursuing a Robinson type signing.
  4. It’s a step change for us as we’ve typically gone down the tried and tested route. Apart from the Kearney January. That was tremendous. I mean, who the f**k were Hladky, Corbu, Muzek, Popescu & Nazon? Top shaggers, the lot of them. Give me a window like that every few months.
  5. How many kids does he have down Paisley way, born circa Dec 13/Jan14?
  6. McPhee signed before Riza. Pretty sure McPhee was who we ended up with after the Kitson/Ronaldinho chase.
  7. My thoughts too. I’d be shocked if it happened. Appreciate IoBS has a source, but Davie interview doesn’t tally with that.
  8. I’m not so sure Gogic would go to Aberdeen. Young family, settled in the central belt, etc. There’s a difference between staying in Scotland and moving to Aberdeen…
  9. Yeah, a few of the games have been narrow 1-0s and things like that. Generally speaking, they are the least entertaining games.
  10. Martindale is fast becoming our Billy Reid of this decade. You just know it will be 0-0 shitfest, just like the many McPherson v Reid battles.
  11. Last home game of the season, so I’ll be there. However, you just know it’s going to be an absolute shitter of a game. Likely 0-0, possibly 1-0 either way to a scrappy goal.
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