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  1. STV giving the Scottish Premiership a touch of "The Barclays" by talking about a "Big Seven" https://news.stv.tv/sport/football/six-classic-recent-derbies-with-big-seven-back-in-premiership?top They call it "the traditional ‘big seven" but I can't say I've ever heard it being used until this very article.
  2. According to Travelling Tabby the current 7 day average is just above 900 cases a day. When we hit that point in the second wave, around the 6th of October there was 262 in hospital and within a week we'd hit 527. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say in a weeks time we won't see such a dramatic increase because vaccines are absolutely cigaring this.
  3. Firework displays in November already being cancelled. https://www.facebook.com/nlcpeople/photos/a.421375184569710/5935453073161866
  4. At least its not some no-mark gambling company whose company name is just random letters and numbers.
  5. Why are people so desperate for vaccines not to work? A ship full of vaccinated people and this person claims its a recipe for hundreds of sick and a sizeable number of deaths.
  6. Here is some unsurprising news. Recorded cases in children reach highest level
  7. Deafheaven have a new song out, with pretty much no black metal style vocals this time.
  8. Nailed the technique for them now. So many of the Doom enemies are run and gun, constantly on the move and firing away at anything that moves while switching between weapons. These guys you pretty much need to face at all times and do a strange dance with. Once their eyes go green blast them with the super shotgun and if you're quick hit them with something more powerful while they're dazed. My mistake was I was trying to use my heavy explosion based weapons like my rocket launcher or grenade attachment of the standard shotgun on them which means they deploy their shield and it seems if you hit their shield they unleash this annoying holographic wolf that attacks you.
  9. We had terrible broadband at our house when we moved in. If two people tried to stream content on two devices at the same time you'd get either terrible buffering or a picture so pixelated you couldn't see the ball when watching a game. Thankfully we did eventually get option for fibre and its been (mostly) good since. Virgin are currently installing their cabling in our area so will be interesting to see if they offer any deals to join them.
  10. Battling the lockdown fanatics reminds me of this clip from South Park.
  11. I remember before the League Cup semi final against Rangers the Hampden stewards found a satsuma in my pocket during a patdown search. The overreaction from them was absolutely laughable.
  12. Had my first dose of Pfizer yesterday. It was also my first trip to TECA. I'd always assumed my first visit would be to see a band like Iron Maiden or the Foo Fighters, not a vaccination for a pandemic causing virus. It was quite busy. From getting into the queue to finally leaving, which included the sitting about to see if you have an adverse reaction it took just under an hour. Apart from the obligatory sore arm I've not had any side effects. Also spent an evening in a pub for the first time since March last year. Thankfully the pub we were at didn't bother with bookings or the two hour slot nonsense.
  13. Can anyone explain the logic behind banning away fans next season? It seems to make very simplistic assumptions about fan bases. After Aberdeen home games I've seen a reasonable number of home fans get on the Megabus back to the likes of Glasgow. For a number of our home games the number of Aberdeen fans travelling from beyond the limits of Aberdeenshire, let alone Aberdeen probably outnumber the total number of away fans. Are they going to limit home fans so your registered address has to be within a certain number of miles of the stadium?
  14. I finally completed Doom (2016) a few weeks ago and pretty much bought Doom Eternal soon afterwards (it was on a 75% off deal on Steam which was great as it included the Ancient Gods DLC). I'm quite enjoying it. The combat is a wee bit different from the previous game but it seems to reward strategising your attacks a bit more. Using the chainsaw on the cannon fodder zombies and imps for ammo and the like for example. However I just want to say f**k Marauders. Honestly these guys aren't technically boss fights but they feel so much harder. I'm currently stuck on Taras Nabad level and its purely down to one of these guys. I battle away and kill off the other enemies in the area but he just wears me down. I must have got so close a few times to killing him but every time I just run out of health and sometimes ammo. I've been stuck on this bit more then any other section or boss fight in either game so far.
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