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  1. Clint Eastwood films

    The Good , The Bad and The Ugly Unforgiven Coogans Bluff ( specifically The Pigeon-toed orange peel club ) Kelly's Heroes Where Eagles Dare
  2. Netflix

    The Ken Burns documentaries are excellent.
  3. Netflix

    Don't know if it's on Netflix , but , his American Civil War is even better. Just checked and it's on Netflix along with A couple of other Ken Burns docs
  4. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Heat was a remake of an earlier Michael Mann film LA Takedown. Worth a look if you can find it. Kind of like Manhunter and Red Dragon.
  5. Netflix

    Norsemen. Norwegian comedy with some of the cast from Lillyhammer. Funnier than that though and a bit off the wall.
  6. Remember about a similar or same forest that inspired Ian Fleming in his James Bond book You Only Live Twice. Googled it and came up with this. Seems very similar. http://www.dead-interesting.com/aokigahara.html
  7. andriod boxes / Kodi

    Mr X , I use showbox as an android app on Kodi box and use Kodi as a player like you did with allcast. The kodi video player works well with showbox I've got a IR8 remote/pad , cost £8
  8. andriod boxes / Kodi

    Found a good compromise. Using showbox for movies , but , using Kodi as the player for it. Seems to sort a lot of sound issues and showbox has usually hd versions of films and TV shows.
  9. Your old school & famous ex pupils

    Derek McInnes went to Castlehead too , was in year behind me.
  10. andriod boxes / Kodi

    Been using tunnel bear for VPN on kodi box , seems to have solved buffering on sportsnation , also try reducing the display output down to 720 on box settings helps.
  11. andriod boxes / Kodi

    You can get a day pass for about £4. Better trying it that way and see if it suites you.
  12. The Lord of the Rings

    Think Bombadil was meant to be one of the first sentient beings of Middle Earth.
  13. Buying a Chinese phone....

    I've got the Huawei p9 and if the Honor is anywhere as good as that it'll be a good one.
  14. Albums you would take to your grave

    Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run Four absolute standout tracks from The Boss's career. Cypress Hill - Black Sunday Cock The Hammer is still my favourite hip hop track. Dark and threatening from the intro. The Pogues - If I Should Fall From Grace With God. The title track , Thousands Are Sailing and The Broad Majestic Shannon are the three best tracks for me. Bob Marley - Legend. Think just about everyone has this album or so it seemed anytime from its release. The non-Pink Floyd-liking hash smokers album of choice and house party staple. Nearly every track a classic , Stir It Up and Could You Be Loved best for me. Dropkick Murphys - Signed And Sealed In Blood. The Boys Are Back , Out On The Town , Out Of Our Heads and the amazing Rose Tattoo are the standout tracks , they even manage a funny Xmas song.
  15. andriod boxes / Kodi

    If you don't want to update to 17 just switch off auto updates in play store. Rawapk.com is a good source for downloading the previous builds of kodi and also the likes of Showbox and cartoon HD.