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  1. It’s definitely at Galabank. Date and time still to be confirmed. Probably be one of the televised games.
  2. He was top player when he was at Annan Athletic. He’d be better coming back playing for us than sitting on the bench every week.
  3. Annan’s winning goal scored 120+3 minutes. Clydebank keeper Donnelly wasting time at the end of extra time pretending to be injured [emoji856] THANKS
  4. I’m not sure if we’ll shift 200 tickets. There’s 2 supporters buses booked. There will also be supporters making there own way up ( car train). Where a decent boozer not to far from the ground.
  5. Forster was complaining to the Ref and linesman every corner kick Kelty had in the first half. To me it looked as if he wasn’t happy with the physical attention he was getting from Annan player Swinglehurst. My view of the HT incident. After seeing him and the Referee having a discussion, he was walking towards the dressing room and was getting abuse from the home support. He raised one finger. I’m not sure if the gesture was to the Supporters or the Referee but that is when the Referee issued the red card. A good result for Annan Ath
  6. From where I was standing couldn’t see why the Stranraer player got the red card.
  7. I believe this was the lowest attendance for Annan since joining the League. I don’t know why we can’t attract more supporters to Galabank. We’ve got the strongest squad we’ve had for a long time and should at least make the playoffs.
  8. Agree this is a big game for both clubs. Should be a close game. I’ll go for a 2-1 win for Annan ️
  9. Did Nathan Flanagan play today ? I never noticed him
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