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  1. Have to say i am also surprised that our fans will be in the north stand. If we bring 100 tonight that will be pretty good considering the weather but surely we could have been housed in the north end of the main stand?
  2. It will be on EFtv if we can possibly stream it. Last time the 4g signal in the stadium was awful but hopefully it will ok this time. 4g is so temperamental, first game at Clyde was perfect, last game dreadful. Here’s hoping though
  3. Why you would want a Falkirk win beats me!!!!
  4. Best thing yesterday was the appearance of Kevin Smith. He will be like a new signing for us & will offer us so much in the coming months. Nice touch for Aggy to hand over the captain’s armband to him too. Class
  5. The official attendance for last week was 1998. Everyone including hostipality & other hingers on must be allocated a seat. Hope that answers your question
  6. May I be the first to pop my head above the parapet aka League One to wish fans of all clubs in our division a very merry Christmas. Peace & goodwill to everyone until the 28th! Joyeaux Noel mes amies
  7. What a load of hot toddy right enough! We haven’t got anyone in our team who could try to kick Hendry or anyone else for that matter off the park!
  8. Well unfortunately they were! The game was filmed but the memory cards were mislaid & never found, unbelievable but true. There were so many personal videos doing the rounds at the time it didn’t seem that much of a loss but I just thought about this the other day & realised that in fact it is so apologies for that
  9. It will be a dark day when hell freezes over that there are no EFtv highlights!
  10. Waldo says the guy just ran into him as he was lying on the ground!
  11. Just seen a clip of the second goal, just wait til you see Waldo’s ‘tackle’!!!
  12. Wasn’t pretty (so I’m told) but hey who cares! Brilliant result
  13. There is a diversion from Girvan to Newton Stewart but that’s via country roads. Team bus using the M74. Stranraer say they will use the diversion for their bus so it’s choose your pick.
  14. Naw he’s not on the trip tonight. Not drinking tonight in case I have to go down to Newcastle to post bail for anyone!! Nah, alcohol consumed so you’re on your own guys!
  15. Falkirk young team booing the East Fife ball boys at the start of the game was hilarious. Yeah they’re the root of your troubles #kidslivingtgedream
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