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  1. The season never starts in june that's why its unheard of. I dont see us in a mess. The team are improving a the time.
  2. 1. It's not just us. 2. Your neighbours down the road pay for their players. 3. Camelon arent stopping them. Pay the money and they would be able to play. Pretty sure if you were due money if you actually had a player under 23. You would do it. 4 we dont need a team talk for to play you lot
  3. Just like you are with your signings from Bathgate Alan? All 4 of them if uninclude macissac although he wasnt with them last year. Take it up with bathgate. The difference is if stowe breaks his leg playing for yous. You can go ah well we wont sign him and because hes under 23 we would have to sign him. Yous are obsessed with bathgate signings ( one of which is the donner inn boy). What about the other 18 that came from hearts, bsc Glasgow, stirling uni etc etc
  4. No. Glad to see the rose getting kept in their place for once
  5. We were meant to play there today and it was called off.
  6. Have to say I was absoulutely delighted to get back to the games. We've had 3 and a half games. ive been at 2 and a half and its been great just to be back.
  7. WHo are you playing on Tuesday?. We are playing Athletic next Friday night
  8. Rangers had northern spirit in the Australian nsl about 20 years ago
  9. it's great being back. Weve been away or at little kerse so far. Tuesday we are at home to shire and looking forward to being back in our home ground for an match.
  10. Heriot watt vs camelon on saturday is off
  11. Is this you campaigning to get the season stopped already. If the season is stopped it should just carry on until it's done instead of cancelling seasons
  12. Camelon 3-2 oakley. Jackson Cowan kyle mowatt and sean Stewart scored. We got a bit jointed with so many changes as happens in friendlies and Oakley got it back to 3-2
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