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  1. This Saturday is the final between Buckie and Rothes. The game is being streamed and available for £10. https://shfltv.cleeng.com/buy-now-rothes-vs-buckie-thistle-highland-league-cup-final-live/E980602914_GB
  2. You'd have thought Celtic had signed Messi the way The Sun and Record were wanking off about Duffy when he joined.
  3. One of those lines that is great thanks to hindsight. "I think it'll be a while before I see Hamilton and St Johnstone play a game that finishes 7-2." I think 5-3 is pretty close.
  4. Bought my ticket for Damnation the other day. Surely gigs will be back to normal by November 2021. WITTR were enough for me, saw them play St Luke's at the start of the year (feels a lot longer ago then that).
  5. Dead in the water... for the time being. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54545053
  6. I find it amazing that outside "The Big Six" 🤮 + Everton that the next two clubs longest continuous member clubs are West Ham and Southampton.
  7. NorthernLights

    The Expanse

    December 16th
  8. Gallowbraid, still active apparently but just a single 4 track EP since 2006.
  9. Twin Peaks and The Blacklist star Clark Middleton dies aged 63
  10. Agricultural based child labour. http://blog.scottishagriculturalimplementmakers.co.uk/?p=525
  11. Tackles like that should be a red.
  12. I read a while back they were extending the ONS survey as it didn't cover Scotland. Has this been done yet? It seems the information these types of surveys could provide is a big missing piece for the SG.
  13. Lennon still raging - Champions League exit still stings Neil Lennon as he insists Celtic are better than Ferencvaros
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