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  1. He's actually not bringing on Insigne, fucking hell.
  2. That sums Candreva up. Could have taken a touch and dinked it in, instead just puts his foot through it. Tit.
  3. I'd be tempted with Gagliardini instead of De Rossi, but other than that, good shout. Candreva does my fucking head in.
  4. Napoli dropping points again. Even Milan stuck 4 past Chievo FFS. Getting very tight at the top though: I expect Lazio to win their game in hand against Udinese that was called off today, but Roma have a tougher game away at Samp.
  5. All Benevento in the second half, Lazio haven't look that arsed at all. Don't think Benevento have it in them to get another two, though.
  6. Hate that (fat) b*****d. Milan have been absolutely shite though, to the surprise of no-one. Their only hope of making the CL next year is by winning the EL, they're getting nowhere near the top 4, even if they were to dump Montella.
  7. Just got home to find mine waiting for me, hoping to get a wee bit of time on it tonight. I think this'll be my first 3D Mario game. I'd not really given much attention to Nintendo consoles before the Switch (I owned an N64 as a kid and had a Wii for a bit, but beyond that...) so I've never been too fussed about Mario games in general up until now. This does look fantastic, though.
  8. Plenty of goals in the midweek games in Serie A: Inter 3-2 Sampdoria, Atalanta 3-0 Verona, Roma 1-0 Crotone, Cagliari 2-1 Benevento, Genoa 2-3 Napoli, Juventus 4-1 SPAL, Fiorentina 3-0 Torino, Bologna 1-2 Lazio, Chievo 1-4 Milan & Sassuolo 0-1 Udinese. Benevento thought they'd gotten their first ever Serie A point with a 94th minute penalty...only for Cagliari to go right up the park from the kick-off and get a winner. In Serie B, Parma are up to 6th after their second successive win, last nights being a 3-0 victory at Foggia. Still incredibly tight in the league though, just 10 points separating top to bottom, looks set to be a cracking season.
  9. If it was even as much as 5 seconds. Hilarious. The Udinese boy had him absolutely rattled to the point he ended up getting himself sent off over it. Shame about the scoreline though.
  10. Very good game that, especially considering one side played an entire half and more a man down. Verona will probably be fine if they can tighten up the defence a bit, Chievo will be comfortably mid-table.
  11. What a shite finish. Surely they'll see this out now.
  12. Correct decision IMO. Good chance the header was going in had it not hit the arm of the defender.
  13. Chievo in front now. They've been well on top since falling behind.
  14. Decent game for a 0-0. Opens the door for Lazio and Juventus to close the gap tomorrow.
  15. Strong-ish Napoli line-up tonight. Obviously have one eye on the Inter game by dropping Jorginho and Allan.
  16. https://imgur.com/a/O6L7j First review for Super Mario Odyssey is out via Edge magazine. Incase anyone wants to avoid any spoilers about the game itself - they gave it a perfect 10/10. Never been that big on Mario games really, but really looking forward to this.
  17. Second half was a lot better than the first, but still not great. Benevento are in a bad way, just don't look good at all. But it's perhaps unfair to judge them too harshly given they've had a relatively tough start - Roma, Inter, Napoli, Torino and Sampdoria all played already, they might even have gotten something tonight were it not for the red card. Still, they need a result and need it quick. With Fiorentina, Juve and Lazio all in their next 4 games, they might still be waiting a while yet.
  18. Awful decision, which sums up that first half. Both teams are absolutely shite. Verona should be ahead though.
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