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  1. I was in the Family Stand and there were quite a number of faces (mostly younger guys) who I'd never seen before. Assume they were Celtic fans. Mates in the West Bank also said there were a decent number exiting, presumably Celtic fans, from the FS before the final whistle. There was no bother but it did cross my mind at 2-0 what might occur if Celtic were to pull it back in the dying minutes. There's quite a high turnover of stewards in the Family Stand and it's not unusual for them to be young women. Might be worth the club having a wee think about stewarding arrangements for these OF games. Stewarding & police presence is usually focused at the W7 corner but there is now potential for flashpoints elsewhere when the OF visit.
  2. I believe that makes it 7 players in our squad who have been capped by their country. Surely a record? Carson, Strain, Gallagher, Gogic, Baccus, Brophy, Greive.
  3. Gogic will be a happy man tonight: a famous win for Cyprus over Greece. He came on as a sub in the 75th minute.
  4. Something I really liked yesterday was the negligible effect the loss of both Strain and Tanser had on our play. We were forced into 3 changes in position across that back 5 with more than 20 minutes still to play: Strain-Fraser-Gallagher-Dunne-Tanser Fraser-Gogic-Gallagher-Dunn-Tait The last thing you want is that kind of disruption to your defence when trying to hold onto a lead against Celtic. However, our depth of squad coupled with how well-drilled the players are meant that we could cruise to the final whistle.
  5. Our best opening 7 matches in the top flight for 54 years (68/69 season). If it had been 3 points for a win back then we'd have been on 13 points after 7 games. This season we're on 12. The last time we won 4 of our first 7 games in the top flight was 59 years ago (63/64 season). Coincidentally, the 4th win in that run was 2-1 v Celtic at Love Street.
  6. I happened to meet a close friend of the Reids the other day. Said that Josh is a Rangers fan but not at the same level as his old man. Signing for Celtic would not be a problem. The reason why he didn't go in July was because he was under the impression that he'd get game time for us in the Premiership. Obviously that hasn't happened so perhaps that's why there's chat of the Celtic deal being back on. Guaranteed Lowland League game every Saturday.... Apparently he fancies going to England but it doesn't look like there's any interest at the moment.
  7. Sympathy for Jack. The humiliation is complete. Dundee United increasingly looking like a bit of a basketcase though. Huge financial losses posted every year with their US owner seemingly pumping £13 million into the club in the space of just 3 years. Looks ominous.
  8. Our possession stats for these 3 victories make for interesting reading: v Hibs 31% v Dundee United 31% v Ross County 41% Relaxed about giving the opposition the ball as the way we're set up they'll struggle to break us down. Most noticeable on the flanks about 40 yards from goal where we almost seem to be encouraging teams to loft balls into our box. Meat and drink for the likes of Gallagher and Dunne. Worth mentioning too that, last season, our 4th league came mid-January (Tannadice 2-1). Hopefully we can better that.....
  9. By the way, last 15 minutes.... best atmosphere in the ground since? Highly enjoyable!
  10. Personally, I'm very worried but will reserve judgement until we've played our first round of fixtures.
  11. Can't see SR changing a winning team but Tanser is training again and will possibly be back. Assume that Gogic will be on the bench.
  12. Quite likely that the choice was: 1. Keep Shaughnessy; don't sign Gogic nor a left back. 2. Sell Shaughnessy; sign Gogic and a left back. Like others, I love Joe and will be sad to see him go, but can understand the thinking.
  13. Have always enjoyed seeing the goals on Twitter from non-Sportscene angles but these wee videos we've started putting out are even better. Great work from the social media guy. James I think?
  14. Even more so Jamie McGrath. Baccus can do everything in the middle of the park. He makes McGrath look like a luxury player.
  15. Well, that aged well! Brave call by the boss to drop Shaughnessy but it worked out. Current preference must be Gallagher in the centre with Fraser to his right. Reckon a bid could come in for Ayunga before this transfer window closes?!? What a player.
  16. That was my first thought when Robinson mentioned Gogic as a potential centre-half. Don't think the manager is all that keen on Marcus: I remember he went from a regular starter to sub almost immediately after SR took over and he's started this season on the bench. Tait (or Henderson at a stretch) can cover Strain and Gogic can cover centre-half. Wouldn't be surprised if we see MF go somewhere like Partick Thistle on loan until the end of the season.
  17. Did think it odd that Gogic still hadn't signed for anybody when all the European leagues are up and running. Makes sense then if he was planning to go to India where the season begins in October. Whether it's cold feet with the Indian club or he's been sold a pup, it's a pretty difficult situation for him: young family, no wage and a more limited choice of clubs than he would have had 3 months ago. Presumably, he hasn't trained properly since he left us in May so will take awhile to get up to speed. Hopefully we can sort him out with something!
  18. Very early days but if we can keep Baccus and Ayunga fit..... Ayunga really is going to be the key player I think: he's giving us something up front which we didn't have last season. Just need to work out the best partner for him.
  19. Stephen Robinson: "...it was critical for the players' belief. The boys are human, they read things. They make pressure up in their heads. Pressure to me is when you can't pay your mortgage. They're young boys with feelings and they're trying ever so hard to give everything. And I'm so happy that they got a result today."
  20. That's the question isn't it? What will normal be and where will interest rates eventually settle? They were below 1% 2009-2022. The 15 years previous they sat either side of 5%. Even just 2.5% for the next decade would be really painful if you're early on in your mortgage.
  21. Obviously everyone is going to face a big hike in energy bills shortly and the poorest will suffer the most, unfortunately. Round 2 though will be when, in the next couple of years, millions come to the end of their fixed rate mortgage. Interest rates up to 1.75% now and forecast to hit 3% next year. Thousands more each year in mortgage payments on top of the thousands extra on energy bills. There will be two-income households who have lived very comfortably to date suddenly thrown into dire straits financially. It will be unprecedented in modern times I think: people are going to be forced into making really quite drastic changes to the way they live their lives.
  22. Current league form is WWDD with 0 goals conceded. Hopefully that run will continue today.
  23. And the someone new will be drawn from a smaller pool than we were looking at a few, short months ago. Jack Ross and Scott Brown now in posts so I'd imagine that the frontrunner would be Steven Naismith with Kevin Thomson closely behind.
  24. Motherwell CEO, Alan Burrows, on Radio Scotland when asked about the Robinson link: "be very wary of what you read in newspapers".
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