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  1. If Lewis Gibson scores goals he's already a step ahead of his dad! That was the one thing missing from the young Wullie's game, the ability to put the ball in the back of the net. I think I'm right in saying that his only first team goal during his 100 odd game first spell with Queens was that screamer he scored against Montrose in the cup.
  2. Thanks. I didn't know that. I'd agree with you, we could do with good players but not bad apples.
  3. What was the story behind Watson's hasty departure from Dunfermline? Disagreement with the disagreeable Peter Grant? Training ground fisticuffs? Musical differences?
  4. A much better performance today, lots of hard work and graft from a very makeshift looking team. Nditi and Johnston in particular looked totally out on their feet come full-time. Difficult to judge the legitimacy of our goals - the replays didn't make things much clearer. Connelly looked in line with Broadfoot for the first, the second there were too many bodies between Roy and the camera to see if the ball took a deflection. Connelly, Rae and McGrory were the stand out players and Gordon brought more of a forward dynamic to the midfield which is much needed. We desperately need to sign a centre back in this window though to play alongside McKay when he returns - East is reasonably competent but prone to the odd gaffe, and I think it's time that the Gibson-as-centre-back experiment was dropped as he is also understandably error prone in that unfamiliar role and is much more influential when able to venture forward. Inverness blew it by being wasteful in and around the box. Walsh gave us problems all afternoon and was I thought their best player, but the usually impressive Carson failed to threaten as much as he usually does. They have definitely been the poorest of the top 5 in games against Queens this season. Gretna 2008?
  5. He's been back to his old self today. Involved in everything positive that we have done.
  6. It's safe to say that with that midfield we aren't going to be treated to a tiki-taka masterclass. Anyone know why Todd is missing? He's been the best of a bad bunch in recent weeks.
  7. Interesting to read in the ICT match preview on the OS that AJ is saying "we are in the bottom two and we are all playing for our futures". Could it be that the board is finally losing patience and have warned him that his jacket is on a shoogly peg and if he doesn't get his act together and start winning games he'll be shown the door?
  8. Whoever plays up front is on a hiding to nothing due to AJ's loan striker tactic. Get us back to a 4-4-2 and we might actually see our strikers do something other than run around like headless chickens chasing lost causes. Edit - lone striker not loan striker!
  9. I suppose the positive thing about the Gordon signing is that Liddle's game-time will be more limited.
  10. I think that for clubs like Queens whose average attendance is probably bang on the 1000 mark the Scottish Government have left no room to over-complicate things any further. It places the club in an impossible situation regarding the number of tests/passports required unless they can miraculously predict the exact attendance in advance of the first fan arriving at the ground. I'm truly sick to the back teeth of power drunk politicians (of all parties). We really do need a "none of the above" option on ballot papers.
  11. I know you aren't asking me, but I'll answer anyway A centre-back, a right-sided midfielder and 2 strikers who can actually hit the target would be ideal. That said, if Cochrane is still weeks away from fitness I'd dispense with one of the above strikers for a central midfielder.
  12. This. He blames both the officials and Nditi. It can't be both - either Nditi has committed rash fouls which the refs have rightly penalised or he has tackled fairly and the refs have got it wrong.
  13. Not guaranteed... our buffoon of a manager has threatened to drop Nditi, and would probably do so just to prove a point.
  14. Oh, I think that's well within our (in)capability... With the other 4 sides in the bottom half playing each other it's imperative that we get something out of this game. Even with Gibson and Cameron back in the team I don't hold out much hope to be honest but at least we can be sure that "the players that are available will give it everything" .
  15. Pointless to bring in 4 quality loan signings but be stuck with a manager who doesn't have a clue how to get the best out of them. Just get him punted and give Gibson the job until the summer. If it doesn't work it then so be it, but the board need to roll the dice and try something different to get us out of this rut because AJ certainly isn't capable of doing it.
  16. Hopefully he isn't included in next season's Football Manager database.
  17. FFS striker off midfielder on. Is there no limit to AJ's ambition?
  18. Who would you bring on from that bench? If only he'd do something really radical like allowing Johnston and Cooper to get forward we might even have a shot on goal at some point.
  19. You're suggesting he went into the game with a plan?
  20. AJ seems happy to let Killie do what they want. The most frustrating aspect is that Junior is winning most of his flick-ons on the rare occasion we get the ball forward but there isn't another Queens player in sight when he does. It goes without saying that we'll sit in again for another 40 minutes and try and scramble a goal on the break before throwing players forward in the dying minutes, probably after we've conceded another couple. It's just dawned on me that we have to suffer another 18 months of this clown manager. Now over to Flash for a breakdown of how we get on after we lose the first goal...
  21. I see McKechnie has extended his contract until June. We might even see him on the pitch before then No need for them. He just repeats himself in every interview anyway.
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