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  1. Spurs v Villa at White Hart Lane, the new stadium, the Nike Stadium, the new stadium, White Hart Lane/the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is a rare occasion I'm looking forward to the game. Should be a cracker. Should.
  2. I thought that at first but Saints TV showed it was a definite pass. The luck came with Matty miscontrolling it a bit but he had time to rectify that and stroke it home.
  3. Drey seems a decent guy but he's not a a co-comms yet! Good to hear he's doing well. starting to train with the first team next week and on course for a come back after the international break for the Aberdeen game.
  4. Jesus. That free kick should have been punted into the box.
  5. Dykes is a carthorse. One of the very rare occasions I didn't think he'd score. (as in a guy taking a pen!)
  6. Bit of a lucky break from a good save but Hendry took the goal well.
  7. And me! Saints TV's about 90 seconds behind play so was expecting us to break down field again!
  8. Can just imagine the media reaction if the roles had been reversed and Aguero had gone to every team mate except St Raheem.
  9. Livi trying to match their second goal giving us that one.
  10. That second goal is one of the worst I have ever seen us concede. It started with our corner ffs.
  11. Women's Tour of Scotland @womenstourscot 20h “Due to extreme weather conditions we have taken the unfortunate decision together with Police Scotland and the other relevant authorities to abandon today’s stage.” But...but...
  12. The crowd'll stand there as the cyclists whoosh by. Thanks for letting me know though.
  13. The police will surely cancel it if that's the case. I doubt they'll let folk risk lives cycling at speed on slippy roads not to mention the chance of getting hit by lightning when they don't trust people to walk to the football in the snow without fatally going arse over tit. There could be utter carnage. Carnage.
  14. My neighbours have been experiencing a load of these recently.
  15. I didn't realise that thanks. I'm surprised you can get away with avoiding the F&P test when taking over nowadays and still be able to own an EFL club as you'd think it'd be part of the conditions of membership or such. I expect the only thing he cares about at the moment is getting out.
  16. That's not 100% correct actually...you missed out alcoholic before bigoted roaster.
  17. It's only a small minority...what can the clubs do? They're powerless to stop it...obviously a couple of guys just stuffed the display up their jumpers to smuggle it unseen by club officials.
  18. Just merge the two sites into the super forum WAP&B. They're virtually the same these days anyway.
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