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  1. The South Stand is now officially sold out. Very surprised by that given what it looked like when I saw it yesterday. I’d hate to think we’re just accepting a 5,000 capacity and allocating the Pars 2,500 of that when they only brought a few hundred last time out… Surely not?
  2. I honestly don’t know. We’re all over the place behind the scenes at the moment, we should be doing all we can to attract anyone along. Personally I’d have put them on sale weeks ago. Ultimately anyone that wants to go will easily get a ticket online though with a couple of days to spare. There were a few groans at us only being able to get a cash gate at Greenock on Saturday, rather than online tickets. Shows how habits have changed and clearly some clubs are slow to catch up.
  3. They’ll presumably go on sale after we play Partick on Sunday. I agree it seems like an easy win just to chuck them on sale now and I’d certainly have done so, but pre-pandemic we’d all have shown up with our cash on the day. It’s not really a big deal when you think about it.
  4. I was pretty confident we’d have someone in before Sunday, less so after watching McGlynn’s interview. It just felt like with such a condensed schedule for a fortnight, Keatings getting even 15-20 mins at the end of a couple of matches would give someone a little bit of a breather and help recover for the next game in three days time. If we don’t get someone in the next couple of days I think that has to indicate a pretty serious falling out, otherwise I don’t see what the harm would’ve been in asking Montrose to wait a week. All it takes is a couple of tiny niggles and we’re left with a 17 year old to start up front on his own.
  5. I often find myself watching Sportscene and can’t believe the amount of goals that opposition goalkeepers appear to chuck in at Ibrox/Parkhead. The second and third goals aren’t exactly howlers but I think Jamie MacDonald will feel he could’ve done better, and we don’t see him being beaten by shots like the third goal in the Championship. Maybe a ball being struck slightly harder or slightly earlier than usual makes all the difference. It’s interesting, if nothing else. 3-0 probably a fair scoreline, I thought we were doing just fine in the first half until about a minute before the opener where suddenly it felt like a goal was coming, and sure enough it did. From there it was always very unlikely and at 3-0 down on 60 mins with ten men, we can claim a hollow victory by keeping it to 3-0 and actually playing a bit better with ten men.
  6. I’d be fancying us to do it if the game was at Starks to be honest. But Celtic’s home form looks far too strong. Expect something like 4-0. But as ever with these games, the longer it stays 0-0 or even 1-0 down then we’ve got a chance. Hopefully we can turn the boisterous capacity crowd against the home team.
  7. Fine with it provided we replace him. I thought it was a pretty odd signing at the time but didn’t see it failing to work out like this. A loan move at this stage surely points to a falling out? Gullan seems the obvious shout to come in but he was due to move to Killie on a permanent deal on deadline day, and Hibs pulled out at the last moment due to injuries up front. Don’t see what could’ve changed for him to be loaned out to us three weeks later.
  8. I didn’t mention anything about numbers of season tickets. For this particular game the top tier appears to be closed aside from the first few rows. You’ll have away fans at Parkhead literally seven days after we visit. If you can’t see the relevance of that I’m not going to try to explain it to you.
  9. It’s a minor administrative procedure to move a handful of Celtic season ticket holders out of their normal seats to make way for away fans. Looking at the map of tickets sold you could probably manage it in a few areas by inconveniencing about 50-100. That’s before we even acknowledge the 15,000 empty seats in the top tier, which doesn’t appear to be open beyond the first few rows. There’s no excuse for Celtic’s behaviour here. League games are irrelevant and they’ll have away fans in Europe because UEFA make them, mewling about season tickets and red zones isn’t acceptable and it shouldn’t be acceptable here either. They simply can’t be arsed with the hassle. Away fans in football shouldn’t be optional.
  10. I am honestly at a loss as to why the club are just quietly accepting this. We should be going absolutely mental. Even now it isn’t too late. Giving us a section or two would be a simple admin exercise, a new email/QR code sent to at most a hundred Celtic fans….
  11. I think as suspected since Johnson mooted it months ago, the advice going to government is pretty heavily in favour of the vaccine passport. The UK Government and the devolved administrations all get the same advice ultimately. It’s a question of political will on whether to resist - Johnson is clearly in favour and has signposted they’ll come in when cases rise. Sturgeon claimed to be against but introduced as soon as cases rose. Drakeford was saying just the other day that the UK Gov were the ones trying to press him into it, and that he wasn’t keen - and yet today he’s voting to bring it about. A definite ‘are we the baddies’ moment when the only people preventing it UK-wide are the likes of John Redwood and Steve Baker. But here we are.
  12. Ayr have done that deliberately and nobody will convince me otherwise. Fair play. It’s what I’ve wanted the Rovers to do for years - win the game, throw on an ineligible player, get kicked out of a pointless tournament.
  13. Over 100,000 cases in the last 17 days in Scotland, in a virtually open society. There will be some deaths as a result - barely over 100 I’d have thought when you remove those with positive tests but not dying because of Covid. Not good news if you’re in that number, clearly (!), but out of a total of 2500-3000 people expected to die in that period can we really say that’s a problem? More will die of a stroke in the same timeframe. If the government would scrap the restrictions placed on healthcare staff to allow fully-functioning wards/full staff rotas/end isolation requirements I think we could officially call the pandemic over to be honest. It clearly places pressure on healthcare which needs to be accounted for, and obviously data still needs to be watched closely, but there is no reason to have any restrictions whatsoever on the population at large.
  14. I think that match was pretty much my worst fear after losing Vaughan - 21-5 on shots, 14 corners, pretty much all the possession and territory for the final 60-70 minutes of the match… but didn’t truly look like scoring at any point. A few big chances we just didn’t seem to make anything of. Spencer and others fumbled an early chance I think at 0-0, Tait’s put a free header weakly at the keeper from six yards, Tait weirdly didn’t shoot when through on goal second half, and Keatings has blasted wide late on. The only save of note the goalie has had to make was a very good one from Matthews towards the end of the first half. Disappointing. We didn’t play badly… but we’ve now lost two of our four league games 1-0 when we might’ve won on another day. Lack of quality in the final third is going to be a problem.
  15. I really don’t want to end up in a culture of moaning about everything the club does, and perhaps behind the scenes they’ve been going mental, but that basic statement of ‘no fans, nae luck’ doesn’t sit right with me. It’s our first League Cup quarter final since 1994. Celtic will not sell 55,000 tickets. We should be kicking up shit.
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