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  1. Fucking journos man. The First Minister standing there saying we’re holding restrictions as they are for another three weeks and they just want to ask about some guys heading to the football with a mask under their chin.
  2. They’re at it to get publicity at the moment. The whole ‘Hugh Janus’ stuff was so obviously planned. The real surprise is that everyone is falling for it. They launched with pretty much zero fanfare so are pulling out all the stops to get noticed.
  3. The UK border policy has been completely pointless since January. Thousands of people came in from India when the Delta variant was known about, and they didn’t have to quarantine in a hotel because Boris wanted a photo opportunity in India. They’ll make a big deal about PHE not calling it a ‘variant of concern’ until late April but they red-listed neighbouring countries in early April, and any other country with Covid rates like India was red-listed well before. It was a deliberate choice so Johnson could play at Empire. We’ve been denied holidays and foreign travel - it was literally illegal - for six months now, all to stop variants coming into the country. A new variant now accounts for 95% of cases in the country. This is 100% the fault of Boris Johnson and the UK Government, no ifs or buts. It shouldn’t surprise me, but it does, that they appear to be getting next to no heat for this aside from people who hate them anyway. Johnson’s choices mean businesses have to stay closed and operate at lower capacities for at least an extra four weeks, and even at that the new July 19th date will not be what June 21st was meant to be, or would’ve been if the border policy was effective. The national reaction to that appears to be a shrug. I don’t understand it at all.
  4. Really looks like we’re out if we lose at Wembley on Friday. Last time teams went out with three points and -2 GD, 0 was the limit to go through. Assuming defeat at Wembley it’s a 3-0 win best-case scenario needed. It isn’t last time, of course, and maybe lower tallies will do it this time. Probably going to need a few thumpings from the big teams across the rest of the groups.
  5. England could do with allowing someone to finish above them in the group to be honest. Group winners play 2nd place from Group F in the last 16, so one of Portugal, Germany or France. 2nd place gets 2nd from Group E, most likely Sweden/Poland. They managed to game the system perfectly in 2018. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them do it again here. On paper it should be three pretty comfortable wins for them but I don’t think it’ll pan out that way.
  6. Most of Scotland’s unlocking has already been delayed, realistically the central belt in the best case scenario will go to Level 1 at the end of June, and Level 0 towards the end of July. And even at that it’s far from guaranteed. There was never firm plans for a June 21st style unlocking. I share most people’s frustration about the pace of unlocking in Scotland but it isn’t unfair to say Sturgeon is more than happy to lead when bad news arrives. October, December and May lockdowns/slowdowns have been done weeks before Johnson inevitably does it in England. The new July date in England won’t meet anybody’s expectations either, for what it’s worth. It’ll still be work from home, social distancing, wear face coverings.
  7. We have seen that trend, bearing in mind that hospital admissions are not the same as total hospital numbers - a steady stream of people exiting hospital has kept our rise fairly modest, given the explosion in cases. Nonetheless we went from a 7 day average of 8.4 new hospital admissions per day on May 16th, to 20.5 per day on June 2nd. That upwards trend will almost definitely still be ongoing while cases remain high. Data available here: https://beta.isdscotland.org/find-publications-and-data/population-health/covid-19/covid-19-statistical-report/9-june-2021/dashboard/ Not quite doubling every seven days here, more every 10-11, but they may have started from a lower base in England. Hospital numbers will continue to climb here for as long as cases do, but hopefully it remains slow.
  8. Johnson planning to claim victory by allowing more than 30 people at weddings and bar mitzvahs, according to today’s papers. It’s absolutely fucking laughable. We’ll soon have a new date and be treated to people shouting about how good old Boris has provided ‘certainty’ for business.
  9. Certainly Alex Cole-Hamilton’s Lib Dems were against them on a UK basis, but now he thinks it’s a disgrace the Scottish Government aren’t deploying them on scum football fans with the audacity to actually want to see a game.
  10. Pleased with that. Think he’s a bit under-rated by the support and it means we only really need to have the Hendry replacement coming into the team in the middle of the park. What are we, a CM, winger and striker x 2 away?
  11. Not a headline we thought we’d see. An absolute fucking disgrace we’ve landed in a situation where politicians are screaming for masked, distanced people to need a vaccine passport to attend a football match.
  12. 38 people tested positive after visiting a snooker club in Kirkcaldy last Saturday. Willing to bet this place will be fully booked for plenty of the Euros fixtures. Far safer packing them in there than a nice, open, very distanced park right? I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m genuinely surprised at the amount of coverage this is getting. Media are absolutely desperate for it to get canned
  13. Can’t argue with that. Obviously I’ll get one anyway, I’m a mug punter. But season ticket holders were done out of four games in 19/20, and paid for 14 streams in 20/21 at a higher price than simply paying for all streams individually. And who do we think contributed to all the crowdfunders, sold out last season’s shirts, pay into the Supporters Fund, etc? In the main, season ticket holders. The reward? A price increase. The club have to make money, now more than ever. And the most reliable place to make the money is from the mug punters. I get it. But I don’t think anyone can pretend it doesn’t stick in the throat a bit. Not even a token tenner off for renewing!
  14. There’s no official ban on this, at least at this stage and I’d suggest it’s unlikely there’ll be one. It’s purely down to capacity restraints. I doubt you’d be chuffed as an Aberdeen fan who can’t get into a game with your season ticket, but a Motherwell fan strolls up the road to watch the game. Can’t think of a Premiership team who could fit their home support in with room to spare, with two metre distancing. Even St Johnstone would struggle. If the distancing requirement drops then it’s possible, but then you open a bit of a can of worms in that St Johnstone would play their home games with a few hundred away fans in the ground but never have backing elsewhere. Whether that’s fine is upto the football authorities. Heading down the leagues I’d be surprised if there aren’t away fans at sparsely full grounds. No reason whatsoever for 50 Cowdenbeath fans to be barred from Forthbank. In short the problem is capacity, and not travel... at the moment, at least.
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