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  1. Yeah Danny is probably the most over-rated driver on the grid. I suspect a large part of the appeal is how charismatic he is. He is good, but some people seem to think he is a top of the range driver when he is really not.
  2. That would be quite important. Otherwise it would be a case of whoever best St Cuthberts by more just needing a draw.
  3. I think that is a pretty good draw for Rangers. Braga and RB Leipzig/Atalanta are definitely winnable ties, especially with the home leg second. Avoiding West Ham, Barca and Lyon is a big result for them imo.
  4. Yeah I think that is a good draw for sure. Also good for the co-efficient situation potentially as they have the chance to knock-out a Serbian team and they are still a threat to us for next season.
  5. Yep agreed. I thought Morton were terrible at advertising in the local area, but Clyde are something else. I lived in Blackwood, literally 1km on foot from Broadwood, for over 4 years until last October and you would never know that Clyde existed. The Colts have far more presence in Cumbernauld ffs.
  6. They will get a second at most given his age and contract imo.
  7. None and OF being happy are the most likely answers to these questions. As we both know - this is really all about prospect hoarding for the OF and OF help to the LL in expanding promotion/relegation from the SPFL for the LL. Could B Teams improve our National Team in the long run? I think that is very unlikely, but who knows. But ultimately the lower leagues should not be greatly devalued for anything, even if it was guaranteed improvement for the SNT.
  8. Kelty Hearts abstained, which is effectively the same as voting against, and Caledonian Braves are one of the bad guys. Scrapping the playoffs is not the answer here. If you look at it, it is the clubs that will be if the playoffs in the coming years that voted against it. Plus I don't think it is within the SPFLs remit to do it.
  9. I actually think the Dolphins will consider trading down if they get a good offer. That number 6 pick could be very valuable if only one of the top 5 QBs are still available and could net them a lot more than the 2022 first they gave up to get it.
  10. No chance. He was a great player, but he is so low down the list of WRs that he is never getting into Canton.
  11. I suspect he will retire and then sign for the Bucs week 12 to be ready to play after the week 13 bye. His knees won't hold up for a full season, but should be ok for limited use for the last five games and the playoffs.
  12. Yeah exactly. He is going to be a very good player at least.
  13. It is situation dependent. For the Bears I would say definitely.
  14. Trevor Lawrence is a concensus generational talent and has been forecast as being the number 1 overall pick in this draft since his freshman season. He is the best prospect since Andrew Luck or arguably even Peyton Manning. He is the safest pick and also has a very high upside. Then you have a gap to the next four QBs. You have a high floor but low upside pick in Mac Jones and three players who gave huge potential in Wilson, Fields and Lance. It is one of the better QB classes in the last decade plus. I suspect all five of them will been gone by pick 9.
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