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  1. Italian Football Thread

    Or not. Great game though. Great block to deny Cutrone at the end, Milan were shit for a lot of the game but probably deserved a point.
  2. Italian Football Thread

    Inter have actually looked competent tonight. Still fancy another goal in this.
  3. Italian Football Thread

    Fiorentina v Inter was pretty fun. Parma v Napoli less so.
  4. Italian Football Thread

    Neither Eleven or Premier Sports showing the Parma game, despite having 5 channels between them. f**k paying £10 a month next season for rugby and hockey to take priority.
  5. Eleven Sports

    Weird. Their own website isn't listing it (http://fixtures.elevensports.uk/), so I assume they probably aren't showing it. Looks to be the same next week: both Saturday games and the Sunday Evening games, but no earlier games from Sunday or Monday. Edit: No Monday games next week anyway, but they're showing the Lazio game from Thursday, but not the Roma one on Friday.
  6. Eleven Sports

    Yeah I just noticed that too, went to stick the Torino game on and see what 2pm kick off was on, and there's f**k all until the Inter game at 5. Not showing any of the two games tomorrow night either. Just subbed to PS player for the free month and reduced cost. I like switching between the laptop and TV for watching games, but being on Virgin I'd need to pay twice to do so, so went with the player and I'll just cast it to the TV.
  7. Eleven Sports

    Quick google brought this up: https://www.premierplayer.tv/subscribe/existing-customer
  8. Eleven Sports

    You can use Chromecast with the app, yeah. If I take out a sub I'll probably go with that, it's how I watched Eleven Sports most of the time. A bit shite that you get access to Premier player if you have Sky, but not Virgin.
  9. Italian Football Thread

    Fancy Atalanta to put Juve out tonight. Hopefully, anyway.
  10. Italian Football Thread

    Oh ya fucker.
  11. Italian Football Thread

    f**k sake, thought it was a 6pm kick off for some reason.
  12. Eleven Sports

    Was pretty pleased overall with Eleven Sports, £6 a month for La Liga and Serie A (plus the odd Eredivisie game) was great value. Hadn't had Sky in years, so have never watched that much La Liga, but ES coverage of it has been pretty great, so I'll likely keep that for the rest of the season, where they will then most likely lose the rights. Premier Sports seems okay - BT would have been better to keep most of the big European leagues on one platform - but paying twice the price for pretty much just Serie A is a bit shite. Will probably take up the half price offer for the rest of the season and see how it goes.