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  1. Why? Programme in ur season then u can fit round it.
  2. Ur Facebook said u werent live streaming the camelon game but u have done others
  3. Not sure everything with the dunipace thing was as accurate as he seemed to have fell into the we cant trap. Hes been quiet since track and trace realise they had made a James hunt of it and said the team didnt need to isolate. The same happened to shire in pre season. A lot of people don't want it to work and want to return to the juniors. Their was people still like that involved in clubs or quit clubs in the east when the moves happened. Clubs need to do what is right for them but being honest with no promotion or relegation teams can come back where they were wosfl would be better pulling out or just having a mini league cup type season
  4. There because they coulldnt report previous days correctly. Maybe different for yous because the problem seems worse in the west. Forth valley got tarred with it . When they announce the cases the other 4 get mentioned but forth valley doesnt
  5. Never said all were gradists. But too many people don't want the WOSFL to not work. Been so much negativity from the west. Yet we have got on with it in the east and no its not perfect. But comments like sweeps really don't help at all.
  6. Still as positive as ever I see. Yous all should have stayed in the grade except those who actually wanted to get on with football
  7. With the under 20s due to get going in November. News that we have 3 players go from 20s to senior clubs. Kai wilson has signed for Livingston FC. Drew cummings has joined tweedmouth and keir young has signed for Oakley united. It's a good sign for our clubs youth development with kai joining Livingston and blair sneddon signing for falkirk
  8. Better not have the ref and linesman we had on tuesday was shocking
  9. As fairweather points out it's more than just boards these days its social media websites
  10. Clubs will still have sponsors. Its tax deductible for them. What I want to know is what is your role on this defensiveness of the scottish government. Are you Frank that gets the door for nicola or what
  11. Two cases shire aswell. Just face it the scottish government are making an arse of it and the whole thing is a shambles from top to bottom. Time the monster raving looney party got in
  12. Twice they've asked full squads to isolate in the forth valley and twice both have had it overturned. Dunipace and shire. If everyone live streamed clubs could generate funds for clubs. Is it right? No? It would be better with fans in the ground. Wos has been a balls up and would be aswell scrapping their season just now
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