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  1. Nope, no training either. Full shut down
  2. Sorry to interject here but I thought it would interesting to let you know about the artificial pitch at Bayview. This is now our 3rd year (4th season) we have been playing on it & the vast majority of user say it is as good as it was when first laid. This is not by luck though, our pitch actually gets more maintenance than our much vaunted grass pitch, around 9-10 hours per week but even with that we would be looking to have the surface relaid in 6-8 years. Synthetic pitches will struggle to pass SFA testing after that time scale. Without that maintenance our game yesterday would have been in doubt as our grounds man did his usual Friday work (yes on New Year’s Day) and scattered the prefrost salt. That plus the fact that we had a junior game kick off at 10am meant that any frost was broken up ahead of our game. We are similar to Montrose in that it is a local charity who maintain & lease the pitch so that financial burden has been taken away from the club. The whole project though would not have been possible without a £350k grant from Fife Council & £50k from the SFP. We were also fortunate that our drainage system was ideal to use with synthetic pitches so a lot of money was saved there. Meandering a bit now but getting a good synthetic pitch is major financial investment for any football club.
  3. Unfortunately David McCracken did his post match interview with the press as we were filming our own interviews so didn’t get him. I see from your match report that we cheated yesterday by not only having Brett Long in goals but also the Montrose keeper too! 😊
  4. Said it before & I will always say this. Our commentators are no more biased than any other home team & I will never ask them to change. Kenny D was superb today as on the previous occasion he did co-comms.
  5. Pitch is in perfect condition with a game already underway on it this morning.
  6. No we will be using our new 4K camera. Used it for the first time v Forfar & the picture quality was superb. So that we have a balanced view on the game we will have Kenny Deuchar on co-comms. He was brilliant when he did the Airdrie game, sure he will on his A game this week!
  7. I can only assume you’re making reference to the cult American tv Programme as I’ve never seen it!
  8. You should try sitting next him! I’ll never ask anyone to curb their enthusiasm
  9. That is completely correct, saw Darren Young explaining that to Ian Murray at the time
  10. Some brilliant alternate angles in the EFtv highlights package which should be up soon
  11. Thanks for your comments guys, they really are appreciated. I know that my enjoyment of the result was tempered by the knowledge that we had let some folk down, we are perfectionists and it hurts when things don't go to plan. Disappointed that some have escalated their complaint to Paypal which could result in us losing some credibility on that front but hopefully folk see what we are trying to do & accept some issues. The alternative is nothing.
  12. Just watched the side camera footage. The no 18 Hamilton plays Waldo onside by at least a yard. The disallowed goals are clear fouls more obvious from the wider angle
  13. We had a camera in line with the 18 yard box so we’ll see when we get the footage
  14. When you see the disallowed goals they are clear fouls by Neill. Thing is if he didn’t foul both guys would have scored anyway. Any anger should be directed at one person
  15. This an amazing game for the neutrals but not for the faint hearted! 50-75 minutes was the more nerve wracking period for the home support but we were in the ascendancy for the last 15 minutes. Both managers agreed that it could have ended up 7-7. Two teams going for it made it really entertaining particularly in the first half. The issues with the stream is as frustrating for us as it is to the viewers BUT we genuinely believe we have identified & rectified the issues. Dumbarton game will be so much better.
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