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  1. Mebude MOTM today. Fantastic turnaround. AJ is beginning to win me over.
  2. I assumed it was Doric co-commentator language
  3. I wish the commentators would cut out the folksy shit and just talk about what's happening on the pitch and forget what's going on on twitter too. Hovering over the mute button as I type this.
  4. A good Queens surname. Hopefully young Ciaran can make an impact like Peter, Chopper & Ian Dickson all did in the distant past...
  5. Never thought I would ever see the day that "really good" and "Graham Spiers" were used in the same context.
  6. That was never a penalty! I'm didn't see the incident but I'm sure it wasn't.
  7. To be honest I'm not sure what Heston gain from playing in front of 30-40 folk at Palmerston other than the fact that the fact that Maryfield is is a marsh in the winter. That said there are other options such as Marchmount, St Joes or the Crichton. I've never been a fan of groundsharing. Having your own ground is something to be proud of.
  8. The females in my team aren't really football minded and a couple of the guys are more into rugby or *sharp intake of breath* cricket. Of the rest of us we have 3 x QOS 2 x Celtic 3 x Rangers 1 x Oldham 1 x Man U A couple of the OF fans claim to support QOS as their wee team but struggle to name any player other than Dobbie.
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