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  1. Queens v Ross County

    3-0 down and a straight red before a County Sub ffs!
  2. Queens v Ross County

    It is embarrassing though, Ketts and Fergie are so far out of they're depth its unreal, the way we are playing and the squad we have you almost don't want to go up! We will get utterly horsed every week in the prem, if we win this league there really is no hope for anyone else, because we are utter garbage, doesn't matter what centre backs we have fit, we would still be dire!
  3. All things Dundee FC

    Never got my fellow County fans admiration of Andrew Davies, total liability if you ask me, never far away from giving away a penalty or getting a red card.... why? because he's sh*te and slow. Curran will give his all, but probably passed it at Prem level, be surprised if he scores from open play. Woods is a lazy c*nt and hides. not exactly what your looking for at the minute. I wouldn't have any of them back at County, and we are fking awful this season, don't let the league position deceive you, we are murder! Good luck in your fight but I think your pissing in the wind with these Macintyre signings......
  4. Ayr vs County

    Ayr win, MacGregor appoints an "Experienced" DOF to "help" on Monday
  5. Should be at least a 5 game ban coming for that, what a clown
  6. Falkirk v Ross County

    Unchanged from saturdays pumping
  7. No more than competent opposition? You were scudded by the same amount of goals that we've conceded all season..... we've also scored almost double the amount of goals Morton have..... Get it up ye!
  8. Caley thistle tribute act 2 v 0 Caley thistle tribute act
  9. Wife has been once, to watch us lift the 1st division trophy, she now associates having hangover from hell to football.... bonus used to take the eldest daughter but there was only so many times in 90 mins I could explain who the guy with the whistle was, why he wore yellow/black, why he didn't kick the ball, what team he played for! Now I just sneak out the door for milk, text where I'm going, turn phone off and deal with the consequences afterwards!
  10. Great signing, exactly what we have been missing since Ketts, transfer request to come over the bridge makes him an instant fan favourite with the County support! Him and Billy seemed to be loving life at the highlands only premier football arena last night, think there's room for 1 more. Draper hates the Caley da na na na!
  11. County are a far better side than either of the 2 relegated teams, McKay was brought into both these teams to save them from relegation, something a magician couldn't have done! Think we might see Schalk play in a wider role, he's not a natural finisher but has pace to burn and could play off either wing. McKay coming in creates a lot of options going forward. Now can we just get the Draper saga done and dusted and we are ready to go
  12. ^^^ There wont be a massive influx of new players, we already have a competitive squad. Schalk needs to prove himself this season, also think Curran after a full pre-season fit will be back to somewhere near his best. The likes of McShane and Woods have to get off the wage bill before we make many more signings I think. I am not expecting a replacement for Boyce anytime before the season starts. I think the club will see what's available on the season long loan front 1st. I fully expect some of the U20's we saw so successful last season get they're chance in the 1st team squad.
  13. Season 2016/17, success or fail?

    Winning the development league and finishing strongly in 7th can't be seen as a failure, aiming for top 6 but just missing out, don't really think that's a failure either given the competitiveness of the league this season. Id take a 7th place finish for next season right now, especially if Accies loose the play off!
  14. Caley Thistle Thread 1994 - 2017

    When do we get to see the chains and locks on the gates live on Sky Sports News? Looking forward to seeing Draper in a County Shirt next season though, maybe Meekings too. For what it's worth your BOD are a fking disgrace, always have been, the sooner the club actually engages with the people of Inverness the better. On a final note please keep the Pride of the highlands signs and flags they're hilarious!