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  1. The new setup is totally uninspiring and colour me stunned that the training ground is caput and Jacqui Low is involved. Craft beer wankfest/liberal democrats party meeting makeup on the new "leadership". I've missed loads of games through sheer choice the last 2/3 seasons and the club is doing nothing to get part-timers like me back with the new regime, whether it be the board, this working group of talking heads or as a collective. Just having a team to support isn't enough for me, the diehards will always be there and should be the last priority for the club, yet these are the people who will make every decision about the club, people who are so wrapped up in the bubble and can't see the wood for the trees. What looks like new found rock bottom ambition is just going to further distance me from the club.
  2. Theres a growing number of Thistle fans, mainly weans tbf, who for the last couple of years seem to spend an increasing amount of time on twitter tagging players and giving them abuse because they've had a shite game on a Saturday. De Vita getting it now. Aye that'll help his confidence, publicly tagging the c**t and humilating him online. Cretins.
  3. "Pledges are very important for the club as it creates a new revenue stream that doesn’t exist just now but the day to day operation of the club would still continue as it does now with or without pledges. The club already generates income from fans, hospitality, sponsors, merchandise. If pledges drop off it simply means that a valuable new source of revenue, that doesn’t exist at the moment, would reduce. We would urge every Thistle fan, who is able, to pledge." A begging bucket for a business plan, thats me sold tbh.
  4. I hear Goodwin got a bit of an owning from Jordanhill Jag. And he just sat there and took it. Lol.
  5. Goodwin sounds like a first class gobshite. He'll fit in well with the Thistle For Ever crew then, it's basically a select bunch of know if alls on twitter telling the average fan they know best.
  6. I'm not sure if any of you have paid any attention, but Paul Goodwin is getting himself front and centre of a group of people trying to launch a fans bid more or less funded by Colin Weir and with little overall backing from the Thistle fanbase as a whole to take over the club. Seemingly it didn't go too well for him at Stirling Albion according to a post on here. What was the script him at the club?
  7. I've just kinda slaughtered him in my previous post, but could you provide more info ta.
  8. I e-mailed them last week with some questions and I got ignored. I see someone asked them on twitter earlier about their contributions outside of Weir. Can't say I expect them to get an answer either. There was Goodwin a couple of weeks ago like a right lemon with his retro shirt on outside Firhill talking to STV that he was approachable via phone, e-mail, text, morse code whatever the f**k. Is he a genuine Thistle fan or just one of these talking heads who is always seen when theres chat about a fans group wanting to become involved in a club? I've never seen the guy in my puff and suddenly hes Mr Thistle.
  9. I was relatively behind him until last night,. Theres been a core of Thistle fans who have hunted him since day one because he succeeded Archibald. Stuff like the "promotion was his remit" was nothing more than a soundbite to convey positivity and totally unrealistic given the circumstances. Hes had a clean go at it this year however, and what I've seen more or less has been rubbish. We have some good players, we have a big squad. We are nowhere near promotion, probably going to struggle over the course again and theres teams with a fraction of our resources evidently doing better. Last night was the point of no return for me, it was dreadful. Even sneaking a win last night would have delayed the inevitable. I'm fine with Lennon or McCall in the medium term. I think we need to shed this image of clinging to people with an association to the club however. Its a big part of our weak mentality, we're scared to take risks outside of the box, we pigeon hole ourselves with this mindset. Only fans should run the club, long serving players are irreplaceable, only ex players/legends should manage the club. Its a load of nonsense. Wish the fans would look at things more objectively without the emotion attached to it every single time.
  10. Thats a howling result for Dumbarton. At least looking through the likes of the Hearts and Celtic teams theres a lot of players who have featured regularly at a decent level. St. Mirren just looks like a proper weans team. Surely the nail on Duffy's managerial career is due.
  11. My biggest complaint about Gaz has to be giving a platform to that cabbage on twitter BM.
  12. I don't think we really played good or bad, but I just left that game deflated. The season is realistically already going to amount to nothing IMO, we don't have the resources to challenge and then sustain ourselves in the top league, we'd be fodder. Seeing folk having the Caldwell in and out debate in the same way we got with Archie the last couple of years is beyond repetitive for me. Change is needed at the top, because whilst I don't think we are a flat out rubbish team, we aren't close to promotion and we're on a one way ticket to long term mediocrity, regardless of who the manager or the players are. Bring on the new owners cos I see no light at the end of the tunnel with the current state of affairs.
  13. I'd imagine United or Dundee will win the league, the rest of the teams including us range from mediocre to rubbish on any given day and financially the gap is far too big for the rest to get close. Those two meat heads at the back will cost United points along the way I'd imagine, could do with a player in that position I reckon before the window shuts.
  14. Those John Lambie songs from the Clyde fans were as cringeworthy as anything I've heard from any set of fans including the Old Firm. They were constant right through the first half. Scrambling for relevance.
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