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  1. trgf


    Well he has been pretty terrible for a lot of the tournament. He was spot on about the youngsters, the fact that he can show up at 44 playing like this and still win says it all. Wilson is considered one of the best (at 28!) and he's playing like an amateur here
  2. James Richardson has been uploading the saturdayshows as well https://www.youtube.com/c/JimboVision/videos
  3. I can't think of any football commentators I'd put alongside ones from other sports like Murray Walker or Peterr Alliss. Maybe it's because football doesn't really need a great commentator while F1 and Golf are boring without one Best pairing was probably Tyldesley and Big Ron on the Champions League.
  4. Totally bottled it the jobber
  5. He was averageing 102 until the last leg against Smith-Neale, and well over 100 for the most of the match against Kleermaker A near 100 average would have you in contention for the World title in any era of the BDO.
  6. Average in the last 16 this year was 91.56 with 11 players being 90+ , last year it was 88.90 with 8 players being 90+
  7. They've done it since the start
  8. Arnie Sidebottom played for Man U in the 70s and was a cricketer for Yorkshire/England in the 80s Ryan Sidebottom is his son.
  9. feels like there's a word missing. Western where? What will people call them?
  10. He was poor today. The lad Ward at the back was excellent That must be the worst lineup Spurs have put out for a while, but it's not like they their first team has shown they can win a cup either
  11. No he couldn't, he's signed on loan while Shevchenko was the most expensive signing by a British club. Nobody is expected as much of him either, he's 31, he's fat and out of form
  12. Spurs can't even win the League Cup once a decade anymore.
  13. McGeeney and Baker winning cards by the second day when they couldn't get to the quarter finals of Lakeside does though.
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