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  1. Definitely has that feeling. I didn’t expect to take any ground from Dundee today, I thought we’d both win, but I did expect something to happen with ICT/QoS - either knock QoS out the play-off race, all but guarantee finishing ahead of Caley, or as happened they draw and slit each other’s throats. As you were isn’t the worst outcome, another game down, but we should be looking at the play-offs as a done deal and a shootout with Dundee for 2nd. As it is, we’re looking at three away games to an in-form QoS, Alloa who need to win to stay up, Dundee and then Hearts at home. Can’t really afford to lose on Tuesday.
  2. Not quite right. Returning from green area is any test pre-departure (the government is ‘investigating’ if the LFTs they’re desperately trying to pawn off on people can be used for this purpose [emoji23]) and a private PCR on Day 0, 1 or 2 on arrival home. Assuming negative you’re fine. So hopefully ‘just’ the one private PCR test and a hopefully free LFT for pre-departure. Amber is also LFT pre-departure, and two private PCR’s on arrival home, with a ten-day isolation at home but the second result can release you assuming two negatives. Red will still be hotel quarantine and associated testing. It’ll still be in the region of £200 for two adults from a green zone though, or £400 from amber, and more if they decide the LFTs aren’t good enough for pre-flight checks. And it doesn’t consider anything that the receiving country may be demanding on the way out either.
  3. Looking at the list vote from 2016, the Green vote would have to double to get a second MSP, but certainly with a clean-sweep across the region aside from Willie Rennie’s seat in the constituency vote it’s hard to see a route to the SNP picking up anyone on the list vote. Very small chance of Cowdenbeath flipping back to Labour in which case over 100k votes from last time would need to be lost to prevent the SNP picking the seat back up on the list. I don’t think there’ll be any movement in the region to be honest. A chance of NE Fife going back to the SNP is about it.
  4. The final moved from early May to its current date last month when the new dates were all confirmed. There’s definitely no wider conspiracy about a crowd being affected if things were normal. It may well be that this has genuinely just come to light as the SFA had written off the chances of crowds. If that’s the case, they really need to look at moving the game. As I said, players would far rather play to 2000 at Fir Park or McDiarmid than nobody at Hampden.
  5. I do have to wonder if there’s reluctance to put fans into Hampden because there will be ongoing play-offs at a similar time. If 12k were allowed into Hampden, clubs would asking for a few thousand at play-off finals. Might just be being cynical and there’s nothing in it. But the final has been moved before, and I’m quite sure every player involved would rather play in front of even 2000 at McDiarmid or Motherwell than an empty Hampden, before we even get into Ibrox/Parkhead/Murrayfield.
  6. The snooker is a direct ‘trial’ for vaccine/test passports, is it not? Of course we could make the argument the Euros could be included in the same trial. But I don’t think there’s going to be any requirement for the Hampden games to have negative tests or proof of vaccine. The snooker is actively attempting to show that system works, rather than crowds can gather because the pandemic is over (as it hopefully is by June/July).
  7. Just caught the Tories party political broadcast on the BBC. A couple of minutes of Davidson and then Ross ranting about independence. Literally not a single policy mentioned, aside from ‘focus on rebuilding’. I’m genuinely embarrassed by that. Someone, somewhere has put it together and thought ‘yep, that looks good’.
  8. I hear you, but the answers given would just be nonsense about ‘headroom’ and priorities. We’re heading towards the same with travel. Everyone please use our free marvellous LFTs to let us get back to normal, and you’ll need tested for international travel... just not with those tests.
  9. Telegraph reported over the weekend this may well have been the plan anyway, for a range of reasons - younger people are more likely to be vaccine hesitant/unable to get out of work to get a vaccine so a one-doser is more appealing, it prevents longer-term discrimination about being ‘fully’ vaccinated as it’d be well into October before second doses began, and it would allow health services to focus on boosters for oldies come autumn rather than second doses for the young. Of course that story may well have been planted there ahead of this announcement... It isn’t great news regardless, and suspect it’ll be a big blow to under 40s especially taking the vaccine. The line needs drawn somewhere but if you’re 30 or 31 and on the fence anyway, being told if you were six months younger it’d be potentially unsafe isn’t going to help you decide to take it. Definitely a blow.
  10. Scotland also plans to open indoor hospitality, minus alcohol, a full three weeks earlier than England. Tends to get skimmed over but given we’ve been told indoor hospitality is such a big risk, it’s interesting to see. There’s a lot of tit-for-tat on reopening stuff, you could play it all day. Outdoor gyms opened weeks earlier in Scotland, but indoor will wait two weeks longer, for example. England is probably ever so slightly faster overall but then their data at this stage is better too. I’ve said this for months but anyone trying to read anything into any of these changes is running a fool’s errand. They’re pretty much on the same page, doing slightly different things at slightly different stages, at least up until that June 21st date where Johnson promised virtual normality and there was no such promise from Scotland (or Wales, or NI) - and at this stage, Sturgeon will come out on top there as I’m not sure England thought of vaccine passports, social distancing, face coverings and limited capacities when they heard the words ‘removal of restrictions’.
  11. Yeah, this is a tough game. Far more like the Morton game than the Dunfermline one, albeit I don’t see Arbroath absolutely refusing to try and score a goal like Morton did. The Pars were caught out by our formation, if there’s one thing we can be sure about it’s that Dick Campbell will have a plan to try and stop it. It isn’t an easy game but it’s probably our ‘easiest’ on paper in the run-in. As such if we want second, we really need to be looking at three points. Hopefully MacDonald/Matthews/Gullan all make it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Gullan especially is out for a couple of weeks.
  12. Does Douglas get punted if the Tories lose seats? By all accounts he’s very unpopular within the Scottish party, at least out of the current MSPs, and was clearly parachuted in by Westminster. He is also clearly an idiot and I don’t see weekly sparring with Nicola Sturgeon really helping him win people over. Probably depends who makes the call.
  13. Hard to understand the point of the tests with the whole population due to be vaccinated soon. On a personal level, I could just about see a small window before vaccination where I’d maybe use them ahead of visiting parents/grandparents for extra peace of mind, albeit they’re all vaccinated. But that’s only allowed from May 17th, and I may well be vaccinated a month after it. A real small window of use there, for a select section of the population. I’ll be happy to be corrected but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if these tests that are great and everyone should use suddenly won’t be allowed if you want to use them for travel. Someone else can make the money there. Can quite easily see us sleepwalking into a situation where you’re not even allowed to go to the office without testing yourself twice a week, to sit well spaced out from everyone, meetings banned, in a space that’s less than half full and virtually everyone is vaccinated.
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