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  1. Total gaslighting by George Galloway / virginton here.
  2. Sorry Vlad. It was your “the West chose aggression instead” quote that i was talking about. Absolute minter for you.
  3. Absolutely everything. I wonder how you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning tbh.
  4. *Russian State Media Are you George Galloway?
  5. Much like yourself it would seem.
  6. Absolutely agreed. I have traditionally stood for the National Anthem (not sung it since 1999 though). Me standing was out of respect for those it meant something to, not respect for the Monarchy. Would I disrupt a minutes silence? No. But that doesn’t mean I am being respectful to the Queen - just those around me who apparently it is important to.
  7. That can’t be right. We were told by our geopolitical experts on here that sanctions were only having an effect on the foolish West, and that the Russians were playing an economic blinder and coining it in.
  8. She got 7 wristbands though
  9. Are they counting that woman who went round 7 times as one or seven mourners
  10. I saw that on Twitter, and I’ve been trying to square it with the apparent 12 hour queues. At the very best, if she was first in the queue, she has managed to squeeze 72 hours into about 15.
  11. Mr Manky Hands outing himself again.
  12. Paint me shocked. As i said before, Russia is really suffering now and hopefully the endgame is a little bit closer than it was.
  13. I suspect the usual apologists on here will tell us that the indefinite closing of Nord Stream 1 has been “planned for weeks”. Russia is really hurting now - hopefully we are moving towards the end game.
  14. You seem to have a specialism in absolutely everything, from trains to epidemiology and now to Eastern European migration. Is there anything you are not an expert in?
  15. Gazprom shutting down Nord Stream for 3 days for “maintenance”. Russia must be feeling the pressure.
  16. From the description of her, yes. “I know what will persuade you, a Fraser Nelson article from the Spectator”, said no one ever.
  17. Fraser Nelson interviewing Rishi SUnak in the Spectator is exactly what will convince her!
  18. Good to see the normal contrarians being contrary. This is a disaster for Russia - their economy is in the gutter, supplies east and south may be up, but the infrastructure isn’t there.
  19. What increases are they seeing, and how does that compare to us?
  20. No, you said it was on the landmass of Britain, which it’s not. Britain and Great Britain are not the same.
  21. No, Scotland is on the landmass of Great Britain. This isn’t difficult.
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