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  1. Leipzig and Atletico (along with Lyon if they got through) were my preferences for Atalanta out of the sides left. Get past PSG and that's an unbelievable chance at the final.
  2. Pretty decent start to the football being back. There's fewer things sweeter in football than Juventus losing, even more so than when it's to Napoli AND even better that it was a final. Good to see Atalanta picking up where they left off as well. Hopefully they keep going and get another CL spot, would be massive for them.
  3. Finished it last night at around 27-28 hours. Absolutely loved it, tbh. Some more thoughts in the spoiler below. Don't click it unless you've finished the game.
  4. 1-1 draw in the opening game, with a great finish for the Forge equaliser. Quite enjoyed that tbh. 17,611 at the game.
  5. OneSoccer have their prices up, not too bad.
  6. Atalanta v Fiorentina in the Coppa on BT just now. First leg ended 3-3 and Fiorentina are 1-0 up tonight after a few minutes.
  7. Not too bad that. A lassie I work with is from just outside Hamilton, hence my interest in the league (and Forge in particular). Sure I read a wee while back they were looking at having about 5 or 6 thousand season ticket holders which would be a great start. Really hope it's a success tbh.
  8. What's that, about a tenner a game? Not too bad IMO. Shirt cost is mental, though.
  9. Also, some of the kits are crackers. If not all of them.
  10. 'Mon The Forge! Hopefully the games end up getting streamed on the betting sites at least. Really interested in seeing how this goes.
  11. Supposedly the new Juve shirt... Edit: It's real!
  12. Never like seeing Napoli lose, but it's all for the greater good of helping Atalanta make the CL. What a team.
  13. Or not. Great game though. Great block to deny Cutrone at the end, Milan were shit for a lot of the game but probably deserved a point.
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