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  1. Father and Son Relationships

    Me and the old man have a good relationship i'd say. Very often I'll say to the missus I'm just gonna pop out and see my dad. Does help he has his own pub right enough.
  2. Capital Punishment

    I do think we have this overiding urge to survive, so as much as death is 'easier' people will generally fight tooth and nail against it.
  3. phone screen

  4. Upload the 12th photo on your phone

    Only until last night!
  5. Upload the 12th photo on your phone

    Had a little fire going in the kitchen when we woke up this morning!
  6. It's not looking good is it?

    I'm sure if you read what the banks actually said, jobs aren't really at risk, it's more of a legal thing, moving addresses rather than people.
  7. What about your mortgage?

    Of course interest rates will go up. Any excuse for the banks to squeeze more money out of people.
  8. Depression

    Reading this thread, I can associate with what a few people are saying. I've never been to see anyone, but I've had periods where I've definitely been in troughs. I dropped out of uni after two years for no reason that I can fathom other than I couldn't do it anymore. I tell people I failed a unit, even though that's a lie. It's just easier than the follow up questions. My girlfriend at the time said she thought I was depressed, and had the NHS website up, and I identified with a lot of the markers. Couldn't bring myself to think I was though. I was a lot worse a few years ago though, when the same girlfriend (over 7 years from the age of 15) broke up with me. Then I lost my job, and my flat. Ended up drinking every night, doing drugs etc. but of course I was still fine. I thought about ending it, and had an idea in mind. My parents though made me move back in with them. My mum works with people with mental health problems, and I think recognised the state I was getting into. My parents really helped. It took a while, and I still won't admit it to anyone, but I genuinely think they saved me. I've never talked about this to anyone before, and I like the anonymity of the Internet. I'm living on my own again now, have a reasonable job and a new girlfriend, but I still struggle from time to time. Starting to feel it a little now, hence why I've decided to actually talk, even if it is to p and b!
  9. The Creepy & The Strange

    I know this game is based on something, I'm assuming this given the name. It's a fucking creepy game! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBNeCsD6wuI&feature=g-u-u
  10. What Are You Drinking ?

    Just finidhed the vodka to go with my red bull, so will now move on to sailor jerrys and coke. Then I dunno, but I'm not gonna sober up till monday. Though I don't have a job at the moment, so might wait a little longer to sober up. If i can scrape the money to buy the drink...
  11. What Are You Drinking ?

    The last can of Tennants my dad brought back down. He's not gonna be happy, but I have no cider left!
  12. What Are You Listening To?

    the who- Won't get fooled again
  13. Word Association