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  1. Montrose v Rovers

    A great night indeed, with lots of terracing high jinks to add to the excitement
  2. Arbroath vs Montrose

    What was the story with the drone? I saw 2 polis chasing somebody up by the war monument. Was that the pilot?
  3. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    I think your right about needing to strengthen the squad. We are currently paying the price for our lack of transfer success in the summer as we are now basically playing in a higher league with the same team as last season team minus three of its best players.
  4. League One Highlights 2018/19

  5. Montrose v Brechin

    English slang is not really well known in darkest Angus. Maybe you should try the work keegh next time? (although i didn't think we were keegh today!)
  6. Montrose v Brechin

  7. Montrose v Brechin

    The last time we played Brechin in a midweek cup tie at Links Park, there was a healthy and noisy travelling support. Lets hope there is more of the same tomorrow.
  8. Brechin City 2018 /19

    Great video, but Links Park is the wrong wey roond!
  9. Montrose v Brechin

    Really looking forward to this one. Hope to see a lot of traveling fans through and a good atmosphere for our first derby for ages. Expect it to be a tough game with Montrose just edging it for our first home win of the season.
  10. The SPFL Angus League ££1 2018-19

    If that's not a sign to merge, I don't know what is. Lol - still smarting!
  11. 18/19 Kit Thread

    Montrose Third
  12. Montrose -vs- Arbroath

    No pyro no party!
  13. Montrose -vs- Arbroath

    It was probably decided before he sent that lovely cross over to Hester
  14. Montrose -vs- Arbroath

    Poor trolling attempt. Must try harder.
  15. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Mo obsessed