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  1. Please don’t try and explain economics to him.
  2. I’d quite like to know the person driving my train has made it through the selection process tbh.
  3. I’m not sure. The “missing evidence” may work in CR’s favour as it was in Vardy’s power to keep after being told to, and she disposed of it. CR “could” have proved her case if RV had retained the evidence and she only needs balance of probabilities here.
  4. There has been Unionist screaming for police investigations, and this occurred. Given they are “about to get away with it”, it seems the screams were unjustified (again).
  5. By “about to get away with”, do you mean “was never the issue I wanted it to be”?
  6. From Wikipedia Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBE (born 7 November 1957) is a British businessman, farmer, and founder of "The Black Farmer" range of food products. He was an unsuccessful Conservative Party candidate for the Chippenham constituency for the 2010 general election.[1]
  7. Oh dear. I wonder if, with the major “truth” of his life unravelling, Kincy will just explode now. Poor chap.
  8. You missed “failed” from in front of “school teacher”.
  9. Yup. Never rained or was cloudy until those b*****ds the Wright Brothers got going
  10. Take it you haven't read much of the Covid thread, pretty much the self confessed "main players" take ! Stop simping.
  11. That’s pretty much it. For me, the most important bit is about getting a cell away from the common folk.
  12. The Glasgow position (from the GGC website) “Historically Freemen and Burgesses have full rights to trade within the Burgh, specifically on market days. Freemen do not have to associate with un-Freemen. They have the right to graze their cows on the common land (Glasgow Green); the right to fishing on the Clyde; the duty to patrol and guard the town (watch and ward); the duty to defend the town by arms - if they do not perform this duty they could be prosecuted for perjury of their oath, but if they were to be prosecuted they have a right to a prison cell of their own, that is without un-Freemen in it. They have the duty to pay the equivalent of today's valuation tax and the right to be present at all court hearings.”
  13. Yes, it’s an urban myth. I’ve got my burgess ticket in Glasgow, and still get charged for my pints!
  14. Quoting zoomers from Quebec on Twitter is really holding the Scottish Governments feet to the fire! Keep on trucking mate!
  15. It’s good to see more and more desperate trawling of Twitter in an attempt to keep this thread relevant. Great work guys - keep it up!
  16. @oaksoft has changed optician, as his old one wanted him to wash his hands. Totally nanny state!
  17. The last English invasion of Scotland was 1650.
  18. I’m beginning to think you are actually gutted the masks are going as it will remove such a central point of your life. Otherwise why would you complain about them going on Monday as you were told they would a couple of weeks ago? Unless you mean Snakes = Them doing what I want? I personally can’t wait for them to go.
  19. That’s fair enough, as the Italian fascists had nothing to do with the Germans in the 30’s…
  20. I think this is bigger than that. BJ has clearly lied to Parliament. This will not go away for him, and he will be rightly hounded at every turn in the House.
  21. Would it? There’s no real evidence of it going back to Caesar. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_salute “The Roman salute (Italian: saluto romano), alternatively called the Fascist salute (Italian: saluto fascista), is a gesture in which the arm is fully extended, facing forward, with palm down and fingers touching. In some versions, the arm is raised upward at an angle; in others, it is held out parallel to the ground. In contemporary times, the former is commonly considered a symbol of fascism that had been based on a custom popularly attributed to ancient Rome.[1] However, no Roman text gives this description, and the Roman works of art that display salutational gestures bear little resemblance to the modern Roman salute.”
  22. A Roman salute? Is he casting back to Caesar here, or Mussolini?
  23. Yes, and then scurrying up the stairs to tell his mum he’s won the internet again.
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