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  1. Local Council c***s

    The OVO Tour Series cycling was in Aberdeen yesterday. Did Aberdeen City Council get a well known local personality or celebrity to help mark this event and promote Aberdeen? No, they got Marie Boulton, a definite "local council c**t" to wave a Union Jack. https://www.facebook.com/AberdeenCC/photos/a.445055455528154/2526381657395513/?type=3
  2. General Politics Thread

    Grayling has cost the taxpayer another £500million - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48288433
  3. Evening Express doing a vote on best home kit of the last 40 years. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/aberdeen-fc/donsnews/vote-whats-favourite-aberdeen-fc-home-kit-from-the-last-40-years/ Reminds me how cheap and nasty those Nike/JustSport kits were, especially the 2008/09 one which rightly sits near the bottom.
  4. Will be Saltire for the foreseeable future too - https://www.afc.co.uk/2019/05/14/aberdeen-fc-and-saltire-energy-extend-successful-partnership/ No mention of any real details beyond it being "multi-year" that I can see.
  5. Podcasts

    I really enjoy Mike Duncan's history podcasts - A History of Rome and Revolutions (https://www.revolutionspodcast.com/). I like the way he takes a historical topic and takes you from its start to end. Is there a podcast about Scottish history that does a similar thing? I've looked couldn't find one.
  6. Premier League 2018-19

  7. Man Utd

  8. Bundesliga 2018/2019

    Make that 3-0 now.
  9. Bundesliga 2018/2019

    And they're currently 2-0 down at home to the team who were second bottom.
  10. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Despite "dominating" or "controlling" that second half Liverpool are lucky to be going back to Anfield just 3-0 down.
  11. Bundesliga 2018/2019

    Hamburg seem to be on the verge of screwing up their promotion bid this season.
  12. 2-0 Cove, both goals from corners.
  13. 2 year deal for Considine.
  14. Darwins's Law - Selfie Stick

    Going for a swim in the North Sea at around 1am in the morning probably isn't the wisest of ideas. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-47986667