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  1. I was just wondering what happened to Dawson Park Boy? Must be away resting his case! 😄
  2. Lucas Birnstingl. Fecked off to Canada without telling the club after a howler against the Smokies where he conceded a goal to their goalie and then got sent off later in the match. Apparently now doing well in the Canadian 3rd tier. https://www.pressreader.com/uk/the-courier-advertiser-fife-edition/20190912/282621739412253
  3. It's not his fault. He suffers from foot in mouth disease! 😄
  4. lol then maybe you will feel vindicated as an internet expert! 😄
  5. Up to 800 deaths a day in Italy is hardly minuscule and bear in mind that they don't count deaths at home or in care homes so will be much higher. ~This is the percentage level we will likely be at in 2-3 weeks.
  6. Adults - £15 Concessions - £8 Family admission - £18 (1 adult and 1 Under 16)
  7. Gutted at losing the game in the last minute, But that's fitba' and despite the result it was a really entertaining game. Got to say well done to the Falkirk fans who seemed a good bunch and were much better behaved than some of the numpties we've had recently at LP (Raith, Clyde). Made lots of noise backing their team and added to the great atmosphere today. The cathartic winning goal celebration was something else & I must admit I felt a bit jealous it wasn't us! Also have to say well done for applauding our Under 16s team who won their league recently. 👍
  8. Railway sleepers at the Beach End and right round to the start of the covered South Terrace. And slippy as hell when wet!
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