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  1. I’ve not seen anything, so interested. Why?
  2. I’m actually hoping any pub I want to go in requires certification, as it is going to keep the absolute riffraff and minky scum out.
  3. I thought there might have been, but that Twitter feed is normally pretty good
  4. Apparently (according to Ballot Box Scotland on Twitter) this is the first ever poll with Yes over 50% without excluding Don’t Knows.
  5. Why bother? This is over as a public health crisis.
  6. So, you don’t care about your dad protecting other people? Just about him?
  7. And your other wee account dotting. So sweet
  8. Oh virginton. Did you get your wrong account?
  9. So, you’re agreeing that the new variant was known before we put the highlands into Level 4? Literally, what is the point of your post?
  10. The new variant was given as the one of the reasons given for doing it! You just didn’t care, as it didn’t fit your edgy narrative.
  11. And yet, not even a month ago, you were complaining that the SG were putting the Highlands into Level 4.
  12. Person in park complaining about other people being in park.
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