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  1. We have full waste collection here. Maybe there is where u r. Through here other than the gyms and that if folk behaved and did what they were asked wed get the fitba back
  2. The same could be said for me going to work but the shops been open all the time so sometimes we just have to get on with it. We cant stay at home forever
  3. But the Aberdeen 8 got it from going to a pub and not playing football. If anything it should shut pubs down rather than football. If sturgeon stops football when every other country in the world can get it on she should get to f**k. She has largely done a good job but is starting to make it all about her now. Get the fitba on.
  4. Because you don't have an interest in junior football you are only interested in trolling
  5. Would darvel have connor greene would kilwinning have jamie Barclay. Would mark Stewart join st cadocs they wouldnt
  6. We wouldnt have got kieran anderson if we stayed junior. We wouldnt have been able to keep a hold of a lot of the players. We wouldnt have the youth set up and we just sold a player to Falkirk for money and a sell on clause we were on the brink of collapse as a junior club
  7. Why would ground-sharing be banned in the Lowland League ? The LL chairman's club (BSC Glasgow) ground-share, as do Cumbernauld Colts. Because of the grade mentality and 150k toilets still in the brain of people in the west that will disappear soon as the fans will start to embrace and enjoy their new set up and seeing better calibre players already join the league people will start to understand why it's better and then the lowland league will become stronger with all the different clubs that will come into it
  8. Camelon had same problem we were red shirts white shorts and red socks. Apparently we are going back to that for our centenary season strip after years or being all red
  9. Camelon juniors vs newtongrange star 3-2 win for us
  10. What would u have said had you been around in the 20s and 30s when new clubs with no tradition came about. No history like the teams from the 1800s.
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