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  1. Cheers Hibee, we may get a game this weekend after all.
  2. tweedmouth international clearance and if ormiston meant to play burntisland, burntisland couldn't raise a team I heard. elvis
  3. Hi Duns fan we were deducted the points for playing a player that was already signed with a club but had his registration cancelled so we were ok with rule 13 but due to the cancellation being after the first of April we were guilty of breaching rule 14a on two occasions hence 6 points 3 per game.
  4. Not that I am gloating but is there a match report duns fan can't see one on your web and am holidays so wasn't there please help.ELVIS
  5. Agreed well deserved as well, best team I have seen this season.Levi's
  6. Twitter says duns game on at home, eyemouth game also on fine morning down here
  7. Correct shogun, left a blaze of errors some decisions were woeful so I heard as wasn't there not that he affected the outcome, as for previous mention about officials being watched yes they do cant remember his name but better quality ref and a n other watched us/the ref at Tynie last wednesday
  8. Not been over had plenty snow and rain last day or so pitch had dried up really well but wouldn't take much keep you posted. Elvis
  9. So we are going to call all home games off till April give yourself a tug mate, have a go at the rest of the league as there were no games on at all at the week end funny that!! WALOPPER was mentioned earlier.
  10. Very doubtful given the rain over night and forecast is shit for tomorrow again, there may be something in this summer football theory
  11. All this shit because our pitch is unplayable, totally unjustified, remedial work was meant to start today but guess what its been pishing down all morning down here, try again tomorrow. :-)
  12. That will be for all grass pitches, dry at the moment but rain/sleat/snow forecast for most of the region at some point today/tomorrow see you in February if your lucky. Elvis
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