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  1. https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/coronation-street/a35187788/coronation-street-aadi-asha-alahan-age/
  2. Yeah the iptv supplier i use was giving his customer's Into the dark vpns for nothing but I've been using NORD which works well.
  3. I've only experienced IPTV blocks when the EPL games are on. It's the same for Sky, BT, EE, etc. They are under pressure to do so now. I just got an email from Virgin this morning saying my bill is going up by £3.50 a month from March as they are continuing to invest in their network. So basically it's to halp pay for their new 5G network which I don't have.
  4. If you can look past fat Todd, I'd definitely say yes.
  5. It looked like Craig was off duty wearing his ordinary clobber. Would an off duty copper have the authority to demand to see the contents of his bag?
  6. There's only one way to settle the points now. Obviously Accies are the Good, that goes without saying, but the Bad and the Ugly are still up for grabs. Let the battle commence!
  7. Hearing rumour that you are looking to interview Ian Holloway for the position.
  8. Fckn hell! I thought we had by far the worst squad in the league but reckon we've found our match.
  9. Faye must have terrible eyesight if she mistaken black haired Adam for grey haired Ray. Maybe she had tanned a bottle of whiskey and was pished, as Adam claimed to have smelt whiskey from his attacker.
  10. 5th episode out early this week. It doesn't disappoint.
  11. This will either be 0-0 or a comfortable away win, depending on the North Lanarkshire riff-raff taking their chances.
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