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  1. Pretty decent start to the football being back. There's fewer things sweeter in football than Juventus losing, even more so than when it's to Napoli AND even better that it was a final.

    Good to see Atalanta picking up where they left off as well. Hopefully they keep going and get another CL spot, would be massive for them.

  2. Finished it last night at around 27-28 hours. Absolutely loved it, tbh. Some more thoughts in the spoiler below.


    Don't click it unless you've finished the game.




    I read and watched some of the spoilers and leaks that came out, particularly the ones surrounding Joel's death and it didn't take anything away from my experience, although I was surprised at how early on it happens! But, I'd kinda forgotten about it within an hour or two once you get to Seattle. The combat and exploring was so enjoyable, that I just put the whole story out of my mind and had a blast tearing through the first infected you come across. Loved some of the interactions between Dina and Ellie, too. Not quite on the level of Joel + Ellie in the first game, but still pretty great.

    The pacing did feel a bit off compared to the first game, although a lot of that I'm sure is to do with the new semi-open world areas giving you more freedom to explore and dick around rather than pushing on with the story, albeit that it's entirely optional. The flashback stuff dropped the pace down considerably as well, but there was a point to it, so it didn't dampen things too much - the museum flashback in particular was fucking brilliant.

    The part I enjoyed the least, and this seems to be the case for a lot of people from what I've read, at least initially, was when you start over in Seattle playing as Abby. We'd just reached a huge point in the game with Abby storming in to the Theatre and confronting Ellie...only to be dragged away for about 10 hours. That first hour playing as Abby I fucking hated every second. I just wanted to get back to what had just happened! Bearing in mind, your only real experience with Abby until this point was a little bit of time playing her at the start, where Joel and Tommy rescue her...only for her to cave Joel's head in. So throwing you right in to a lengthy play time with her is a pretty ballsy move from the directors. Not surprised it pissed a lot of people off.

    It pays off though. Some of the best parts in the game come from playing as Abby, it's just getting beyond that first hour or so until the game settles in to her story. The chapter on the Scar Island was a standout. And the way it all worked its way back around to the theatre was superb. Plus, playing that boss fight as Abby AGAINST Ellie felt so bizarre. I let Ellie kill me multiple times just for the joy of it.

    The ending definitely had me tearing up. The fuckers. I'm not sure if I prefer it over the first game, it's a tough call. Hell of an experience though. I was absolutely drained emotionally by the end.

    Also, the fucking whistling from the Scars is horrific. I played the whole game with headphones and that scared the shit out of me every single time.

    Lev needs a spin-off or some DLC. Probably my favourite character in the game after Ellie.


  3. 14 minutes ago, senorsoupe said:

    A little less than that 240 CAD is about 140 pounds so that works out to a little more than 9 quid per game for a season ticket holder.  

    Not too bad that. A lassie I work with is from just outside Hamilton, hence my interest in the league (and Forge in particular). Sure I read a wee while back they were looking at having about 5 or 6 thousand season ticket holders which would be a great start. Really hope it's a success tbh.

  4. 28 minutes ago, highlandcowden said:

    tomorrow nights Cagliari game is eleven sports according to" live football on tv" but not the 1800 Frosinone game

    Weird. Their own website isn't listing it (http://fixtures.elevensports.uk/), so I assume they probably aren't showing it. Looks to be the same next week: both Saturday games and the Sunday Evening games, but no earlier games from Sunday or Monday.

    Edit: No Monday games next week anyway, but they're showing the Lazio game from Thursday, but not the Roma one on Friday.

  5. Yeah I just noticed that too, went to stick the Torino game on and see what 2pm kick off was on, and there's f**k all until the Inter game at 5. Not showing any of the two games tomorrow night either. Just subbed to PS player for the free month and reduced cost. I like switching between the laptop and TV for watching games, but being on Virgin I'd need to pay twice to do so, so went with the player and I'll just cast it to the TV.

  6. 12 minutes ago, DG.Roma said:

    Hi mate I see you've taken the plunge with Premier. Are you watching with Sky or just streaming/Chromecasting with an app? Thanks

    Can't decide what to do yet, I've enjoyed Eleven Sports but haven't been able to watch as much as I'd hoped. Getting the ice hockey with Premier makes it tempting, but only if the app's good and can be casted to TV.

    You can use Chromecast with the app, yeah. If I take out a sub I'll probably go with that, it's how I watched Eleven Sports most of the time. A bit shite that you get access to Premier player if you have Sky, but not Virgin. 

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