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  1. Interestingly, it wasn’t “Zionists” being invited to leave and go to Israel, it was “Jews”. Of course, he meant zionists I’m sure...
  2. I understand you perfectly then. If you don’t understand that this statement is clearly anti-Semitic, then it’s no wonder that you don’t understand the Labour party’s problem.
  3. Thanks for your response. Given the CPS don’t operate in Scotland, please forgive me for applying my own legal knowledge to my own moral decisions, rather than yours. Your decisions are your own. And I’m not judging them. Nice of you to judge mine.
  4. Thanks. I’ll be back then (or at other games when I know I can be there)
  5. If it helps, I have no opinion on them, and think everyone makes decisions for their own reasons. Most of the decisions I make in life could be questioned by someone. For instance, I eat meat, and a vegan might not like that. Provided the vegan isn’t forcing me to stop, I’m cool with that. Do I think Clyde were right to sign Goodwillie? Yes, and as I said he probably saved us. Would I celebrate him scoring for us? Hell yes. Would I hate myself afterwards? Yes, I would. My issue, not yours.
  6. I never have and never will. And it was so much better than I’ve seen - honestly night and day.
  7. Yes, I did. I made a decision and stuck by it. I’ve never made a big deal of it, and never said that others should come to the same conclusion. I fully realise that we might have been dead and buried without him, and I rarely missed a game for 25 + years until then. I know how good a player he is, and I know I couldn’t not jump up and celebrate when he scored. I would hate myself for that so have removed myself from that temptation.
  8. For what it’s worth, I’ve not been to a game for 2 and a half years now, and took the opportunity today given the suspension. I’ve only seen the highlights in that period, and seeing it in the flesh I can tell you that as bad as you think it was, Clyde were so much better than the last time I saw them that it’s scary. It might have been the worst performance most on here have seen in a while, but it’s probably about the best I’ve seen in 10 years.
  9. I’m not 100% sure you understand how VAT works. You do realise that if there was VAT on this fuel, the VAT would be recoverable by the purchaser (the airline) in full as input tax? So, in other words, it would not be a sticking cost.
  10. It certainly won’t be replacing the 8% of total sales. Great to see it working (and apparently the drop is twice what had been modelled).
  11. Yes - Think they do. They are very aware that they can't get too out of kilter with the rest of the UK. No-one (sensible) is going to move for £5k a year. Make it £20-30k, and they absolutely will. On the forecast - the whole UK has raised less than forecast - but you knew that already, didn't you?
  12. Actually, the current Scottish Government absolutely get this, and their view is that it is all about "tax take" rather than "tax rate". Derek MacKay has been very consistent on this. It's why Scotland was "gifted" these powers after 2014. They can't really be used in an effective way.
  13. Problem is that not all the taxes are covered - there is no benefit under the devolved settlement for cutting Income Tax in that way, as the beneft of increased CT (for instance) doesn't flow to the Scottish Treasury. Instead, it goes to Westminster, whilst cutting the Scottish tax base. It's why my suggestion above would only work with full control of all the taxes.
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