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  1. Season long Fantasy game on the English Premier League with FansBet. Share of a £100k prize. Select your club when you sign up so they benefit if you don't win. https://www.fansbet.com/en/fantasybet Free entry to the fantasy game and free £10 bet on the other sections if you deposit £10 as a new user.
  2. As well as United Glasgow, there is already a team called Glasgow United who are members of the SAFA playing in the Glasgow and District Saturday Morning League.
  3. Went along to this one and was happy to see Cowdenbeath survive. The Lowland League isn't fit for purpose if it means relegation kills teams off. Strange atmosphere with the occasional Cowdenbeath fans who were there clearly not as stressed about the occasion as the regulars. Clearly some were just there for a day out and won't be back next season. I never want to experience my team going through that. It will be someone elses turn next season though. I don't see how the potential death of a club due to one bad season helps Scottish football? Bit of irony is that it was Cowdenbeath who attempted to drive the SPFL2 movement when they were in the Championship. The result of that was the current set up as the SFL clubs were given a take it or leave it scenario with the pyramid. The then board of Cowdenbeath couldn't have predicted a scenario that they would be the ones facing relegation and potential extinction and they didn't care about how it would affect the other clubs as they chased the SPFL money and hoped to leave the rest of us cut adrift. Relegation would have been a bit of karma for the board but at the end of the day it's the supporters and the town who would have lost out so glad they did make it.
  4. Paul, I keep seeing you repeat this and I feel I need to address it before it's repeated so often that people accept it as fact. As you know, I am not on the board but I do run the club's hospitality. It's a role I've been doing since Gary Ballantyne resigned and I offered to review the costs of the matchday catering. It always annoyed me that we didn't do any hospitality so I offered to take up the responsibility of negotiating this with NLL and after a slow start it now seems to be taking off. I can assure you that not a single person has been given free hospitality for any reason. Sponsors have booked tables and given spaces to fans they have become friends with but the club or board of directors have not given away any hospitality to anyone. Bottom line is the margins are so thin that giving away hospitality doesn't make any sense and I wouldn't take the booking. It would be an insult to the people who give up their normal Saturday routine for free to welcome and serve guests if we were dishing out hospitality for nothing. As for spaces on the team bus or the golf day, not my area but I certainly have not heard of people being given those for the reasons you suggest. The Supporters team were offered a free golf day place some years ago due to a last minute cancellation, small reward for the guys who represent the club all over Scotland every Saturday morning, not to mention the amount of work that many of the players do as volunteers across many areas of the club but there's no chance that spaces are routinely given away for free. I stopped posting on P&B as it is not always the best place to engage in reasoned discussion and some people have a habit of confusing my opinions with my dads, but felt I had to put the record straight on this one as it could put people off coming forward to assist in future. Thanks goes to the many volunteers who help with hospitality, Club 58, Bar 58 etc and if we ever get to a place where we can reward people with free hospitality then these guys will be first in the queue!
  5. Sorry to butt in here lads............ Highland Tour - Is there many going? A few of us have had the (daft) idea of organising a Clyde supporters match on the morning of the Brora game against a Highland League fans select. We've raised a squad of 6 so far with a couple more to confirm but we need some more names. Do we have any more who are travelling up and interested in a game? Get in touch with myself or Andrew Clark. Ability and fitness not required.
  6. Was that the one you had your Halloween mask confiscated in case it scared the children? Modern football.
  7. I don't think he needs to be filled in. It could be coincidence that he posted here only 4 minutes after the thread he is referring to was posted on the OS.
  8. The same McKirdy that scored a hat trick at Broadwood in a pre season exhibition match?
  9. You can argue all you like about Jim Duffy's record and managerial abilities but to say he suffers from his media duties is nonsense. He is the only manager in the league who doesn't work monday to friday at another job. I think we can allow him a few hours a week to do media work.
  10. Someone asked about Marsh and Oliver at the Fans Forum and Duffy answered that there was no money left to sign them and he would have to discuss with the players if they were willing to sign on the same terms as Frances. We may not be in great shape financially, but it gives me confidence for the season coming up that players of a decent standard are willing to sign on amateur contracts. There is obviously a good atmosphere amongst the players and a great respect for Duffy and the supporters. Frances apparently turned down a good junior offer to take the chance of league football with us. A week is a long time in football so I could be wrong, money/sponsors may have been found since Monday night. Them signing as amateurs seems more likely to me though.
  11. Unless money has been found since the Fans Forum then those 2 will be on amateur contracts like Ryan Frances.
  12. The only reason people are even talking about this is because of the referendum. Had any other politician waved any flag they would have been called patriotic. If England win the World Cup do you think we will see Cameron holding an England flag? Yes, we probably will. I find it quite embarrassing for my country that people are upset about the First Minister waving our own flag. Any Americans looking in must be absolutely bewildered. It was quite clearly not a photobomb as some headlines say. The only pictures of him with the flag are stills from the BBC's coverage. Does Alex Salmond have a magic power to know just when the BBC editor is going to cut to pictures of him and David Cameron? Did he know Cameron was going to be sitting directly in front of him when he smuggled the flag into the ground? It looked to me like a man and his wife getting caught up in the emotion of the occasion. It was good to see a politician with a human side.
  13. We dont have any more money to sign players so I dont expect to see any more trialists unless they are likely to sign as an amateur or will just play for 4 league games.
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