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  1. Fancy Atalanta to put Juve out tonight. Hopefully, anyway.
  2. f**k sake, thought it was a 6pm kick off for some reason.
  3. Was pretty pleased overall with Eleven Sports, £6 a month for La Liga and Serie A (plus the odd Eredivisie game) was great value. Hadn't had Sky in years, so have never watched that much La Liga, but ES coverage of it has been pretty great, so I'll likely keep that for the rest of the season, where they will then most likely lose the rights. Premier Sports seems okay - BT would have been better to keep most of the big European leagues on one platform - but paying twice the price for pretty much just Serie A is a bit shite. Will probably take up the half price offer for the rest of the season and see how it goes.
  4. I was going to go to it but overslept. Ooft. You missed out! Also, f**k Juve. Absolutely rotten the entire game, and are gifted with a tap in and a penalty. Arseholes.
  5. Anyone else catch Chievo v Fiorentina? What a ridiculous game of football, literally had everything.
  6. Dempsey is an utter fanny, red card FFS. Hutchison unfortunately rocks up quite a lot as a co-commentator on Serie A games, back when it was on BT and even now on Eleven Sports. Never shuts up and most of the time is just talking utter bollocks.
  7. Unfortunately he's appeared a few times this season on some of the league matches. Decent match tonight, despite the result.
  8. Really good first half that. Genoa should be in front.
  9. Inter did start pretty badly to be fair, dropped 8 points in their opening 4 games, all games which you'd have expected them to win. Could easily have been sitting up alongside Juventus. Their shite start is made all the more annoying given they've been pretty much flawless (results wise at least) since that opening set of games.
  10. River have missed a fair few decent chances here. Boca have looked pretty mince apart from the goal.
  11. Every game I watched on BT last season I streamed through their website, and it was always 60-90 seconds behind, with Sky Sports through Sky Go (Desktop App + PS4 app) being better, but still a good 30/40 seconds or so, so I was expecting some lag or a delay here as well. Can't say it bothers me at all, tbh. The service seems pretty good so far for £6.
  12. Great first half between Sassuolo and Inter, with Sassuolo 1-0 up. Inter have been awful, particularly in midfield, but still fancy them to get back in this. Torino v Roma was equally good in the earlier game, peach of a finish from Dzeko to win it. Parma currently 1-0 up on Udinese at HT.
  13. The teams for Pirlo's testimonial are pretty decent.
  14. Inter equalise and Lazio now down to 10 men!
  15. Terrific first half. Could easily have had another 2 or 3 goals.
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