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  1. Harmony row arent licensed where as bsc needed a licenced ground because they were in lowland league
  2. Coventry city have had to do it twice with Northampton and Birmingham. Brighton had to play at gillingham
  3. I think stenny were looking for someone to ground share with them since lost shire. It was one of the options for us to get a licence if carmuirs didnt make it
  4. Falkirk have played at the stadium since 2004 or 05. Shire only went there a few years ago. Bsc Glasgow only went to alloa a few years ago. Alloa been there since Adam was a boy
  5. Things change. They are an ambitious club who want to join seniors. So yes they have started put as being the junior club. But the grade isnt there anymore. So they are rebranding themselves and sharing a stadium. Which neither side own
  6. Hows it any different to any other ground share. It's no different to falkirk and shire
  7. as you joined 15 hours ago. How many accounts do you have now?
  8. I think its time they accept its over and retire it with dignity not just it ending up as a north of scotland junior cup
  9. If u look at the scottish midland cooperative society is an Edinburgh business
  10. There is no way Highland League will be split at Tier 5. They should combine The Midland League with North League for a super league at tier 6 with north Caledonian League maybe.
  11. Dont think Spartans ran two teams in pyramid. They had a junior team at one point
  12. Well let's go back to the juniors. Stand in shite facilities . If we were all still juniors we would likely have the same scenario. Juniors was a pyramid within itself just the same. Rome wasnt built in a day if midland league gets go ahead then we have covered everything
  13. But that was what the original proposal was. To put a grass pitch their
  14. It was the fleet grounds that was supposed to have a new grass pitch changing rooms etc. Theyd aswell just move back to recreation park
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