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  1. That's fine see you later. Your forum is a disgrace
  2. @GoTeamGaz sad little man going down red dotting my posts. Scotland is a scumbag country with stupid arseholes like you
  3. Did I say Griffiths was done for it scumbag. He was accused of it. Thomson was convicted. Get yourself on the cowdenbeath page and say the same things or I will know that you are just a loudmouth wedgie scumbag that knows f**k all about anything. Do yourself a favour and get a life
  4. What if he was innocent? Should he just say he is guilty to suit namby pamby scotland
  5. What's wrong with you? What is different about goodwillie to thomson
  6. I'm not trolling I just simply believe in fairness. I hope to see you campaign on the falkirk and Cowdenbeath pages
  7. Thats if he actually did it. I believe in a fair trial not a witch Hunt. Having been the victim of a witch hunt. Everyone has a right to an opinion this isn't the soviet union you know
  8. A worrying sign for the country if twonks like you think some arse from the green party is the font of all Knowledge. I distanced myself from a mental health charity over the Goodwillie issue as their excuse we have dealt with rape victims, But surely they have dealt with people who have been bullied as well.
  9. Its still not a criminal conviction is it? He hasn't got a criminal conviction for rape. As I've said all the knuckle draggers on here about goodwillie aren't storming Cowdenbeaths page about Craig Thomson, who was convicted.
  10. Are you on falkirks page about griffiths or worst of all Cowdenbeaths for Craig Thomson. Considering he actually was convicted?
  11. guy would need to be found guilty in a court of law to be a rapist.
  12. the do gooders who say hes been stopped working? Have a word with yourself its the do gooders who are bullying the guy.
  13. I dont wear glasses and thats fine you stick to your midden called glasgow
  14. Yeah I've not met many footballers but the ones I have met have actually never come into contact with any women ever. It's a strange quirk of the profession. As a footballer how many woman if he likely to come in contact with? Not very many?
  15. And you are wondering why I am slamming the scottish public? HAve a word with yourself.
  16. Away back to your teniment you fucking arsehole
  17. but surely he would be more likely in that role to be in contact with woman than he is as a footballer.
  18. what are you trying to say im a right wing boomer? I have no poltiical allegience they are all shite. Im also 35. I just call things how I see them and not fall into what the media want me to believe. The treatment of David Goodwillie by scottish people has been an absolute disgrace
  19. Because the world has become so soft and offended by everything. Its as simple as that. Also people have to have someone too blame whether there is someone too blame or not.
  20. So do these teams have anymore games to play in any cups or is that them done for the season once they hit 28 games
  21. So what if the guy was innocent? He wasn't convicted. If he wasn't a footballer/celebrity he wouldn't have been done in a civil court either. He should have forgiveness for a crime he didn'#t commit? # I'm just playing devils advocate here if he had been found guilty in criminal court i'd agree
  22. the way people criticise people they dont know is also a disgrace
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