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  1. People cant seem to differentiate between being in a pyramid league and licensing
  2. I messages yoker on fb to ask and they said they will be making an announcement in coming days. Hiya Alan, the club will be issuing a statement in the coming days. As you can imagine it's made things a little more tricky having to arrange conference calls and meetings to discuss our way forward. Keep an eye on the clubs social media feeds for any updates. Thanks for your interest and apologies for not being able to give a more definitive answer at this time
  3. But with arniston the same might have happened anyway had they stayed in the grade or we all stayed in the grade
  4. yes but you would be able to progress. As a junior club we had £4 in the bank in 2016 when our current committee started coming on board. if someone had won the treasure chest the club would have folded they had no money to pay it. Fast forward 4 years later we have youth teams and floodlights. Our crowd increase id say about 10-15 came from interest when we moved. The rest from Youth teams. So if you;ve got more than £4 in the bank your off to a better start than my club is. Crossgates were in abeyance a few years ago now are competing in eosfl premier because they had a refresh basically same as we did by going into EOSFL. OK they arent licensed but they are improving their facilities and are doing well at it
  5. strictly speaking their should be a new forum created for wosfl. This forum should only be used to discuss the scottish junior cup, Tayside league, North juniors and the West lothian League
  6. at Worst you aren't going to be any worse off.
  7. Yeh because crossgates and camelon etc are minted but are coping with eosfl premier
  8. Boness had 01506 phone number and he postcode but in Falkirk council area similar thing
  9. Would u be happy with luncarty as they are just north of the line technically. it wouldnt bother me
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