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  1. Rememberance Sunday and they go and embarrass themselves with something like that. They just can't help themselves can they?
  2. Morelos at it again. Despicable wee turd.
  3. Defo a penalty. The actions from Morelos to get him sent off were pathetic though. Wee *** ****!
  4. 9/10 for the dive by Morelos.
  5. Rangers defence is minging.[emoji38]
  6. Buying a Chinese phone....

    Did you manage to sell on your 2nd S8?
  7. Fck the Well but still hope youz beat the evil empire today.
  8. Buying a Chinese phone....

    It seems the Elephone S8 is dearer to buy now. £186 cheapest I can find. Great spec phone for the price though, as long as you're not a big camera user. Camera pics are decent quality but the slow focus speed is annoying when you're trying to catch a quick pic. Love the 2k screen though and after a year of use the battery life hasn't deteriorated that much.
  9. Livingston vs Celtic 11/11/18

    Well done our Livi brothers. A well deserved point. Defence was solid. Would bite your hand off for a point against them in our next game. Just a pity we're such a shambles.
  10. They look so organized as well, everyone know their role. Their defence plays as a unit.
  11. You knew there were gonna be big problems this season when Annan beat us again so easily.
  12. I feel sorry for the decent Motherwell fans having Sevco sympathiser MJC among them. He's an embarrassment.
  13. You been on the Caley Specials mate? 🤣
  14. How bad are St Mirren and Dundee to be below this shite? 🤣🤣🤣