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  1. He's in The Obi Wan Kenobi series on Disney plus.
  2. Apparently the episode with Shadynastys is hated by the fanbase according to a article I saw , I quite like it. The episode with Alexandra Daddario as Charlie's rich girlfriend is probably my favourite.
  3. When you order Boy George from Wish
  4. Cyprus - when you have Eurovision at 9 and Street fighter at 10.
  5. Been waiting for this one to become available , saw it on a trip to Edinburgh and got the Key worker discount from Goldsmiths. Catches the light lovely on the vertical brushes on the dial.
  6. Ali Express Special , nice wear and a bit different.
  7. As others say , inside the Sagrada Familia is fantastic. The parc guell can be seen mostly from outside but to get there definitely get a bus , the street that that leads to the top I went up was the longest steepest streets I've ever walked , think Gardner st in Glasgow and multiply it by about 4. Worth it for the views over the city , though.
  8. Wesley Sneijder almost ran me over in Ibiza , he waved at me and I didn't recognize him at first , got a bit closer realized who it was then saw the size of his bodyguards when they got out of the 4x4 , decided to accept his wave.
  9. Definitely , itvx just hacked me off , I'll find it without ads somewhere I'm sure. Incidentally , his denial of being the third man , in his living room in front of the press is apparently still used as a training tool by KGB according to MacIntyre
  10. The book left it to the reader's imagination ( I think ) as to whether MI6 let him defect rather than arrest him and go to trial. He definitely wasn't sent as a triple agent. As a double agent he caused the death , capture and torture of countless British and American agents.
  11. The book of A Spy Among friends is fantastic , watched the first episode on itvx and couldn't live with the amount of ad breaks and length of them , totally killed any tension. Need to wait til it pops up somewhere else.
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