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  1. The choice of picture is not the best, but the caption underneath manages to outdo it. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/could-you-someone-ayrshire-just-21788152 Oh, and the "later Colin Weir".
  2. You pipe doon and get some nurses posted.
  3. "Like a worn out recording/of a favourite song" (Rupert Holmes, 1979)
  4. Quite a jump from ranking Star Wars films on to 'who's your favourite despot then'.
  5. I'd be hugely surprised if some level of disobedience hasn't kicked in after a matter of weeks rather than months. The first day that the temperature is forecast to hit 15 degrees plus is going to see pre-arranged gatherings in any available open space. With carry-outs naturally.
  6. You've not watched Coronation Street or Emmerdale then?
  7. More likely that at the first hint of a relaxation of lockdown it'll be like VE Day out there.
  8. Who would you rather live next door to: the 33 year old who believes that since “Mum and Dad have done their bit” she can crank up her sound system at 3am or the family with a brat of a daughter booting a football against a wall at 4.30am because she lost a match.
  9. Business owners like Sevco-slaying Ashley, Martin and O'Leary can act like cnuts safe in the knowledge that the need for a cheap pint/holiday/tracksuit will overcome any lingering resentment to them when life returns to "normal". Branson operates at a different level so hopefully he might have to take more of a pasting.
  10. Looking at some of the other headlines on that page, it can only be a matter of hours before some of those z-listers are offering live cam shows to earn a living.
  11. Not the same guy from the Work colleagues thread by any chance?
  12. My scientific calculator says 5318008. This, however, may be more of a reflection of my puerile sense of humour than my ability to model the spread of coronavirus.
  13. "Priests? Don't tell me I'm still on that feckin island."
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