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  1. Somewhereastan is getting closer. Brilliant result. Well done Saints.. Iceland would be nice..
  2. Sevco. Still giving, year after year... The banter over on Ranjurs Meedya is just outstandin ( if not a little scary) http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/304672-the-official-inverness-ct-vs-rangers-match-thread/?page=65
  3. This is beautiful. Brace yersels Dees because you may never see this in one of my posts ever again. Today, right now, at this moment. I fucking LOVE Dundee.. Take that you Sevco Wanks.. That's how much we dislike you.. Please score more Dundee.. Loads more..
  4. He won the first division To the Zombies fans delight But when he hit the big league They discovered he was shit The magic hats now broken, It’s been trampled on the floor, The Sevco board have found out And Warbs was show the door. I just can’t stop laughing Even though he’s lost his living Dodgy Rangers Football club The gift that keeps on giving
  5. yeah, you're right hen I am falling to bits.. Tears in my eyes, heads gone etc etc... Why did I even dare to doubt your wise words..
  6. Sorry do you disagree with what is being said?? Do you think he's doing alright?? Just for a laugh ( cause I need a laugh) lets talk about the 7-0 result or even Lincoln Red Imps.. I am all good Actually after reading that SNP shite on yer banner maybe I am not all good.. forget these results and talk about the referendum result.. No Freedom No Party?? Mair like NO ENOUGH VOTES.. Ah, that feels better.. Good luck with the rest of the season and hopefully our paths will not cross again until the post split fixture.
  7. You know what? I can take losing football matches, it happens, but what I witnessed today just scunners me. Celtic have the best team in the league by a long long way, they spend upwards of £40 million on the team and have some fantastic players but when the man charged with officiating the game does that, it almost makes me want to find something else to do at the weekend. Through his gross ineptitude, Craig Thompson just killed any chance we had, stone fucking dead. It was disgraceful at best and outright cheating at worst. I am PROUD of the team I follow, I thought we did brilliantly this afternoon, the lads gave their all in a contest of 11 v 11, they worked so hard but when it becomes 11 v 12 and the 12th man has all the power you really do think what's the fucking point.
  8. Can I just check whether this is a prediction or a joke RG. You know, just in case . If saints were to do well, I wouldnae be wanting you to be using the old and oft used line " Ah wiz only jokin" So is it 5-0 ????
  9. Yes it's all ticket and it costs too fucking much.... £27. Also, if you havenae got a ticket by now, you are struggling as the ticket office is closed today and they will NOT be selling tickets tomorrow either. Your best hope of securing a ticket if you so desire would be to contact the Supports liason officer ( Bev) [email protected] or 07462526173 she may be able to sort something out.
  10. What a shitefest this has developed into.. All it took was one fucking Coagie tink to do the job..
  11. I was on the bus. My head was only 6 inches from the point of impact, and I can tell ya, no way was it anything other than the standard roadside rock, used for millenia by wee shites to pan bus windae in. As far as I was aware, Maryhills finest had felt some collars, all under the age of being arrested. The best line in the newspaper report was the quote " I thought it was a stone but when I had a look I realised it was an air rifle or worse." WTF does he mean by worse??? Sawnoff shotgun? RPG?? Cruise Missile?? I see in all the comments, not one mention was given about the danger the fans were in. I am now in negotiations to purchase a BAZOOKA prior to the cup game and perhaps a few hand grenades. "DON'T PUSH ME"
  12. Aw diddums.. All you need is a nice wee cuddle and a cup of hot, sweet tea... Poor TB..
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