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  1. Im_Rodger

    The request has been approved.
  2. He likes to dish it out but does his shitebag disappearing act when things don't go his way. Quite amusing really.
  3. Last Lanarkshire Derby? Accies v ‘Well

    Fair play to old man Imrie. I thought he did well in his 1st start since we beat St Johnstone months ago. Felt a draw was a fair result on the balance of play and chances, although felt like Motherwell could up a gear if they wanted to. Agree with whoever said MacKinnon was lucky not to get a 2nd yellow. Wise decision taking him off and young Lewis Smith did well as his replacement. Big Oggy deserved his goal, made a big difference when he came on. MacMillan clearly not good enough at this level.
  4. Last Lanarkshire Derby? Accies v ‘Well

    Who was supposed to be marking Turnbull? No c**t near him.
  5. Last Lanarkshire Derby? Accies v ‘Well

    Would have played Keatings for Oakley If he's injured. McMillan is rancid! That line up gives me the fear. Edit- Keatings injured along with Miller.
  6. Coronation Street

    Carry On Corrie.
  7. Fish owners

    Couldn't source a new aquastop valve. The guy at Maidenhead aquatics gave me a old one they had lying about their store to try but that's leaking as well.[emoji20] Amazon delivering one tomorrow. 🤞Another night the tank without a filter. Would imagine the filter bacteria will die off. I've used an old air pump and stuck a couple of tubes in the filter to help oxidize the water. Hopefully that will help some of the bacteria survive.
  8. Fish owners

    Water change done tonight on my 5 ft tank. Now the aquastop valve on my Fluval 306 is leaking. Had to replace it before. Definitely the weak link in their filters. Not making the same mistake again though, so gonna make sure I always have a spare one at hand. Will get by a night with no filter running on the tank but have a job of sourcing a new aquastop valve tomorrow. Failing that I'll need to move all fish to 6 ft in the meantime The joys!
  9. Decent box sets

    I stuck with 24 all the way through. It should have ended way before it did. It just became too ludicrous and repetitive in the latter seasons, with almost every employee in CTU or the White House doing a heel turn. I forget when it started to nosedive but the early seasons were quality.
  10. Last Lanarkshire Derby? Accies v ‘Well

    More defending like the Sevco game please 'Well. Thank you!
  11. He's no even got a Wiki page. Cancel the transfer now! Edit- BBC gossip column reporting it as Southend.lol
  12. Fish owners

    I like the background with the green algae effect. Makes it look natural.
  13. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    At least we know Rangers went to the bottom pits of Hell when they died, having more sins than the Nazis.
  14. The Three Team Mini-League

    If jammy means " better than the opposition over two legs", then yes, I agree.
  15. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Romeo✓ Yes