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  1. Probably because these guys are in it for the money they aren't their for respect of the Jersey. You made a better go of it in sluddens first season with lowland league level players. I've been to a few shire games this season and you feel that disconnect and its probably the money they have thrown at this.
  2. The officials were some of the worst. Twice tou got through and were.miles offside in the first half. That line couldnt keep up with play. Agree on Donnelly one. But you should have had.mpre players booked. Their was one where the ref didnt give a.foul and one of your players tried to swipe one of our players and it was lucky he got away from him. I disagree with Don's one it was a foul and a yellow. If you think that's a red then then the one where the boy more.or more or less scissors our boy down would be a red as was off the ground but it was a yellow and rightly so
  3. You'll see what you want to see. Call a game like it is. Did you see the number 6 rugby tackle that was malicious and was an assault
  4. It wasn't that bad. You've been watching too much match of the day I think
  5. its his squad. Just need to wait until next season until Brown Gets his own squad. I said at the time The Rose needed a change but they should have either binned BRadley in the summer or waited until late in teh season. Its like someone just looking after it just hoping to get you through until he can change things next summer
  6. is that why your games friday night next week?
  7. As I said not me thats upset about it. Good luck with the rest of the season. Hard to see past Bo'ness winning the league
  8. its not me. As I say Bo'ness were the better team. My only gripe is Gemmills behaviour. Your guys won moaning about the ref, the linesman our players our bench. We will still finish in the top half of the table. the tackle was hard but wasn;t a red card. The difference clearly between me and you is I call a spade a spade and call it how it actually is. You don't seem capable of doing that.
  9. It was a foul and Don should be booked wasn't disgusting though as you are putting it but it was a foul and should have been a booking. Yeah exactly your team did their job thats what I said.
  10. Dunno docherty complained at the time and even talking to another player after the game thought he was a dick. Unless I missed something I didnt see anything untoward your manager lost his notebook. Oddly it was the first half he was losing the plot. Just get over it enjoy your win and gemmill is a scumbag
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