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  1. Moving away from Serie A...things are pretty tight just now in Serie B. Just 6 points between top and second bottom. Parma are woefully inconsistent right now. In recent weeks they've taken a point at top of the table Palermo and won away at Venezia (the only team to beat them so far). But they've also fucked a two goal lead at home to Salernitana, whilst going on to finish with 9 men. Been pumped heavily at Perugia and lost to other 'title rivals' Pescara and Empoli. In the Empoli game they trailed at HT, and within 7 minutes of the restart had managed to equalise, fall behind again and also miss a penalty. Absolutely useless. It's too early to write off their chances of challenging at the top of the table given how much of the season is still to go, but it's not been a great start.
  2. Milan could have had four or five this half already.
  3. Milan deserving of that, been all them since HT.
  4. Kessie taken off. Montella is a tube.
  5. Borini is pish. Should either be scoring the first effort or knocking the rebound across to Silva who could have had a tap in.
  6. What a fucking ball from Candreva.
  7. As for the game later, going by the two derbies from last season, tonights could be a cracker. Inter haven't been that impressive this season, despite their position in the table. Milan have been shite, but could see them raising their game for this - there is a good side in there somewhere. Don't care who wins really, just hoping for goals!
  8. I'm sure every Serie A game is live on all your usual betting sites. I know B365 show every game, along with those from La Liga and the Bundesliga. Serie A games don't tend to have commentators though, although strangely their Serie B streams do.
  9. Get it right fucking up them and that wee dick.
  10. And the Milan derby tomorrow night as well. Not bad.
  11. Dybala penalty saved. Referee used VAR and still decided it should stand, never a penalty IMO.
  12. Juve goal disallowed due to Lichtsteiner being a c**t, and now Atalanta have equalised.
  13. Atalanta v Juve has been decent. Juve dominated the opening 25/30 minutes or so, going 2-0 up, but Atalanta got one back relatively quickly and probably should have equalised since.
  14. Aye, the red card ruined it, really. Torino were looking pretty good and were causing Juve some problems, not so much since.
  15. What a fucking goal from Mertens. 3-1.
  16. Scenes. Napoli from 1-0 down to 2-1 up with two goals in two minutes.
  17. Roma pump Benevento 4-0 in the 'early' kick off, with the help of two own goals. Roma could have scored more and Benevento were worth a goal or two themselves. The game was pretty end-to-end throughout, although Benevento gave up a little after the 4th. Juventus v Fiorentina and Lazio v Napoli tonight should be great.
  18. Can't see them turning this around as it stands, should be further behind.
  19. Verdi puts Bologna in front with a screamer. They've been superb, Inter haven't been in it.
  20. Bologna all over Inter at the start of this game.
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