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  1. Ah, it’s just a crowd w**k. You really might be a Falkirk fan after all
  2. Nope - I’m afraid you are wrong. I would define the size of a Club by what they have achieved. For instance, major trophies. In Scotland, that is the top tier championship, Scottish Cup and League Cup. It is clear that Clyde are a bigger club than either Partick or Falkirk.
  3. I certainly don’t see Falkirk as a “bigger club” either. League 1 jobbers.
  4. The last time I recall us beating an (arguably) bigger club was Celtic in the Scottish Cup almost 15 years ago. I certainly don’t see Partick as being a “bigger club”
  5. Let’s not suggest stuff like this. I want Unionists all to have the same viewpoint as Stormzy here. It’s clearly working for them.
  6. Those numbers are superb - I can’t wait to see what Historywoman is saying on twitter.
  7. Don’t let facts get in the way of a good rant from the anti-schoolers
  8. I had no issues at all with it once it started, which was before kick-off, so no real complaint there. No buffering at all, and I thought the commentary was good too. The Pixalott got less distracted than I had feared it would either.
  9. That’s a relief. It’s not exactLy user friendly, and I thought I was doing something wrong.
  10. So, 80% aren’t then? In other words, the vast majority are ok and might actually care.
  11. Or maybe they do care, but you’re too cynical to see it?
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