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  1. When does the summer transfer window open for Scottish clubs in 2019? The window begins at open of business on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. Scottish clubs will have 12 weeks to conduct business as per FIFA rules but already a number of deals have been agreed between clubs and players on pre-contract terms. Those contracts will come into play once the window officially opens.
  2. All Annan fans are expecting Johnston to sign for another club next season. I’m not sure if it will be Clyde. Personally I think he is good enough to play in the Championship. Also heard a rumour that Kilmarnock have shown interest in him.
  3. Congratulations Clyde
  4. Philosopher how much you paying to get in tomorrow [emoji848]
  5. I would like to see Tommy Johnston start the game for Annan. Also if Annan’s player of the year Scott Hooper is fit I think he will play. Can’t wait for this game.
  6. Yes Annan do have more in there Locker. I don’t think any Annan fans are counting any poultry yet. Annan have one goal advantage going into Saturdays game. I am confident Annan can score at least one goal on Saturday. Meaning Clyde will need to score at least 3 goals to win this tie. I can’t see Annan losing 3 goals.
  7. Do you honestly believe that Clyde will go up?
  8. I heard Clyde were wanting to sign Chris Johnston but he doesn’t want to play in division 2 next season.
  9. Every time he got tackled rolled about as if he’d been shot by a sniper
  10. Love is a cheating B*****d All to play for on Saturday #believe Annan can do it.
  11. Al Clyde supporters traveling to Annan tonight for the game down forget your sun cream. It’s roasting here in Annan today [emoji274][emoji274][emoji274] Have a safe journey and enjoy the game.
  12. I agree with Annan Massive Cafe Royal or Queensberry Hotel
  13. Reading through all the posts on here it’s the Clyde supporters that are worried not the Annan supporters. Both games will be close but I believe Annan can do it
  14. That’s true you have taken 10 points from us this season. All games between the two teams have been close. This is both teams cup final so past results mean nothing. I believe The physical and skilful Annan side will too good for the Clyde softies.
  15. Looking forward to this tie.