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  1. Have to say that all the contributors have really excelled for this issue considering we only remembered about the printers' holiday (or were reminded of it) last week. It is an excellent edition with some really good reads. Well worth the £2. The layout & presentation have been changed with more improvements to be made for the first league campaign edition.
  2. Just for info Saturday’s game at Kirriemuir is free entry for all.
  3. Have to say the EF away kit is much better in the flesh than the pics show
  4. Diageo have repeatedly told us that they cannot be associated with single football team. That’s fine but have you ever looked at the main sponsors board at Alloa! Very strange!
  5. If you desist from throwing stones then yes it will!
  6. The computer has been particularly unforgiving to us the two weeks before Christmas, Stranraer away followed by Peterhead away! Better get my shopping done in November me thinks!
  7. Mike Moran. With that I shall leave this particular thread never to return due to embarrassment!
  8. Worked for me, never been busier! I’ve entered again this year but to be honest I genuinely hope it’s someone else wins this year & the best way to ensure that is to have loads of entries, over to the masses.
  9. 13 of his goals were against East Fife ffs! Or at least 3 were but it felt like more!
  10. Better hope we don’t draw Waterford away, that would be a nightmare to get to!!!
  11. Not allowed to post in this forum til GTF Day!
  12. Typical you to spoil it Gordon! [emoji848][emoji848][emoji848]
  13. Very good quality, we would have been able to use our current home kit again next season if it wasn’t for the sponsor changes. Black kit will be used for a second season and red / white has lasted two full seasons as well. Haven’t heard of any issues with replicas either
  14. There will be no room on the gantry when Falkirk TV comes to town next season, mair gear than the BBC outside broadcast unit and that's rich coming from us!! Can't wait for the battle of the commentator double acts! And here's another couple just for fun !!!
  15. Jees they are determined to get these colt teams in by any means. Of course the two colt teams will be the ugly sisters & that is all they care about!
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