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  1. Annan have won their last two games. Hopefully Swinglehurst will be available for this game. I think it will be a close game. I predict Annan to make it three wins in a row and collect all 3 points.
  2. Motherwell being a premiership team should win this game quite comfortably. Annan manager Peter Murphy has had to bring in a lot of new players this season. He is still looking at players to see what his best starting eleven is. The game on Saturday will be a good learning experience for his young Annan team.
  3. Your team didn’t do very well against a pish team.
  4. Was at the Annan v Morton game didn’t hear any squealing from any Morton players. Having watched both Queens and Morton v Annan. In my opinion Morton look the better team. I’ll be very surprised if Morton don’t beat Queens on Saturday.
  5. Annan only had 10 players on the field when the goal was scored. Swinglehurst Annan defender was off the field having treatment to a head injury. Have to agree it was a howler by the Annan defender and a well taken goal.
  6. Kyle Wilkie has signed for Annan Ath. Do you think he will be a signing for us.
  7. Ayrton has turned out to be a decent player. He’s improved a lot since coming to Annan. He’ll be an important player for Annan this season.
  8. That’s the downside of having a good season.
  9. You’ve got a good player. He’s had a great season at Annan. Will do well for you.
  10. I’m Happy with the draw. I hope Annan get Queens at home [emoji1317]
  11. When does the summer transfer window open for Scottish clubs in 2019? The window begins at open of business on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. Scottish clubs will have 12 weeks to conduct business as per FIFA rules but already a number of deals have been agreed between clubs and players on pre-contract terms. Those contracts will come into play once the window officially opens.
  12. All Annan fans are expecting Johnston to sign for another club next season. I’m not sure if it will be Clyde. Personally I think he is good enough to play in the Championship. Also heard a rumour that Kilmarnock have shown interest in him.
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