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  1. A couple? It's incessant when O'Sullivan is playing. I'm finding the whole build up/walk-on music to an empty theatre a bit bizarre tbf.
  2. Is there really such a shortage of ex-pros who can string a few sentences together that Rob Walker gets a commentary gig?
  3. The other two were once part of a fake band which toured the US promoting a record they hadn't made. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/fake-zombies-zz-top/
  4. This sounds a bit like ex-Bonzo “Legs” Larry Smith who (I think) did a similar routine as Eric Clapton’s support act. My first gig was The Undertones at Ayr Pavilion, April 1983, Feargal’s last Scottish one with the band. I still have the ticket somewhere, signed by all 5 band members.
  5. Enough of the cushy puns can anyone shed any light on when they'll be allowed to open? SG have baulked at the suggestion it'll be any earlier than 14th September. They really do like to string it out.
  6. It's mental. We are consistently told how important the tourist industry is, but we will be lucky if anything is left after this. Overheard in the appropriately distanced post office queue yesterday. ”Aye, Urquhart huv cancelled wur holiday. Ma daughter says she’ll get it rebooked when they come oot of liquidation”. Leaving aside the obvious potential for a Sevco joke, some people are in for a surprise when they find out how much it can cost to holiday in Scotland if you don’t have the benefit of tour company rates.
  7. One mark deducted for only having one cask ale and running out of Hells Lager halfway through the afternoon.
  8. Just before lockdown started, an article was posted on my employer’s intranet system with guidance on what to do if you were showing symptoms. The comments section was immediately hijacked with what was basically gossip on un-named staff members who might have been infected. Well qualified professionals giving it the full Isa “people huv tae know” treatment is a joy to read.
  9. Even the Reduced Shakespeare Company?
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2005/feb/10/monarchy.constitution1
  11. ^^^ Alan Partridge (I should admit, however, that I have seen 3 of the above 4 live)
  12. I certainly don't remember anyone in the pub watching the TV and clapping in sync to Radio Ga Ga, as portrayed in the sycophantic pile of pish that was Bohemian Rhapsody. I did go out a few days later and buy Beach Boys compilation though.
  13. “World leading” peri peri chicken and syringe naturally
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