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  1. Why even if only play each team once it at least gives us a season
  2. Could still be automatic relegation from league 2 but still have playoff between lowland and highland league
  3. But they did so no luck. Bet all the rose faithful have tore up their posters of herdy
  4. Where's the game getting played tonight Alan? Dunipace again?? Dunipace
  5. Bet you're raging football's on hold for 3 weeks after that.... Clearly never read my previous posts. I said football should have been stopped for january it's not my obsession like auld Heid and Gordon for football to stop
  6. Bet your raging the camelon games on tonight
  7. Or in a couple of months if it improves theyllcan have some sort of season
  8. If it goes to april then they might do that
  9. Camelon vs brora is still on tonight
  10. From midnight tonight. Camelon vs brora is.still on tonight
  11. At 90 minutes in normal years you would be back down the road with a replay
  12. I answered that yesterday why the likelihood of premier league teams catching it. Again I stated I believe it should be stopped for January. Your making an argument out of nothing here. My point is about people who it has nothing to do with like virginton jumping in. They ve made their point yet continue to unnecessarily ramble on
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