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  1. The last episode destroyed this series, not that it was enthralling before that but it was pretty good in parts. Not in any rush to see a 2nd series tbh.
  2. Bad Boys For Life Expected it to be over the top like before but this instalment took it way too far. Worst one yet IMO. 6/10, and that's me giving it an extra point for the cracking shots captured of Miami.
  3. I switched off after an hour. Too much over acting for me.
  4. Binge watched season 3. This show just keeps getting better. Up there with the best!
  5. Watching the 1st episode just now. You can definitely see the lower bitrate on this as the darker scenes look more pixelated.
  6. I'm not a Disney + subscriber,. Just thought I'd highlight it for anyone who's thinking of signing up. It does say in that article too about the US.
  7. It's not got off to a good start; https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/25/disney-plus-uk-simpsons-fans-cant-watch-unbearable-changes-12454709/amp/
  8. Completed the single player story but didn't even know there was a multi player mode. How does it work? Do you play simultaneously with different characters?
  9. Just watched both parts of the Benoit documentary on Dark Side of the Ring. It's a hard watch. [emoji17]
  10. Looks like the April releases have been leaked; http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/03/ps_plus_april_2020_ps4_games_leaked_ahead_of_official_announcement
  11. The Kincardine hasn't taken the survey yet. I'm sure he'll find something. Give it time.
  12. The Banker Slow paced but good story based on true events in 1960's Texas during the civil rights era. Two African American entrepreneurs hatch a business plan to buy property by hiring a white man to act as the head of their company while they act as a chauffeur and janitor. Good performances from Ssmuel L Jackson and Anthony Mackie. Nicholas Hoult also stars. 7/10
  13. Just Mercy Another based on a true story. A fight for justice against a black man wrongly sentenced to death by execution in Alabama based on false evidence. He is defended by another black man, a Harvard educated lawyer called Bryan Stevenson. Powerful stuff! 8/10
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