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  1. at least it will be a lot less now...
  2. it's not the only one!! plenty of belters in this "gold" forum!!
  3. i understand they kept their rangers heritage but clyde are one of the many things wrong with scottish football. go to broadwood on matchday and the amount of scruffy wee kids hanging about outside and the hundreds who are playing on the pitches-there should be some some sort of incentive to get these people in the ground supporting the local side or am i being daft? and livi-what an oppurtunity missed on saturday, get the heating on the pitch with xmas shoppers in town some sort of fans deal could've been thrown in if you came to centre with family. tonight they will make f**k all.
  4. oh my fucking god is this still going? why are arabs now starting to take the high horse, remember their angelic fans getting the rap for hissing noises at EEP after mcathie died! forgot that one o precious sweethearts didn't you.
  5. no because then i have to show you wee 1st year nyaffs around!
  6. exactly what most dee's point is!!! the last two pages show non dee fans moaning about dundee fans! can everyone stop moaning, f**k me these school holidays have been torture here.
  7. what i want to know is if we are scumdee, does that make arabs scumdee united? so majority of arabs there who are mostly proud dundonians have heard one of their idols refer to city as scumdee!! is that not the kind of thing a high horsed perth fermer or aberdonian would say?
  8. the man showed after all these years the dark blues are still on his mind.
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