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  1. You are lucky they let you go across to the Peak. We were told if we went out we were out
  2. Defiantly should be on the telly. You are the only non league team drawn at home, if this was in England that reason alone would be enough to put if live on BBC. Added to that. Ayr are enjoying one of their best seasons for years. Its an Ayrshire derby,great wee ground and 2 teams that never meet competitively Cracking tie. If they can't sell that they shouldn't be near broadcasting About time you had a decent home draw in the cup, I think you have been very unlucky with your draws in the past
  3. And where should us neutral types head for a pint. Almond Inn? Looking forward to what will be my first visit to the new ground
  4. We tend to make heavy weather of our games against them Not expecting many goals tonight
  5. Groveling apologies. Thinking of their Scottish Cup game
  6. Not seen him have a bad game against us. In fact I've not seen him have an ordinary game against us
  7. Yeah Center half Played with Selkirk before. Also played with us
  8. Exactly this Mr Nimmo Delighted to get Linlithgow , but pissed off that its at home. Maybe a replay
  9. Agree. Yes I was up out of my seat moaning about the tackle on Conner. But Conner got up and carried on. No complaints I don't think we were kicked of the park, we gave as good as we got. The Motherwell Colts game however !
  10. Eh, Camelon play in Falkirk and BSC play in Alloa Inverness City don't exist Sorry I am stopping
  11. I get what you say about their ground. But to be fair to Strollers it is a work in progress, every time we go there things are slightly better. They plan to tarmac the path from the clubhouse in the near future. I would agree there needs to be a hard path round to the covered area
  12. Ground is still used by the amateur team
  13. With the south stand bar shut for this, and only the bar in the main stand open this may be a better bet for the traveling hoards of Kelty fans The main stand bar is a bit on the dear side for a can of Guinness It's nice enough though
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