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  1. I agree that the light blue kit is really smart. Just thought there would have been an SPFL stipulation that teams should ensure that they dont clash with the home kits of other teams in the same league?
  2. Why would Queen's choose blue & light blue for both kits? Did they not realise that they may have to play another team in blue?
  3. And the club expects season ticket holders to pay more again to watch that?
  4. Our new away kit hasn't been officially revealed yet but I'm guessing it's got pink in it!
  5. Two things that are guaranteed in life. Taxes and Smokie trolls on Mo discussion threads!
  6. Holy shit! I've never experienced a game like that in over 50 years following the Mo and I don't think I ever will again. Gutting to lose like that but it cant be denied that Airdrie deserved that with their attacking flair & never say die attitude & I honestly don't think any other team would have recovered form a three goal defecit. Just wondered if any of the Airdrie posters on here were any of the fans who left early when Montrose scored their 3rd? Must be kicking themselves big time for missing that epic comeback. For god sake dont trip up against the QP bores, & best of luck in the Championship if you get there.
  7. Just wondering what happened to Martin Rennie? Doesn't seem to have been involved for ages?
  8. The pot calling the kettle black here? QP sitting fourth in League 1 and the fans are seething!
  9. Airdrie giving us a lesson on how to take your chances.
  10. lol I'm no surprised! Camera man had the heed oot of the box swearing like a trouper!
  11. Still have my Sinclair Spectrum 48K in the loft. It has a curved dent in the keyboard overlay between the N & M keys where I used to roll a golfball to set sprint world records in Daley Thomson's Decathlon! I would love to try and get it going again but I would have to find cabling & a cassette deck from somewhere. I also have an Amiga 500 with a hard drive fitted and a few games on floppy disk. Managed to start it up recently but couldn't do anything with it as the mouse wouldn't work. I was worth it though just to hear that sound from the hard disk. Also have the full range of consoles from PS1 to PS4, XBox to XBox One, and a Wii with one of those Wii fit boards. Just wish I could get my hands on a Series X though!
  12. Disappointing not to get anything from the match but can't be too despondant considering that was our first defeat since mid September and the end of a 14 match unbeaten league run which I think is a new team record for us. (Maybe Steve Doyle can confirm this?) Can't see anyone catching Cove for the title now, but another playoff place is definitely on the cards fo the Mo if we keep our recent run of form going.
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