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  1. I believe Ian Russel is retiring from football
  2. Should be interesting to hear what he has to say about his sacking
  3. On Tuesday Graeme Smith arrived at Galabank with the tactics board. Halftime Davie Irons never went into changing rooms at half time. So it could be Smith
  4. Bad result for Stenhousemuir last night. Strange decision by your board to sack Davie Irons on Saturday. Then ask him to manage the team last night. During halftime Davie Irons never even went in with the team to give a team talk.
  5. My opinion scrap the lowers leagues now. Start again in July. Hopefully Supporters will be allowed back in by then.
  6. Hopefully having a limited home support into Galabank can cheer Annan to a victory [emoji111]️
  7. Tommy Muir not scored for Stenny yet. Let’s hope this continues on Saturday
  8. Peter Murphy’s post mast interview. Best wishes to Jack Purdue after his bad injury today. https://www.facebook.com/318904574902894/posts/3255106861282636/
  9. I think this will be another close game. Annan should be full of confidence after the result on Saturday v Cowdenbeath. I fancy Annan to win this one
  10. Good broadcast. Looks like Peter Murphy has got a decent squad together at Annan. I think this season they could make the playoffs.
  11. Definitely need to sign a striker with Nade and Muir away.
  12. Will be good to see Moxon back playing again. Delighted Flanagan has resigned.
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