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  1. Quite frankly, this post just smacks of anti-semitism. Not as blatant as SS 18, but there none the less.
  2. Around 48.30, which was under my target of sub-50. Bit gutted though, as it was going really well until about 6k, when my knee (which I have never had an issue with) began to really hurt. I was almost in tears at the end, but as soon as I stopped, so did the pain. Just a dull ache now.
  3. Well done mate - do you have a Clyde tattoo on your leg by any chance?
  4. I did the Strathclyde Parkrun yesterday - first time there as I normally do the Glasgow one, and what a difference no hill make. Took it easy, as doing the GSR 10k this morning, and still had a PB. I really liked the pacers idea (which I don't think I have ever seen at Glasgow), and the distance markers on the course (which Glasgow definitely doesn't have).
  5. That was exactly what happened to me last year. I was feeling brilliant over the Bridge and through the park, even up the road to Crossmyloof station. Mentally I had prepared myself that it was all downhill from there, so would be a scoosh. It was anything but, and from thinking I might break 1.50, I ended up with a 1.58. TBF, 2hrs was my original target, but it was going so well...
  6. Amazing to think that the thing most likely to kill "Rangers" is John Brown.
  7. Are we doing mock outrage then? If so, how many of the Rangers fans who turned up to the service at Ibrox last year know that the tragedy was 100% down to the Oldco, and cost driven decisions taken by it despite several similar crushes on the same stairwell in the past?
  8. Every team budgets while the previous season is ongoing? I wish the Rangers situation hadn't just suddenly appeared after the season end! If only there had been warning signs in, say, February...
  9. Despite supporting a 3rd Division side, I hope that Rangers do get accepted into the SFL in Division 3. My real fear is that if they don't, they will buy another team and parachute into whichever division they are in. I don't want to see another team die through no fault of their own, just to make me feel morally superior.
  10. As Clyde do not own the ground, that is bollocks. They don't even have a "full" lease over the stadium - instead they are entitled to use it for 20 games a year. Good try though.
  11. That is pish. It is also the kind of nonsense that discredits everything else you might have to say of the matter. There is enough factual issues in the Rangers clusterfuck to point and laugh at without resorting to stereotypical (and incorrect) pish.
  12. Unless you are living in cloud cuckoo land, there is no way they are worth £11.2m. 1. Murray Park has a covenant that prevents a change of use. So it is only of interest to a limited amount of buyers. 2. Ibrox has a listed facade which would require to be retained, and 3. Ibrox is in the midst of a post industrial wasteland, with plenty of space to build "houses" without incurring the demolition costs. If they are worth more than £2m all in, I'm a monkey's uncle.
  13. Have I wandered into the wrong thread? I wanted to point and laugh, not read pointless shite about a "draft".
  14. No offence mate, but that is bollocks. You can indeed appeal. That's what happens when 2 sides to a dispute disagree. One of you will be right, and it aint always HMRC.
  15. No - what will work is fans making clear now to their Chairmen what will happen if Rangers are simply "readmitted" - be that by a "half" boycott, or by supporters trusts / fan groups doing what the Aberdeen fans have. If a group of fans at each team who feel strongly enough were even to enter the ground 15 minutes after kick-off, so the Club isn't financially harmed, but the message is sent out that X fans won't be back if they let Rangers back, then they will do the sums. Even 500 - 1000 fans doing so would cancel out Rangers visiting twice a year.
  16. I listened to Doncaster with a mixture of incredulity, anger and resignation. He is so obviously only interested in "the Product". That "product" just comprises two teams, and the rest are only there to make up the numbers and give it a veneer of being a sporting contest.
  17. Finally joined Parkrun after reading about it on here. Bitterly cold this morning, but managed 23.56 which I am really chuffed at. I was surprised how busy it was - almost 300 running - and how "racelike" it was. I'll be back.
  18. Yeah - I had two tops on, and that was a mistake. I ran into work (about 8 miles) so started when it was still dark, and even then it was warm.
  19. Just done my first 10k, the Rouken Glen one - 52 minutes on the clock as I went through the finish, so really pleased with that. Course was "hilly"... Felt good though.
  20. Naively. Especially if you are expecting a Council to be gritting a Motorway. But feel free to keep disclosing. It might make you realise what a f***wit you really are.
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