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  1. It's a job retention scheme so on the face of it it's clearly outside the spirit of the legislation if you use it with no intention of retaining those players.
  2. Kind of sums up the British really: 30,000 deaths doesn't seem to register, but one specky bald twat thinking he's better than us and the entire UK is raging.
  3. And there's Jackson Carlow finally realising the inevitable. What a bunch of slithering creeps.
  4. Aye, he's getting credit for being brave, but the only thing that his background – Brexit supporter, multiple jobs – will tell you is that he's an opportunist. Tories who call for a resignation now aren't being principled. They're trying to save their jobs. EDIT: Oh there's a surprise: Murdo Fraser has just stuck his finger in the air to and realised which way the wind's blowing. Everyone must now know Cummings will go, so it's just a question of getting on the right side first.
  5. Adam Tomkins and Douglas Ross described as being principled now. Running for the lifeboats more like. They can see how this is going to end.
  6. Remarkable that John Curtice's analysis of differing views north and south of the border on how respective governments are handling the crisis puts it down to our consistent bias in crediting what is done well to Holyrood and blaming poor performance on Westminster, and in viewing the two governments through a partisan lens. In other words, it reads to me, the Scottish public is unable to rationally judge. He didn't mention other possibilities. That people might respect the fact that Nicola Sturgeon has stood up and delivered a clear and consistent message to the Scottish public just about every single day of the crisis. That she's been decisive yet sympathetic throughout. That she hasn't been seen to promote 'herd immunity' strategies or let her advisers contribute to scientific advisory boards. That she's never bragged about shaking hands with COVID patients and wasn't party to a decision that saw the UK shut out of an EU scheme to buy PPE units. That she's owned up to making mistakes. That in practical aspects, Scotland's approach has differed in small ways: quicker to announce bans on large gatherings and school closures, and flagging measures to end the lockdown well in advance, with the public invited to share their views. Curtice has a lot more insight than me, but I'd be surprised if none of those factors has influenced views.
  7. Why is argument repeated so frequently, as if it's self-evident? What's the logic behind this? How much does a Brechin City suck out of the League's coffers each year? £16,000? You could pay 24 clubs that amount every season and still not match Neil Doncaster's salary. How much does Brechin City contribute in return? And by that I don't mean producing players for big teams (Strachan's sole criterion). I mean in in an afternoon's entertainment, in decent away days, in local employment, in raising local identity and community cohesion? All in all it qualifies as pretty good value. Anyway, he's got some nerve talking about value for money, when you think about what he was paid as Scotland manager to pontificate about genetics.
  8. Not hard to imagine unless you take yourself back to the time when the SNP were implementing these policies. Labour were still all aboard Johann Lamont's 'you can't get something for nothing' bus. Maybe they'd have changed their minds by now – but who'd trust them if they were told to do otherwise by UK Labour? One policy I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have implemented is ending the right to buy. Labour administrations north and south of the border have hedged on this issue for 25 years. The SNP ended it in their first majority administration.
  9. I think we're luckier than most: losing a fair chunk of our highest-earning players without affecting the team. Not often that that's happened.
  10. I love how the Republic doesn't exist. It's just sea.
  11. I see the Faroe Islands are opening their games to fans this Sunday. Each team can bring in only 100 fans per match, and the stadium must leave every second seat and every second row empty.
  12. Not reading other people's views, not being 'in the market' for others' opinions, even red-dotting posts while responding 'with respect': yeah, I feel entitled to call it a narrow attitude.
  13. Here's the link I used to resubscribe a few months back. £2.30 a week for three months. Should deliver anywhere in the UK, although it's been unpredictable during the pandemic (I got six issues delivered in one day the other week). Still, it's not as if you're reading it for breaking news – besides it also includes the digital subscription.
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