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  1. What is the point of Labour

    For once, I actually feel sorry for Anas Sarwar. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-48105247 Given 4 days notice of a hearing into a claim of Islamophobic abuse against him. Turns up and told he can't give evidence because he hasn't given the panel 2 weeks notice and the panel then decides no case to answer due to lack of evidence. This is absolutely outrageous, but I suppose that Labour can now claim it doesn't have an Islamophobia issue, just like there is no anti-Semitism issue. Nothing to see here
  2. When will indyref2 happen?

    I presume the downward trend is exactly replicated in rUK then?
  3. Clyde vs Edinburgh

    I don’t think you can play advantage if you are going to send someone off.
  4. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    Sweep, sweep
  5. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    Let’s put this in context. What if there was an undercurrent of colour based racism in the Labour Party, not specifically referred to as such, but hidden in plain sight along the lines of mugs with ”Controls on Immigration” put on it? And then someone says: “It's strange (or not) that an issue which directly affects a very tiny minority of the UK electorate seems to garner so much publicity. The Labour party could quite easily win an election without a single Black vote.” How would you view that comment? Basically I am reading the original post above as saying “there’s not a lot of Jews anyway, and I don’t know any, so f*** em”.
  6. What is the point of Labour

    Why? Is it making you uncomfortable?
  7. What is the point of Labour

    By "very particular" do you mean "pointing towards the actual anti-Semitism"? Did you think the "very particular" statement was acceptable?
  8. What is the point of Labour

    Perhaps. But is easy to avoid claims of anti-Semitism by not being anti-Semitic. The only reason it continues to have legs is that it is a genuine problem.
  9. What is the point of Labour

    I am accusing you of being anti-Semitic because you are. If you claim not to be, what did you mean by "pro-Jewish whining"?
  10. What is the point of Labour

    Well, Jeremy Corbyn has stated the following: "We recognise that anti-Semitism has occurred in pockets within the Labour Party, causing pain and hurt to our Jewish community in the Labour Party and the rest of the country." I'm not saying it is rife, but it exists and is not "minor". This thread is exactly what happens in Labour circles writ large. Justifiable criticism of Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people leads to comments about "pro-Jewish whining". Zionism becomes synonymous with Judaism.
  11. What is the point of Labour

    That's fine, and I agree with what you have said here. However, WATTOO has talked about "pro-Jewish whining" and said that they are "bringing it on themselves". Not "even" Israeli Jews, but just Jews. Do you agree that his statement was anti-Semitic or not?
  12. What is the point of Labour

    WATTOOs comment is clearly anti-Semitic. The fact that so many are trying to defend the comment, or explain it away by reference to Israel underlines the insidious nature of this anti-Semitism, and why the Labour party has got itself into such a pickle over it. Israel and Judaism are not the same thing. Stating that the Jews are bring things on themselves is frankly reprehensible.
  13. What is the point of Labour

    Have you actually read the post you are responding to? "pro jewish whining"? This is the problem Labour have with anti-Semitism. It starts with justifiable criticism of the Israeli government, and quickly descends into criticism of the Jews as a race. Nobody complains as "Israel is bad", and engage in posts like yours where you completely ignore what is right in front of you.
  14. What is the point of Labour

    Reported for clear anti-semitism
  15. What is the point of Labour

    Team: Ayr United. Must be a Tory then....