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  1. ***Change of fixture*** Our game on the 1st of January 2022 Blackburn United v Camelon 730pm ko Will now be played on the 29th December 2021
  2. How do you get experience? Their is part time teams ahead of Falkirk. Guardiola had ran BArcas B team before he managed barcelona. Experience doesn't always bring success.
  3. I'm not denying that but he has had a good track record which is the point. Others have had a good track record even gone on to better results since Falkirk.
  4. Can you tell me one individual that is of the calibre, regardless of if they would touch falkirk or not, because all i've seen from people on here is people get their past successes rubbished. Theirs managers at the top level like mourinho who have had great successes at porto, chelsea and inter. Struggled 2nd stint at Chelsea, struggled at Man utd in the league and Tottenham.
  5. So winning under 17s title with st johnstone. League 2 with arbroath and under 20s league with Aberdeen. How is that not a success
  6. But so had Sheerin before taking the falkirk job
  7. So I put it back to you again who realistically can falkirk get?
  8. I'm not unaware that he was involved. But u seem to want to give martindale all the credit and hopkin did nothing. According to you absolute nonsense.. Sheerin actually has a good coaching record on paper won under 17s title at St johnstone. Took managers job at arbroath won league 2 and kept them up 2 seasons before finally coming in to his third. Won under 20s league with Aberdeen and ppl are saying he's clueless. It's not working for him at falkirk as it seems to not have for various others as well. Hartley did well at alloa before getting dundee job and then that didn't last and ended up at falkirk but is doing well at cove. Now I agree Sheerins time should be up especially after that interview yesterday. But you're not happy about anyone. Mackinnon got raith to playoff. Dundee utd to playoff. Won league 2 with queen's Park and I know you are going to throw at me he should have. But as you all keep saying on here you should be winning every game in this league. The club will still have league 1 players. You aren't going to attract Premier league players and less chance,as you're in league 1, of getting a higginbothom, farid or lyle taylor from down south while in league 1. Who exactly are you looking for to take charge at a league 1 club that seems like toxic.
  9. He got livi promoted out the league but as usual has to find every excuse why it wasn't.
  10. made it to the final and lost to a top flight club.
  11. I'm sorry alex ferguson probably isn't available. Who has been succesful everywhere they have went? Mckinnon got Raith and Dundee Utd to the playoffs. Won League 2 with Queens park and was shit at Falkirk
  12. A few outsiders Gary Naysmith? Been at Queen of the South at Edinburgh City just now. Gary Irvine doing a good job at Forfar. Young manager. David Hopkin out of work
  13. Scottish cup bans only count within that competition group
  14. I think centre half's across the board are getting fewer and fewer that's why you are getting quoted 5k for centre half's even at camelons level so Dare not ask what teams would be asking in league 1 and championship. Hardy midfield players seem to be getting fewer aswell. I think a lot of it stems for the way things are done at a young level. It's all passing and too much uncompetitive so the players that have been coming through are a different bread from 10 years ago.
  15. But it is difficult to build a team from scratch. If u had a core squad that you had something from to build from. Every player you have gets slated on here other than morrison. Being solid at the back and able to grind our results by getting down and dirty is what's going to get a team out of the league.
  16. Sabatini didn't have a club still. He trained with us last Thursday but nothing came of it
  17. Maybe Rangers B Manager would be the ideal job for Barry Ferguson. I think if they could be promoted he would do it.
  18. The ref bottled it after the clusterfuck that was Camelons red card and then proceded to yellow for the handbags the musselburgh player then sent him off before play restarted. not sure why that was cut off the camelon highlights
  19. Quite a lot of teams do interviews with managers. Penicuik lithgae for example
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