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  1. The Grand Tour special "Seamen" is available to watch now.
  2. Set up nicely for Season 2. Hopefully not a long wait.
  3. I've got the 7 Pro and its a really good phone for the price, so you shouldn't be disappointed. ,[emoji846]
  4. That was the scene that stood out to me for showing DeNiro up as a 79 yr old playing a middle aged man. It really didn't look good. They should have used a close up camera view for the assault. The rest I think they just about got away with. There were only a few scenes that the anti-aging effects just didn't look entirely natural on both DeNiro and Pacino. The colour of DeNiro's eyebrows seemed to appear quite light, then dark in the next scene but overall I really enjoyed it. It certainly didn't drag in or feel like a 3 and a half hour movie.
  5. Is that what people were refering too. Yeah I saw The Irishman In Conversation advertised on Netflix before I had watched the film. Dead easy to find.
  6. I watched to the end of the credits. Am I missing something? 🤷‍♂️
  7. Give Drew the push he deserves against Taker at Mania. I think he could give Taker the send off he deserves and is capable of carrying Taker to one more 4 or 5 star match. Retiring Taker @ Mania would be massive for his career.
  8. Aye, that was pretty good as well. Sting telling how Rollins was nearly sobbing when he was lying in back of ambulance was quite funny.
  9. Never really noticed that but found it funny them both trying their best not to swear. I think Steve slipped up once.
  10. Overall I thought it was a really good PPV and a good night for NXT. The Broken Skull Sessions that was on after it with Taker was brilliant. Worth checking out.
  11. Yeah, I've saw American Gangster. Good film. Defo worth a watch. I read that Bumpy's wife was unhappy about how one of Harlem's biggest drug dealers Nicky Barnes was potrait in American Gangster and set things straight in her book 'The Rap On My Husband'.
  12. Eight episodes in, only two to go. Still going strong.[emoji123] The theme song is really catchy. Everytime I watch an episode it's stuck in my head for rest of the day.
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