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  1. We make a big slice of our revenue outside the gate (hospitality etc). We'll have been very badly affected. I doubt the money is there and this week's news makes it likely it won't be available for a long time yet.
  2. Whit? Buckingham Palace saying it's a matter for the people of Barbados? Not even a wee suggestion that they should 'think carefully about the future'? She's losing her touch.
  3. That's clear water now. Not sure the background analysis is great - particularly the fawning over Davidson as a politician of stature – the great white hope of Unionists. Douglas Ross, though, 17% approval - lower than Carlaw already!
  4. That's not surprising given the last few days of rising cases, and I'm not sure of the value of further small-scale tests – there are risks to that. I'd rather wait until October or later for a phased return in bigger numbers.
  5. Me: I'm up early looking for coverage of that Commons vote last night that threatened to destroy Scotland's devolution settlement. BBC:
  6. Muirton Park always had them. And I think we still had some at McDiarmid until the early 1990s.
  7. Pension security was seen as a big thing by older folk in 2014, and you could understand their fear – ruthlessly fomented by the Unionists. But like a lot of Unionist arguments, it's so much weaker now. I don't think people now view the UK Government's approach to pensions as anything reassuring (ask the WASPI women – or have a guess what's going to happen to the 'triple lock' at the next budget).
  8. And an independent Orkney now. Amazing how quickly Unionist arguments have sunk to the fantasist level. The only other thing they'll have to bring out of their armoury will be the 'personal abuse/anti-English' stuff that they manage to concoct every time.
  9. I know this is a thread for bad journalism, but hats off to Jonathan Sutherland. In his report on Neil Lennon's call to have the old firm game played with fans, there's a lovely example of juxtaposition to puncture Lennon's claim that Celtic have been an exemplar in dealing with COVID.
  10. And yet another plus – we haven't heard the 'the people in Scotland do not want another referendum' for a while now. They used to trot that out daily.
  11. Can Ian Murray still be called Labour? He's a Unionist candidate: it's pretty much all he talks about now. Absolutely relies on Tory votes.
  12. It's a fair bet that if Scottish Labour are useless before Scottish independence, they'll be useless after.
  13. Is that a normal retiral or a Chick Young retiral?
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