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  1. Thought we played well today just a shame to lose late on and come away with nothing. Thought Falkirk were mostly disapointing throughout the game although there was no doubt that bring on 3 experienced players did make a difference for them. A good sign when your team plays poorly and stills come away with a good result so maybe this is Falkirk's year to escape the seaside league? As for the Mo, on today's performance I think we will be fine & can hopefully challenge for the playoffs again. Excited to see more of our new loan signing Mochrie after a good showing today.
  2. If you look over the wall at the right hand side goal youll see the guys watching the match from on top of their camper van 😃
  3. Steaming seems to be working fine now, although some folks having issues with different devices, e.g. it works fine on one of my smart tv's but not on the other. Stream live here for £12.50 https://montrosefc.univtec.com Might also be worth checking out the guidelines if anyone having connection problems. https://www.montrosefc.co.uk/live/66-live/2316-guidelines
  4. I was just wondering what happened to Dawson Park Boy? Must be away resting his case! 😄
  5. Lucas Birnstingl. Fecked off to Canada without telling the club after a howler against the Smokies where he conceded a goal to their goalie and then got sent off later in the match. Apparently now doing well in the Canadian 3rd tier. https://www.pressreader.com/uk/the-courier-advertiser-fife-edition/20190912/282621739412253
  6. It's not his fault. He suffers from foot in mouth disease! 😄
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