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  1. Could only manage a couple of minutes of that. Is Adbul aware he's just prop that allows Rangers supporters to freely air their racist songbook?
  2. Serious question: how many times do Rangers get to celebrate their triumph by rampaging through the city centre? That's three separate occasions so far since March. Have they finished yet?
  3. Call me crazy, but condemning the violence and sectarianism unreservedly might be a start.
  4. Fucking hell - I'll type this slowly so you understand. AJF is choosing to read something from her comments that isn't there. She doesn't even mention 'gatherings' so no idea why he's conflating this with other events. She's condemning a rampage, acts of vandalism and vile sectarianism – and I asked for examples of where Sturgeon had failed to call these out when others had done them. (Answer: no-one else behaves like Rangers fans)
  5. What other instances of violence, vandalism and vile anti-Catholic prejudice has she failed to call out?
  6. Presume testing on Monday showed some positive cases and further testing last night I assume to ensure that any further positives would still be able to play the final
  7. But the players would be available, so it's not an option - at the moment.
  8. I'd be putting Melamed up front to play him back into form – don't think he's looked quite the same the last few games.
  9. Well he probably was to be fair. What I couldn't understand at the time is why some supporters expected a rookie manager to have all the answers straight away. What's impressed me about Davidson is how brave he was to stick to his beliefs, and how quickly he's learned. Still, he's only been a manager for 10 months or so and he's on a hell of a run that will end sometime. He'll still make plenty of mistakes.
  10. Laura Kuenssberg's hot take includes sentences she can't be arsed to finish: "And she will be reminded again and again by unionists that in 2014, she and other figures said the referendum then was a "once in a generation"." And basically, the Holyrood election results are down to Nicola Sturgeon shouting loudest and blaming everything on Westminster.
  11. If it isn't being called an 'intervention' it doesn't count.
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