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  1. Reminds me of when Mark Roberts was given the job. Why? The club didn’t invite applications when Reid left.
  2. This seems to be getting lost amongst the noise. Six candidates were interviewed and he's been selected as the best candidate. Why? The terms and conditions will have been made clear to all interviewees and it would hardly reflect well on the club's professionalism if they said to Kerr 'You've got the job, oh and I know we promised X but we've downgraded it to Y'.
  3. I didn't pay a lot of attention to 'box office' posters back then. Was it also xbl who started a thread about how one of the other Arbroath posters had been killed while working abroad, which was eventually revealed as a pretty tasteless wind-up?
  4. Perhaps just recycling Raab's comments? https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/brexit-news-latest-dominic-raab-says-boris-johnson-has-the-numbers-in-commons-to-pass-brexit-deal-a4266226.html
  5. From his Twitter feed, all I can see is him toeing the party line?
  6. This has the potential to provide some much needed fresh material to the ‘Evil Neighbours’ thread in GN
  7. Doesn’t quite work without the full picture but if Mr Crichton posts on here, well played sir
  8. 5/1 anytime scorer which I’d never have looked at but for this post. Cheers.
  9. Not really, these conversations have come up every time there’s been a vacancy at Firhill in the last few years. Just an opinion, but this could be one of those moves that doesn’t work out for any of the parties involved.
  10. Looks like he finally got some help with his sums - screengrabbed from BBC earlier
  11. Outlaws with the ultimate bottle job there.
  12. Consigning the emulsified high-fat offaltube to the bin, and not a day too late. Up yours Delors etc
  13. The constant buzzing from that plane is doing my head in.
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