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  1. Fireworks going off where I live in Larkhall. The zombies Seville stockpile not going to waste after all. lol
  2. I didn't even notice that. If that's the case then it's got to be Max then I suppose.
  3. I reckon it was Aadi that mistakenly spiked Amy's drink that he intended for Asha because of his jealousy & to get her into Dev's bad books. Steve will report the drug dealer to the police but Max will have Aadi spiking the drink on camera at the school disco.
  4. FFS, what a miss! And to think our board & manager reckon we don't need a striker.
  5. https://youtu.be/W2V9LfTKuDs
  6. Did someone jump in the wall at the freekick? Looked like it went under someone.
  7. These missed chances are going to come back & haunt us.
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