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  1. Sabatini didn't have a club still. He trained with us last Thursday but nothing came of it
  2. Maybe Rangers B Manager would be the ideal job for Barry Ferguson. I think if they could be promoted he would do it.
  3. The ref bottled it after the clusterfuck that was Camelons red card and then proceded to yellow for the handbags the musselburgh player then sent him off before play restarted. not sure why that was cut off the camelon highlights
  4. Quite a lot of teams do interviews with managers. Penicuik lithgae for example
  5. I think as a society it has become to softly softly and whats missing is abit of character. Johnny is a strong character and I don't see anything wrong with if players aren't doing what they are asked which to be honest is simple stuff then it does need to change. Everyone knows I get animated at games as its my passion. You don't see the passion from a lot of players now that you did even 5-10 years ago.
  6. I think with it being at night people would come in for a snack they'd come in before or after for bakery or just sweets or crisps or juice
  7. To be honest I used to work in Lidl in alloa and their wasn't that many people came in. The Friday night games was when you mostly got people from Alloa games.
  8. Where I think though if it's a 3 way playoff with sosfl champion being licensed would give the eosfl champion a much better chance than playing them over 2 legs
  9. You know how defensive I've been about sacking managers etc but I think yous are probably right. Not sure who you get in though
  10. Scoring goals just can't keep them out particularly in the 2nd half.
  11. Shocking red card for our player and the musselburgh player
  12. Their floodlights are still at the pawn shop. Apparently players going to the celtic game
  13. Their was dogs at the boness athletic vs armadale game
  14. Camelon vs musselburgh game is now a 2pm kick off on saturday
  15. He seems quite good for us but obviously we are a couple of levels below where he had played before
  16. We signed Aidan McIlduff who was at yous last season. Seems to be a good player. Was he not good enough for league2?
  17. They have played camelon recently but I wasn't there
  18. They Re working towards licence so surely be a bonnyrigg scenario
  19. That's the arrogance people have in the west. Rob roy fans thought they were going to walk over us. As I say we were on that poor run. They were 8th and looked nothing special. So their ianmaybe 5 or 6 who could get to the lowland league
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