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  1. Ross Matthews is out for the next two games, and Davidson is out for four...
  2. Grant Anderson will be very important in front of Jamie Watson. I’ve actually preferred him up front this season but his work rate and physicality should give protection as good as possible. Watson with Gullan in front of him would give me the fear. It isn’t ideal but conversely it’s a massive chance for Watson to show he belongs here. Hasn’t really had a chance in nearly a year, the odd friendly/sub appearance aside. He seemed to regress the more he played in the first team having shown some genuine promise to begin with, so perhaps he can get back to that sort of form. Last Saturday was a positive sign. We surely have too many players out to get a result here but we’re actually on our best defensive run since August 2010, and haven’t really played particularly well over the past few weeks. Football is weird. Hopefully a big away support to get behind the team.
  3. There are still plenty people posting leaflets, which are printed in SNP colours with pro-independence slogans so evidently have been independently funded since his ban. He might not have official SNP support but there’s still people campaigning for him. I reckon Hanvey will win but it’s hard to know with any certainty. A wild seat over the past few elections really - a 23k majority for Gordon Brown in 2010, a complete change to a 10,000 SNP majority in 2015, before Labour took the seat back in 2017 with less votes than they managed in 2015. The SNP vote either didn’t show up or moved Tory.
  4. It’s literally the major SNP policy in this election. They’ve made it front and centre, can’t complain if it puts people off. Would be like the Tories complaining they’re not getting enough Remain votes.
  5. Are the Tory/Labour candidates likely to win their seats? Are they still being funded by Momentum/Leave.EU or similar groups that are closely associated to the party that banned them? Are there statements from local campaigners saying they’re expected the candidate to get back into the party once they’re elected? If Ian Murray has been barred for example from Labour, being funded by Momentum and still thought to be in a great position to win the seat, I’m in absolutely no doubt whatsoever he’d get a lot of attention. Likely on a UK-wide scale. You’re making a false equivalence.
  6. I’ve no real issue with the BBC ‘tracking down’ a candidate who is banned from a party for anti-semitism, may very well win the seat, is still being bankrolled by Yes and there’s open talk of him being let back in (not from SNP leadership, granted). There are legitimate questions to be asked of that right now, three days before an election. The piece states he refused to be interviewed before he was ‘tracked down’ to a spot where they knew he’d be, when he then agreed to be interviewed. A bit of an odd piece, sure, but worth covering.
  7. Here’s the ‘punch’ that Twitter has been in uproar about for the past few hours. Prominent far-right voices like Katie Hopkins, Piers Morgan and Laura Kuenssberg have been tweeting about it incessantly. Laura’s even calling it a ‘pretty grim’ encounter in that Tweet.
  8. Corbyn needed to go for the jugular there and didn’t really. A few good answers but not enough. Johnson is a fucking robot. In the course of this election, I’ve now seen him manage to turn questions about Islamophobia, closure of libraries and security into ‘let’s get Brexit done’. How he gets away with it is astonishing.
  9. It ‘isn’t that surprising’ that the Prime Minister has consistently lied about his flagship policy which influences Britain for the next 50 years or so. Nothing to see here.
  10. Yes, after SNP/Lib Dems had forced Corbyn to publicly back an election earlier in the day to avoid looking scared.
  11. It shouldn’t really be forgotten that we’re only having this election because the Lib Dems and SNP thought they’d make big gains. At this stage it looks like we might even have a net loss between the two. Is five years of Johnson worth it?
  12. Michael Miller and Regan Hendry still not ready for another few weeks. Steven Anderson is also out for a few weeks. I am fucking fed up of injuries.
  13. They’ll be hoping as many people as possible collect before Saturday as the staff have other things to be doing on matchday. Just hoping to ease the queues/workload I’m sure.
  14. Any ideas on how much money sides selected for TV receive?
  15. Looks like it’s claiming that the ‘NHS for sale’ document came from secret Russian sources, that Comrade Corbyn is donning fake specs and a moustache to meet behind the bins on his campaign stops. Wasn’t it dumped on Reddit months ago?
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