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  1. Competing with English Football

    Could be worse, we could be in the Scottish Championship.
  2. Aberdeen FC stadium court legal challenge submitted Will the court protect the special communities of Kingswells and Westhill, untouched by human civilization for millennium? Or will they just allow another development like has happened for years and years around the area?
  3. Muse

    Don't think this new Muse album is going to one I'll enjoy.
  4. Hibernian European Tour 2018/2019

    Commentator suggesting its just as well Hibs have scored more away goals as it may come into play
  5. Hibernian European Tour 2018/2019

    Is this the same ground that our national team has succumbed to embarrassing results in the past?
  6. Hibernian European Tour 2018/2019

    Fucking hell, surely not!
  7. Europa League 2018-2019

    So it would, I was too busy concentrating on a simple way to have an even number of teams in the second qualifying round.
  8. Scottish Government Tax Raising Powers

    This feels like an opportunistic move by Westminster to win some points with the Brit-Nat/pro-military types. Military personnel based in Scotland compensated for tax rises
  9. Europa League 2018-2019

    My solution would be for the two losers in the semi-final of the Champions League preliminary round to play off against each other for a place in second qualifying round of the Europa League.
  10. Epic band names

  11. The Metalhead thread

    New Nathrakh...
  12. The Metalhead thread

    There are definitely tickets available for LotL - https://tickets-scotland.com/venues.html?event_method=viewevent&event_id=3799ed6e-4226-11e8-9211-22000b754a1f So far they've announced Tankard (can't say I know anything about them) and Rotting Christ. There must be at least 7 bands to be announced.
  13. The Metalhead thread

    Heavy Scotland has been cancelled. They posted a survey recently to the Facebook page and I did find it a bit odd at the time and sounded like they were struggling and were trying to work out something. Last night I saw Lord of the Land update their cover photo to say "Scotland's Only Metal Festival" and I did think that was curious. I always thought the Friday line up in particular would never come anywhere near close to half filling a venue like the Corn Exchange.