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  1. Correct - it’s called “Servant Leadership”. I use it in business all the time.
  2. Yes, it is callous. What you are saying is: Young people = valuable Old people = expendable Some may have been towards the end of their lives, but many had a good number of years ahead of them. Take a look at yourself.
  3. I particularly liked the following paragraphs: “When questioned, the Department of Health declined to discuss how this misstep had occurred. Scotland has avoided this pitfall because it released a separate product - Check In Scotland - to share venue histories, rather than trying to build the functionality into its Protect Scotland contact-tracing app.”
  4. Best episode of this series. Shaping up nicely.
  5. August 2020 - “this is over as a public health emergency”. Not sure how high up the table of “things got right” that ranks tbh.
  6. Well, virginton is a qualified historian (and I suspect a failed educationalist). I have no idea what the credentials of the other 2 are. Happy to be enlightened.
  7. I had the 3 biggest slavers (sic) as: 1. Elixir 2. Todd_is_God 3. virginton
  8. To be fair, in January 2020, we did have fans at stadiums. January 2021, not so much.
  9. Challenging and asking questions are not the same thing. Asking questions is about eliciting information, and hopefully learning from it. Challenging someone on Twitter based on an article in the Telegraph you’ve read, which references some other research which you haven’t read, don’t understand the nuances and don’t know the caveats is not advancing the sum of human knowledge one bit. In this scenario, you are Devi (not an expert - neither is she in the area she was commenting on). Don’t be Devi.
  10. So, not only do you feel equipped to challenge the views of an expert based on an article in the Telegraph, you also believe that Twitter (of all places) allows a nuanced conversation / debate? Edited to add - nothing wrong with you asking questions btw.
  11. You see, this is where it all falls down. I’ve specialised in my field (VAT - not the most interesting) for 25 years. I give advice to clients, and sometimes they google something (normally because I’ve told them something they didn’t want to hear) and present it to me with a flourish. Without fail, it has been wrong, or they have misunderstood what they have read. I love it, as it gives me the chance to explain in painfully small (but expensive) steps, just why they were wrong. Google doesn’t make you an expert. Everything is there. Sometimes, however, you need to either have some experience, or read around the easy answer you’ve found. Now this is just VAT - the easiest of the taxes (as my corporate tax colleagues tell me). Virology or epidemiology? I think they might be a wee bit more complicated. However, if you think “5 minutes on google” makes you an expert, launch in.
  12. Golf? Hairdressers / garden centres? First wave of schools?
  13. I get that. It’s one of my pet peeves though - people in Scotland (or at least in this case posting on a Scottish forum) using English legal terminology should get fired straight into the sea. I’m fighting against this creeping cultural imperialism.
  14. Not in Scotland - there has never been a doctor (or anyone else) charged with manslaughter in Scotland, much less jailed.
  15. Lowest daily rate since September, and lowest 7 day case average since September too.
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