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  1. The fact its his club makes it all the more amusing
  2. They wont ask for that from a league 1 team they wont stand in his way same as they did for Dylan Patterson all they took from Arbroath was a friendly for it because we wwere meant to play them and got cancelled so they could play arbroath
  3. That seems to be the going rate. Thats what clubs have asked us for players is 5k. 2 sources told me the same thing about the Sinclair deal
  4. Hes not even played in the top level East of Scotland League. You never know he might be good enough. Apparently 2 EOS Premier clubs bidded £5,500 for him. It wasn't Camelon.
  5. Scott Sinclair from Bo'ness Athletic is the striker at Falkirk. He has been at Arbroath aswell training
  6. Yes but it's difficult to change a squad during a season and make it work. He went to tranent for a short spell during covid. He was meant to go to dundonald but ended up at us. Bear in mind my club are a couple of steps down from Berwick
  7. He didn't even have a full season their. So came in wasn't his players.
  8. Light up front with the formation we are playing. We were averaging 2 goals a game up till the jeanfield game.
  9. Let's be honest though losing coyne is the big blow. Even if he was playing shit he would have taken a couple of those chances last week against us.
  10. I wasn't at the game due to work. My boss wouldn't let me away early thank god he didn't Going by accounts and the goals lost the first goal just before half time a free header 2nd half they scored 3 within a few minutes. 2nd goal too busy moaning about a foul and by looks of it heads had gone. Need to show the fight and courage that we did 2nd half against linlithgow
  11. A few surprises their beith getting beat 6-0 at gartcairn. I thought Carnoustie would have beat rob roy at home. Even we managed tobeat them and we are pish lol
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