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  1. It took me all of five minutes to see on google that they're out of contract. Spence has been binned on looking again Its like the old "but who would replace the manager if he leaves ?" argument. They're all players with better cv's than Docherty that because of their circumstances might be available to us.
  2. Since when was a captain an indicator of a players quality? We've had plenty of shite captains. Grant Murray, O'Ware wasn't Cammy Bell our captain briefly? Anyone can shout and point fingers.
  3. Even just looking at him on paper, matches what I've seen of him in a player. Mediocre. A diet Stuart Bannigan, the same type of player only has played at a lower level more. Gets booked a lot, rarely scores, and when he wasn't notching up yellow cards, spent most of the season before last as a squad player sitting on the bench loads. Christ we should be thanking our lucky stars we've landed such a baller to build the team around for the next two years. By which time he'll be closing in on 30.
  4. What else is he going to do thats better than what hes landed with us? Stay at Ayr for less money on a year to year contract?
  5. The guy has drifted between league 1 and the Championship and suddenly at age 27 he lucks into a two year full-time deal at a bigger club than hes ever previously been at? Hes won a watch based on his career so far. Hes a plodder.
  6. Docherty is punching above his weight playing for us. Its a Brady/Jimmy Gibson esque signing. We need more dig in the middle. I'd have canned Bannigan if possible as well. The nostalgic ex player chat is utterly tiresome. We need fresh blood, i.e. Blair Lyons, young hungry players who can grow with us. Not c***s on the wrong side of 30 on the way out to come in purely out of sentiment.
  7. Junior Jags not surprisingly taking it quite badly. Very similar to their boy Spittal. Gutless and shite. You need more than the right analogue stick to be a good footballer sadly.
  8. Its pointless. With the developmental loans also players can continue to play in the reserves and out on loan at the same time. The reality is challenge cup early round esque crowds and more guff polluting the lower leagues under the B team banner like we've had recently such as Jamie Barjonas and Lee O'Connor or Stevie Lennon and Darren Cole in years previous, who would otherwise be out on loan anyway before they drift down the leagues and out of the game. Theres a fallacy amongst yer das that somehow crowds will skyrocket and we'll be producing world cup winners. Couldn't be further from the truth based on the evidence we have. Get it in the sea. I have no faith in Jacqui Low not to be bought and paid for by the Old Firm coin though. We've made a habit in recent years of taking their money under some bullshit insincere guise, whether it be fan safety, the colour of the sky or whatever it is they come up with there and then.
  9. I think theres an expectancy though maybe save for Berwick that all those teams will end up replaced in time by ex west/east junior teams closer to the central belt.
  10. The best thing that can happen within the next couple of years is if Stranraer or Annan get relegated from League 2. Hopefully that'll sway teams towards the Highland when theres a realisation the Lowland just doesn't involve trips within the Central belt.
  11. Whats this? I live two minutes from Huntershill and its not fit for purpose. Rossvale definitely have the catchment to do well with the right base though.
  12. I think you are actually probably a better team than ICT at this point and probably a better matchup, but the whole lead up and the day would be a circus. Can still see Inverness losing this despite the equaliser.
  13. With a couple of signings Raith will be in the promotion play offs next year in the Championship. All you'd need to do really is replace the likes of Davidson and Baird with younger, better players.
  14. The standard of the second tier has never been worse. Theres guys who couldn't cut it ten years ago this level suddenly doing well at in their 30s, yer Michael Moffats, Troutens, Bobby Linns. Now you've the second best team in the league with duds like Storey and Toshney starting. Makes me wonder wit the f**k we've been squandering our cash on.
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