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  1. Mackie was sold for a £25k fee plus add ons, when he’d just turned 17, and he moved to a far bigger club. There’s an argument that we should be playing these lads for 100 matches before we consider letting them go, but it isn’t as if we just let him go because he wasn’t good enough, or ignored him - he’d only just turned 17 when he was sold.
  2. Which teenage goalkeeper have we let go, that you’d have liked us to keep?
  3. Yeah, Bill Clark said August, John McGlynn said September. He’s been running since the start of pre-season which he wasn’t this time last year, so hopefully we’ll get him back a couple of games into the league season in the worst case event.
  4. Will it? I honestly don’t think those backing him give a single shit. He’s very much like Trump - racism, sexism, denying children, domestic violence. They don’t care. Not a single jot. He’s already had his lackies like Mercer saying how it’s a private matter how many children he has - this’ll be filed under the same thing. Nothing to see here.
  5. Standard variation. Tourism numbers could be higher, there could be a year where there was a particularly large number of major events (eg Ryder Cup, the Open, Commonwealth Games, Olympics, larger numbers of festivals/stadium gigs, etc) in comparison to current years, whisky exports could be greater meaning less demand from tourists visiting, population numbers can move, demographics can change, etc etc. Without anything built in you can read things into results that just aren’t there. As I say, any fall is good, but some of the definitive commentary I’ve seen on this is just wrong. Nicola Sturgeon’s tweet is a good summary of the matter to be honest. Nice to see some cautious restraint from a politician when a study/poll/stat can be used in their favour.
  6. If it doesn’t take into account pub numbers/some sort of modelling for tourism/spread of major events etc then there’s little point in bothering to look at it. Not that any of this is really a comment on minimum pricing, any fall is good but it might not mean much or indeed anything in reality.
  7. Does anyone know how they define how much alcohol has been bought in Scotland? Is it as basic as amount of bottles sold and pub sales? Amount of duty collected? Pretty meaningless statistics in isolation.
  8. A goalie and the French centre half take us to 20. Hopefully two strikers to follow as I think that’s where we’re let down at the moment.
  9. Might be worth the Lowland/EoS clubs trying to set up a West of Scotland league to, if nothing else, go to the SPFL and demand prioritisation of the promotion place to League 2. A fully functioning league system underneath the 16 team Lowland League, with three leagues in the east, one in the south, and at least one in the west, versus a Highland League with 17 teams that refuses to consider change? Would be a strong position to demand preferential treatment. Say, 2nd in Lowland v Highland champions first, then the winners v the Lowland champions, before going on to play club 42.
  10. Yep, if Lennox/another goalie and the French guy sign we’re sorted apart from a couple of strikers and maybe a winger. Lewis Allan is on trial, McGlynn has a loanee in mind, he’s clearly looking for the forwards. He’s got it in hand.
  11. Yes. With Thomson out for much of the season, we’ll need another full-time goalie. Pretty happy Lyness is gone to be brutally honest. He was poor for the most part.
  12. Michael Miller confirmed, squad number 2. He’ll be our right back I think... Hoping the French guy is capable of covering LB, otherwise we’ll have nobody to cover there aside from a very out of position McKay/Watson.
  13. I think there are plenty worries right now, but letting go of a striker who got 20 goals from 70 league appearances for a side that was expected to win the league both seasons isn’t really one of them. When you add in his reputed wage, we’ll have Anderson, Victoria and McGurn for about the same amount. I didn’t mind Buchanan and he tried his best, but he wouldn’t have been kept on last season if he didn’t have a contract and he certainly didn’t deserve to be kept on this season.
  14. Didn’t get the impression McGlynn planned on using Matthews wide at all to be honest, although of course it doesn’t meant it won’t happen. He was raving about his energy and tackling, which isn’t as useful when you’re on the wing. Striker situation isn’t quite as grim as made out either, I didn’t get the impression Anderson was the long-term solution up front but more a little bit of a stop gap alongside Smith and Bowie until the loan market opens and Vaughan returns. He was very positive about Smith/Bowie so I suspect they’ll be given a fair shot in the Betfred Cup. He didn’t explicitly say McKay will be playing right back but I got the impression he just wants to see a bit more from him. Certainly suggested he could play there. And it definitely sounds like Lyness will return, which I’m not particularly pleased about. Slightly more worried than before, but we know there’s space for more in the squad... no point signing people for the sake of it. Right? Someone tell me I’m right.
  15. Squad currently sitting at 17. Thomson (injured until January, best case) McGurn Watson Benedictus Davidson McKay MacDonald Matthews Spencer Hendry Tait Anderson Victoria Dingwall (injured until August, best case) Vaughan (injured until August, best case) Smith Tait 22 was mentioned as a total squad number, so around five to play with. One has to be a goalie, regardless of whether Lyness signs. Would say need two strikers, so two left. Michael Miller has been mentioned as effectively signed, a CM/CB/RB. So one left. We really need someone who can play LB as well as somewhere else, in the Murray mould, as currently it’ll be McKay or Watson out of position at LB if MacDonald missed a game. The specialist RB looking like a pipe dream at this moment in time, unless we’re running with 21/22 plus loanees....
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